Ukraine War Report

…with war correspondent Patrick Lancaster

[ Editor’s Note: Today brought more news of destruction in Ukraine, as large parts of the country got to experience what it is like to be under the artillery guns of the Ukraine coup plotters.

But what they are getting from the Russians is different from what they dished out to the people of Donbas. Russia is focusing on reducing Ukraine’s military ability to put its boot on the necks of the Russian speaking people of greater Ukraine.

The West took no pity at all with eight years of offensive shelling of the Donbas perimeter, while supplying the arms and ammo for free. Many would consider that a hostile action but to read US news, it sounds like they were all in an hypnotic trance while the West and NATO were dishing it out.

Kiev’s women and children have priority seating on transportation going out, mainly to Poland now. US troops are waiting at the border to assist them, but in what way we have not been told.

No men of fighting age are allowed to leave. They have no chance of winning. Their life would be better used helping to rebuild whatever will emerge from this stage of Ukraine’s history.

So far the only person I can hear talking about how things would be different if Ukraine had followed through on the Minsk agreements is yours truly. Kiev would not be facing what it’s like to get the ‘Donbas treatment’, which it dished out with no mercy. Payback’s a bitch.

I will shed no tears for the comic president Zelensky, or the oligarch puppeteers behind him. To all Ukrainians I would say that now is the time to live for your country, not die for itJim W. Dean ]

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Video screengrab of a civilian robbed and killed by war profiteering road bandits

First published February 25, 2022

Over the 8 years of the Ukraine War I made more video reports in anti-Ukraine Government (Donetsk People’s Republic) controlled territory than any other western journalist.

I covered the Armenian Azerbaijan war reaching over 8 million on my youtube channel with my reports there I show what the western media will not show you.



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  1. Nobody seems to recall that the Ukrainians threatened to develop nuclear weapons not two weeks before the Russian invasion. President Putin referenced this fact in his speech before signing documents recognizing the two newest nations on Earth.

    I would like to add that not everything revolves around the actions of the Jewish zealots. I see very little to indicate their involvement and find it odd that so many commenters would do so. Furthermore I would like to add that the Jews are not a monolithic bad actor. The Jews in Israel have zealots I’m sure but the nation of Israel is not composed of zealots. The same is true of Jewish populations everywhere. Just like every nation and group or faction or tribe of any people throughout the world. Prejudice against the Jews is offensive to myself and I’m sure a lot of people who read VT. Go away, take your antisemitism elsewhere please. Now feel free to guess what I am. I will clue you in, just two clues. I’m not a Jew. Neither am I a Progressive Death Cultist.

    God Bless Us All

    • Well Tom,
      I would be interested in why you choose to discount the Kabbaalistic ideology which is the root, heart and soul of every diabolical scheme in play in the world today, regardless the native hue of the various goyim-ish facemasks “used?”
      It all goes back to what came out of Egypt.

    • Good post. We Iranians know the difference. When I say to people that Iran under the IRI has at this very minute 63 operational synagogues in various parts of the country, they don’t believe me.
      Likud is the problem just like GOP is the problem.
      But you cannot deny that Israel was born from Nakba which makes its seeds nothing but zealotry.
      Also your second clue is ambiguous to say the least.

  2. “Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov called in Alexander Ben Zvi on Friday after Israeli foreign minister Yair Lapid lambasted Moscow’s military actions in the former Soviet state and said the military operation was “a grave violation of the international order.”

    This is so great and also loaded. First of all gloves are completely off between Russia and Zioland. Secondly it’s becoming increasingly clear that international order is zio order. And finally the irony of a likudnik invoking “violation” when faced with surprise.

    • “Near the Russian consulate in Tel Aviv, Russian citizens burn their passports in support of Ukraine”


  3. Can anyone here imagine American officials doing this? The first thing they would do is look for a loophole in serving, as they are lawyers. Then they would present their disabilities as excuses. Bone spurs can be useful in this. If they even vaguely thought they would be conscripted, they would be heading for Israel.

  4. Ukraine, 2014. The United States has seized Ukraine. The USA dug holes. The USA accepted the corpses of the murdered Russians and killed them themselves. For one killed, they gave $ 10,000, Everything was done as in the USA, when the Indians of North America were killed. Jews also pay for the dead, but less than the United States.
    #Ukraine #History

  5. @Mihail For sure!!!! It’s all part of the organ trafficking business!! What disgusts me though as a European is how blatantly one-sided propagandistic the media is regarding this whole affair; all pro Ukraine, pro-US, pro Israel, pro Britain. They have literally dropped the masks (since the Covid plandemic) and exposed themselves for the Elitist stooges they are. Evil, in fact, is all out into the open for any decent soul to see.

    An interesting and completely unexpected take on events in Ukraine however came from some American blogger that I actually used to ridicule as a hopeless Trumptard/QAnon fool. He has taken on a completely pro-Putin approach, esposing the above mentioned theories regarding Ukraine and saying that Putin is just really clearing house in Ukraine of all the CIA and Mossad goons there and their dirty dirty operations there. What blew my mind even more was when he stated that Putin was being assisted and protected by non-Earth entities….the Pleiadians!!!!! Oh, my Lord…Dr. Preston James where have thou gone!!!!!!! Yes, theories that Dr. James was suggesting right here on VT years ago!!!

  6. Kadyrov is sending 12,000 Chechen fighters to assist the Russian effort against the “drug addicts and neo-nazis” in Ukraine, but we could easily add against the human traffickers, organ harvesters, illegal arms dealers and every other type of illecit activity immaginable that has proliferated in that country since the CIA orchestrated coup in 2014. Uncle Shlomo, corrupt to the core as he is, should have understood that you don’t go poking sleeping bears, especially in their ancestral homelands. From now on out, the bear will be growling and out for blood.

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