Occultism and America’s Military “Elites”


…by Gordon Duff (we were dared to publish this)

The aftermath of World War II, and the defeat of the occultist powers, Germany and Japan, by Russia and the West, is not an untold story, just one subject to military secrecy.

The occultist societies that drove those surrounding Hitler and the Japanese emperor were nothing new.  Occultism, witchcraft, communing with entities such as jinns and demons is very much a part of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.

In addition, Hinduism and Buddhism are wrought with references to such entities.

The question we will be asking ourselves here is whether these beliefs, a less public but real part of our major religions today, often “closeted” as exorcism is within the Catholic Church, represent a valid expression of non-ordinary physics, another term for “magic,” or are the thousands of years of such practices entirely delusional?

We will be looking at this path today as the secret societies John Kennedy warned the United States of in his address at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York on April 27, 1961, are all, in fact, based on occult ritual and represent, even among the most innocent-sounding groups, at some level, attempts to commune with “the old gods.”

One reason and there are many, that this subject is topical is that we have received confirmations that occultist practices within the US military have become common since the end of the Vietnam War.

Occultist organizations have been discovered, initially at The Presidio in the 1980s, where first dozens, then hundreds of officers were recruited and took part in rituals outlined by Karl Maria Wiligut for the German SS.

Our sources tell us that the failures of Vietnam led the American military, which by the 1980s had become institutionally corrupt and almost pitiable, to align themselves with occultists that had taken control of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Almost all that is reported of such efforts and the legacy that has grown rather than diminished of these efforts is deeply veiled.  After all, what are secret societies without secrecy?


The greatest war in history was fought against powers now demonized on an almost daily basis for their unprecedented evil, murder on an unimaginable scale, and more.  Germany and Japan employed practices the civilized world had believed were relegated to the dark ages, particularly considering the Geneva conferences after that other world war, the one “to end all wars.”

We know this, both German and Japanese leaders practiced occultism. In Germany, this is better documented than in Japan and is now portrayed in films such as Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and the Wolfenstein series of video games.

The basis of these efforts is in the very real efforts by Germany under Himmler and others to commune with what they deemed “the old gods” using massive human sacrifice that some allege may have led to the deaths of millions, Jews, Russian prisoners of war, other targeted groups, in a blood frenzy to gain corporeal power through the use of occult rituals.

As portrayed in books and films, we also know the United States was aware of this effort and, at the end of the war, sent teams to not only capture German scientists but, on a secondary level, exploit what they deemed “occult breakthroughs” that expanded scientific capability in ways not imagined.

Occultism and Science

The public knows about the advanced German planes, stealth technology, swept-wing jets, workable designs for intercontinental ballistic missiles, and, as the world is well aware, it was German science that took the United States to the moon in 1969.

What is not known by the public is that other projects the newly formed Department of Defense took on after the war, based on German occultism, remote viewing, anti-gravity vehicles and rumors of secret space programs, are still suppressed.

On occasion, occult-based 3rd Reich projects enter the public domain though are delisted by Google and available only to select researchers.  In order to gather such information, it was necessary to access the libraries of the United States Department of Energy and the University of California’s Los Alamos facility.  These organizations design America’s nuclear weapons but work on “other projects” as well.

We are told that German breakthroughs tied to occultism, and doubt in such statements is always welcome, led to studies of gravitation in the 1950s by Piekara and Kielich that simply discarded Newtonian physics out of hand.

They asserted that gravity is an expression of circularly polarized electromagnetic radiation (typically photons), which was later verified at Harvard by Pershan, Van der Ziel, Malmstrom, and Shen.

Here we exceed Einstein’s long-sought Unified Field Theory by expressing magnetism as an optical phenomenon.

Suddenly, not only are so many ideas from science fiction a reality, such as Star Trek’s transporter and “tractor beams,” but in a real application, matter can also be transmuted, potentially leading to gold, but more importantly, fissile material may be altered or enhanced.

From VT Science Editor, and Jeff Smith, of the IAEA (a particle physicist):

“According to Maxwell a static electron has no magnetic field of its own and when rotated about its axis it will not produce one. However, when an electron is accelerated in a given direction it creates a line of force. This line of force is magnetic in nature and can then be deflected by external magnetic fields such as in a cathode ray tube.

Now when the electron is spun up into a closed circular path it becomes a dipole bar magnet with both a north and south pole. This so-called magnetic dipole is what we call electromagnetic radiation or what Einstein calls a Photon – I.E. light. At longer wavelengths, it is just simply called radio waves, micro waves or just simply a transverse electromagnetic wave.”

Why the science lesson?

First of all, this is a “giant leap” postwar physics that would have and certainly should have made a number of things possible, certainly production of electric power at no cost and a mind-boggling capability of simply eliminating the weight of things like planes or automobiles.

Then, however, the hydrocarbon-based economy would break instantly, never to return, and with that and other advances, an end to hunger and thirst and eventually the need for money itself.

There would be nothing to fight for.

Here is the “however.”

It is asserted that powerful elites who belong to the occultist groups Kennedy warned of, groups we are seeing now on rare occasions despite their power to hide in the shadows, not only suppress technology but practice rituals that embrace sacrifice, human or otherwise.

Are the Bilderbergs, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove group, St. Hubertus, Opus Dei, and others among these as conspiracy theorists assert?  When one looks at the origin of the term “conspiracy theorist,” traced back to the CIA and their attempt to discredit those who stumble on their “dark programs,” the validity of such questions gains in stature.

When US Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia died in 2016, his body was found at a remote facility where a secret society held invocation rituals wearing robes and demonic masks.

Trails from the 50,000 square foot “Eyes Wide Shut” hunting lodge lead across the desert to remote illegal “ratlines” into Mexico.  For what reason, none but a few will ever know.

Things We Have Seen

The one subject we look at today as having potentially occultist roots, that being gravity, is only one of many.  We know the US Army still operates “remote viewing” teams and we have traced the origin of these groups to commands such as The Presidio in San Francisco where the US Army’s most elite command was deeply infiltrated by occultists under what still exists as the Temple of Set (Satan) founded by Colonel Michael Aquino, founder of many Army programs related to what is loosely termed “psychological warfare.”

We also know that the commands where these officers serve have long histories of mass institutional child abuse, not just the Presidio but, in particular, at West Point, the military academy of the US Army.

The investigations are in the public record, greatly censored, the numbers of the real abused downgraded from hundreds to a few, but not just “institutional” but “ritualized” child abuse has long been tied to the US Army beginning around 1984 at the time the US Army began exploring occultism as a form of warfare, taking the same path as Hitler and Himmler so many years before.

A “laundered” and heavily redacted comic version of such programs were exposed to the public in the film Men Who Stare At Goats starring George Clooney of “White Helmets” fame.

This one project, called Operation Stargate, was commanded by General Albert Stubblebein, who I have spoken with several times. Do remember that it was General Stubblebein, former head of US Army Intelligence, who reported the incident at the Pentagon on 9/11 as a missile attack.

The Academies and the Occult

Typically, occults have learned to hide in plain sight.  In the service academies for the military, Church of Set priests, Satanic priests, administered to their flock as “Pentecostals,” a fringe Christian subgroup normally scorned for its dramatic practices which can include poisonous snakes and orgasmic rituals.

Similarly, hiding inside the military as well, provided plenty of cover for practices such as ritual child abuse as parents of victims were either transferred to the ends of the earth when they complained, and the US has bases in places few would imagine, or allowed to resign with no pension or benefits.

Parents who came forward at Presidio, West Point, and other bases were silenced while records of the events were expunged by incinerating the files, according to an eyewitness.

Occult Warfighting

Correct or not, and truth is a truth, no matter how false, if it is generally believed, many top US commanders had learned to resent Christianity as the Romans had, a “slave religion,” not for “warriors,” as Pentagon “desk jockeys” think of themselves.

Colonel Aquino’s Church of Set with its blood sacrifices and warrior “cultism” appealed to the vanity of a military besotted with Vietnam “non-combat” veterans and those who chose the “volunteer” military because of the massive pay increases instituted under Reagan in particular.  Military salaries increased tenfold in many cases.

The other issue was “help from the Darkside” in case of armed conflict.  Occultists are true believers, often hiding behind the term “psychological warfare” when they are actually practicing ritual incantations intended to harness what they believe are unearthly powers.

One unit openly admitted to was the First Earth Battalion organized by Lt. Col Jim Channon.  Trained at a “monastery” in New Mexico and on remote bases, Channon’s “new age super soldiers” communed with nature, practiced yoga, and studied peaceful conflict resolution.

Other units sought darker methods, summoning demonic entities and developing methods of warfare using weather control and bizarre microwave weapons, employing 2nd and 3rd generation Nazi occult capabilities.

The worst of it is that leaders at the Pentagon genuinely admired the Axis powers in World War II and, to an extent, emulated their methodologies, mass murder, germ warfare, and, strangest of all, seeking contact with “old gods” and off-world entities as potential allies, not for the United States, but to elevate them personally and enslave humanity.

As a closing note, we often expect claims that every time the US uses a drone somewhere, it will always be a funeral or wedding that is hit, and the victims, rather than jihadists, will always be innocent children.

Such is the nature of propaganda, and everyone does this, most recently with the greatest success, the White Helmets who twice duped President Trump into attacks on Syria albeit highly unsuccessful.

As for the American drone attacks, controlled from bases near Las Vegas or in Southern Arizona, such as Fort Huachuca, there is considerable correlation between drone operations that are alleged to have butchered tens of thousands of civilians and bases where Temple of Set commanders attached to Defense Intelligence Agency and Psychological Warfare commands reside.


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  1. caduceus..a lot been said about it.. no one really looked and seen jupiter being the orb on top of it with the A’belt spinning between Jup and Mars.. like the rotor of the wankel engine. sun and jup keep it spinnibg with its magnetics like a giant cern.. only no small particles of specific material, everything a solarsystem is made of is there. some call it lokis wall, some call it the nornirs cloth. respect the belt which is thy protection. inner planets are the twinings but not really snakes.. oh.. and about that system Anu came by every 3600-3704 years its in the asteroidbelt, chirons “boat” too. None shall Pass. i mean it.

  2. Occultism, witchcraft, communing with demons from hell is very much a part of Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism, but not Christianity, at least in its authentic, traditional Catholic form. Some readers will be familiar with the writings of John Henry Newman, leader of the Oxford Movement in England in the early to mid-1800s, a great scholar, very deep thinker, and masterful writer of the English language. He wrote what many call the second greatest autobiography of all time, his Apologia Pro Vita Sua (the greatest being the Confessions of St Augustine, of which I just happen to have published a new translation (2017).

    In his Chapter 8 entitled “General Answer to Mr Kingsley,” Newman has some very profound thoughts relating to the subject of the present article. erenow.net/common/apologia-pro-vita-sua/8.php. But keep in mind as you read it, that when he mentions the Catholic Church, Newman is referring to the Church as it existed in his time, which is a different Church than what the world has seen since a takeover of its visible structures, a relatively little known fact precipitated by a takeover of the papacy by the Church’s traditional enemies and their Masonic assets in 1958: whitesmoke1958.com.

  3. “Atmospheric electromagnetic (EM) activity: The Human body communicates internally by EM and electrochemical impulses.”
    “Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) waves…their resonant effect upon the human body has been connected to both physiological disorders and emotional distortion.”
    From PSYOP to MindWar:
    The Psychology of Victory by Colonel Paul E. Valley Commander – with Major Michael A. Aquino.

    Controlling magnetism is the secret art of Magick.
    Humans are Magnets.

    “We are witnessing the spiritual electrification of the entire world with corresponding changes in the human organism…
    …Nanotechnology is a part of this as the small devils circulate, harmonize, and entwine throughout your body”.
    From shepherdsheart.life site.

    The Caduceus, or the Wand of Hermes is found in Egypt, Mesopotamia, and India, and is said to represent the duality of the Divine, and the ability of the human to reach the Gods and for the Gods to reach the humans by travelling up and down the world axis.

    Magnetism is the “ordering phenomenon” that makes the compass needle point North.
    Ordo ab Chao.

    Black magic is the means by which Setian (Set) initiates “experience being gods, rather than praying to imaginary images of gods.”

  4. There is nothing called aliens. They are the fallen angels kicked out of heaven along with their commander-in-chief, Satan. They are the main harbinger of bringing mischief, suffering, war, and crime throughout human history. Now, those demons of chaos and destruction are ready to pounce upon humanity led by their worldly leader, the Anti-Christ. We are very much into the threshold of end-time. There is a huge chance that an alien invasion (as has been predicted by so many from various fields of studies) will be enacted to enforce the arrival of the Anti-Christ, posing as Jesus himself. The Zionist Jews are eagerly awaiting this. This time the greatest deceivers on earth will be deceived at their own perils!

  5. Might “Animism” be a more precise and more useful term than “Occult?”

    Didn’t almost all tribes and ethnic peoples practice animism before the Big Box Religions™ we’re rolled out during the Axial Age! Animism with spirits, “Magick,” and Shamen?

    Why the Axial Age shift? Well, can you establish a city state, nation state, or trade empire among a hoard of different, often opposing small clans whose Weltensgsngs (sp?) are generally similar, yet all very different?

    Thus, dealing with spirits and gods needed to be reserved to the elite, didn’t it?

    After that Great Reset, any of that stuff that was true — or if not true, then useful, was utilized, don’t you think.

    Jews get a bad rap, and rightfully so in many cases, but have you ever wondered if any remnant of the Jew’s fellow Semitic group — the Phonecians — might have melted into the Jewish Diaspora? Maybe contacting a fellow named Saul, to offer his handlers a deal, AND a nifty way to destabilize and ruin Rome and take over the world as well?

    After all, the Jews were not seafaring experts, adept at playing merchant, slave trader, geopolitics, and all the other bag of tricks now fielded by the Usual Suspects! However, the Phonecian’s we’re accomplished at these things, plus should have had existing networks. Plus, the Phonecian’d evil god of child sacrifice was quite familiar to the old time Israelites, eh?

    Great article here. What does Jack Heart have to say about this material?

  6. Thanks Gordon…Wasn’t GHWB referred to as Moloch by his Skull and Bones buddies? I often wonder if people in power who are members of secret societies might see themselves as reincarnations of these “elder gods”. They’re always making decisions that ruin countless lives, as if they believe they have the right to do such things, and yet they see themselves as heroes. It’s like they believe that his-story will record them as these all powerful god-men…If there was any justice, history will record them as the soulless, psychopathic scumbags that they really are.

  7. Mormon founder, Joe Smith, owned a Jupiter talisman and was a necromancer. His mother’s journal states that while the family did not neglect its daily labors, they did practice soothsaying, Abrac and magic circles. I wonder how far into the occult are current Mormon elite.

  8. “…that simply discarded Newtonian physics out of hand” – GD

    Newtonian physics is not wrong per se, just incomplete and/or a practical simplification. While all engineering problems can theoretically be solved by physics alone, most problems are far too complex to model using elementary particles as discrete finite elements, so we simplify them by assigning materials properties such as mass, yield and fracture strengths, elastic and bulk moduli, Poisson’s ratio, glass transition temperature, fracture toughness, ductility, hardness, etc.

  9. Open to all who want to see them, are huge megalithic structures, often made of the hardest rocks known, perfectly cut and fitted, quarried and transported hundreds of miles over mountains and through swamps, while weighing hundreds of tons. Some structures weigh over a thousand tons. Even machinery of today could not handle much of this work. Who did it? It’s not even guessable. Someone had something we don’t know about.

  10. Is it because the term ‘aliens’ is American argot for people born abroad. Or maybe just living abroad in say, Israel where Netanyahu and the Likuds manipulate the levers of power here in the US. Going to Area 51 takes it too far down the rabbit hole for comfort … and logic in my (ahem) estimable opinion.

  11. and blood sacrifice and pedophilia (and kosher mutilations), stuff us commoners don’t get while others bet their lives on such causes having measureably and/or anecdotally predictable effects.

  12. You read snippets here and there about the underlying influences with our Ruling Elite. Of note, I always found the Rothschilds involvement with Infestiture to be interesting. Some speculate that refusing to accept an entity can be a huge mistake in that inner circle.

  13. As noted as comment, Honor and Dignity for your country will never be found in an Occultist Government and their Military.
    “Are they hybrids of the Nephilim or fallen angels from the Book of Genesis? Others call them Annunaki. Their blood is RH Negative, which less than 15% of the planet have.” Excerpt Dean Henderson.
    Mythical or not?
    Do they really believe there is no possibility of a Creator of us all, Created in the name of Love? What will be their defense upon possible judgement?

  14. “We know this, both German and Japanese leaders practiced occultism….to commune with what they deemed “the old gods” using massive human sacrifice…” while most wink at the central liturgy of christinsanity of drinking human blood and eating human flesh, nodding, “oh, it’s only symbolically.” ecclesiastical theater remains occult theater. choose one’s entertainment.

    @ian, i like your cautionary reminder, “if the facts don’t support the narrative, the narrative must be wrong.” i’ll entertain joining the occult group that shows me a human being walking on water and teletransporting.

    • wishful thinking: try ending the practicing of blood sacrifices (including the practice of sending our next gen’s to war) and see what effect that has on world peace.

  15. We followed the bread crumbs of Synarchism and extra-ordinary physics for some time, Jack Heart’s oeuvre has many details and documentation. Someone said: Those who remain trapped merely within the intellectual (theories, ideas) or sentimental (beliefs) are excluded from the experience of truth. No person of understanding should ever accept anything in a dogmatic way. It is urgent to first Investigate, Understand, and Inquire, before accepting. Dogmas, ideas and theories do not provide a fundamental basis for real change: only experience does. Real understanding can only be acquired when we experience the truth of what is beyond the physical senses. — That is the why, why take on the double whammy of feudalism and church, double dogmas to imprison, make just the unjust. Opposition to it is not new, and the trappings are as you describe, often feeble, tea circles, sex craze, lust of power. Goethe’s Faustus or Brando’s Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now: Are my methods unsound?

    • Maybe unsound, maybe not, but very different to my approach as I will only accept that which can be proven beyond reasonable doubt by solid evidential proof. For instance, I discard the notion that Otto Skorzeny found the Holy Grail in France, 1944, because it is historical fact that he was on an airfield outside Budapest at the time. What I’m getting at is that if the facts, as far as they can be ascertained, contradict the narrative, then the narrative must be wrong. Far too many writers chose not to follow this methodology, preferring instead to tell a good yarn, facts be damned. This is no recent phenomenon, the Ancient Greeks and Romans did it all the time, religions have done it throughout their existence, the maxim that history is written by the victors is most apropos.

  16. there are only physics we don’t understand

    and beings we call gods and demons and such out of ignorance

    and, of course, denialism

  17. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
    Vibration and sound manipulate and create matter at the quantum level.
    The new series ‘American gods’ touches on these subjects.
    One may not believe in this but captains of industry, science and war sure do.
    Results speak for themselves if we are able to hear and recognize them.
    Gordon, you have the balls of the lion of Judah for going here.
    Ft. Lewis had this going on big time as well. As kids on our dirt bikes we found several satanic alters on ‘the rez’ as we called it, then you have JZ Knight and Ramtha next door with many local cattle mutilations to this day. Shouts to the Taipei Rapier as well.

  18. …abracadabra… hocus pocus…..what is it gonna take to make you lose your focus?…..what is it gonna take to make your focus mine…..

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