VT Italy: A ‘Brainwave’ Look at Ukraine


By Claudio Resta for VT Italy

I have no leaks for you about it but it’s just a brainwave of mine, a sort of foresight, or if you prefer an exercise of logic.

Who is the real enemy of Russia? Ukraine perhaps is the answer for many. Not for me.

Ukraine for me is just a teenage country on a train of building its identity.

A country fighting to get more freedom and independence from its bulky neighbor.

After all most Ukrainian are just ones of the many in the World fooled by the American Dream, by Hollywood misrepresentation of reality as Chomsky taught us.

They are not basically enemies of Russia.

The reason is very simple, but please, don’t tell Ukrainians that:

the unspeakable truth is that they are basically Russians!

Khrushchev, one of the most important Statesmen of XX century was Ukrainian, nevertheless, he became the First Secretary of the Soviet Union Communist Party that de-Stalinized USSR, reigned for many years, was the first Secretary of PCUS to visit the USA, he made a famous speech in NYC at UN Assembly and became very close to JFK, even if he brought the World on the brink of starting WWIII because of Cuban Crisis, etcetera.

Also, many other leading Russian worldwide known figures were Ukrainian such as Malevich, Gogol, Bulgakov, Sikorsky, Horowitz.

They all were Ukrainian and nevertheless, they became world-famous top artists, writers, and inventors in their time in Russia.

Russia didn’t prevent them to become what they became; on the opposite gave them more public and market than their birthplace.

Also, Chikatilo (Evilenko) was Ukrainian, but that is another history. A bad one.

Irony aside actually Ukraine was for centuries just a part of the Czarist Empire, first, and then of the Soviet Union. A Province of these Empires or a State of them, if you prefer.

The real adult enemy of Russia is, as I argue, US Deep State, the military-industrial complex, Big Data, Social media shortly all western corporate world. It’s a question of competition among different economic and social systems. Just like before WWI, there was a competition between British and German economic and social systems, and this competition brought to war.

In the present case of the Ukrainian war there is also what I argue is the scare of US Deep State of a possible EuroAsian merge. The same scare that I believe in 1995 originated Operation Deliberate Force against Serbia. The scare of a possible EuroAsian merge.

And nowadays, I guess, Deep State is waging a covert war against Russia by supporting Ukraine’s war with intelligence, weapons, and all that may be useful to it.

And all this behind the shield of a supposed noble war of independence for Ukraine.

A sample of hypocrisy, duplicity, and false representation, I suppose.

Ukrainians waging a third party war against Russia as Crusaders of Uncle Sam.

Now they are trying to engage Russia in energies losing Afghanistan-like war, I guess.

Then, even though we live in a secularized age, I want to point out the fact that there is also a religious side of this war, a sort of a late post-Religion War.

In fact, the Church of Ukraine and the Russian Church stay on opposite sides of the Christian Religion. The Church of Ukraine is mainly Greek Catholic while the Church of Russia after many years of Russian Revolutionary State atheism is nowadays mainly Russian Orthodox.

In this particular case, the Christian Religion instead of uniting people is separating them despite these two Churches being much older than Protestantism.

And now let’s ask ourselves an uncomfortable and forbidden question (How I love it doing so!) of which nobody talks:

-Are there US military advisors in Ukraine?-

I personally don’t know it and I have no means of knowing it since I have no source of intelligence.

But the voice of my intuition tells me yes. There must be.

And I think it would be important to understand the real nature of this war to highlight the possible eventual presence of US military advisors in Ukraine and their tasks there.

And I hope that someone with better sources of intelligence may answer this question and may inform all of us about it.


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  1. One can make the argument (I have heard it suggested.) that the REAL reason for the whole “Ukraine Crisis” is not to do down Russia, so much as to destroy Germany as an industrial competitor of the USA. In the 1980s Japan became “too large” and too successful a competitor to the USA’s industry and was pressured into committing industrial/financial harikiri. The significance of the “Ukraine invasion scare” was then to get Germany cut off from cheap Russian fuel (Gas, Coal & Oil.) and forced to buy expensive US LPG thus making it less competitive. Who knows? Could be true. Anyone have any light to shed on this idea?

  2. I do believe that there are US “advisers” in Ukraine plus quite a few Neo-nazis from the US. These US Neo-nazis who survive will return home with all that hate and combat experience and I am sure they will not be getting into the candy store business. I also read that two Russians transport planes were shot down early this morning with all on board losing their lives. There are some of the opinion that those planes were not downed by the Ukrainians but by US missiles. Also there is a rumor of a dirty bomb being set up in NY by a small country in the Middle East who is an expert in false flag operations supposedly to bring the US people on board to support our direct involvement in this war as it will be blamed on Russia. I don’t know the validity of this information.

  3. In one Italian online daily I read today, I discovered that Russia supplies 43% of Italy’s natural gas supplies!!!! So, who is going to lose here and hard if sanctions against Russia are enacted? The ordinary Italian will whose government is proving again and again how corruptedly controlled they are acting against their own national public interest.

  4. Interesting presentation, Mr. Resta; are there US agents in the Ukraine? Military and otherwise? Is the Pope Catholic?

    Please consider referring to the conglomerated entity that comprises the Deep State, corporate media, think tanks, and all the rest as, “Globohomo,” because that’s exactly what it is, and this term grants them not one iota of respect or even grudging acceptance. Thank you!

    • This Pope, isn’t really a Pope. See StGallen Mafia. He isn’t Catholic rather Lutheran. He doesn’t believe in God. And he is destroying what remains of Catholic Church. See Monsignor Viganò, Don Minutella and many others.Most of people don’t know many things about and/or don’t dare to accept such reality. There will be so much to say about it. Some think that we are at the end of Christianism and/or of Christianity.I wasn’t meaning to say all that but when you asked: is the Pope Catholic? I had to answer the truth.

    • This Pope is an ingenious instrument in the hands of sordid cardinals. It is legitimate to criticize his utterances when they descend into a drift that questions the authenticity of Christ’s teachings because THE POPE IS NOT INFALLIBLE. except on dogmatic issues when pronouncing Doctrina ex Cathedra.
      Another question is to stand up as judges and contest their legitimacy and authority. In the history of Christianity there have been even more politically compromised Popes but the Church has remained firmly in its place.
      Those who dispute its authority and legitimacy are stained with that sin of pride which, if led to obsessive obstinacy, cost Lucifer the expulsion from Heaven.

  5. Agree.
    I can only add that taking advantage of internal contradictions in Ukraine and the immaturity of society, destructive forces were able to throw a grain of discord on fertile ground. Whose terrible sprouts we are forced to pull out now.

    • Matthew 13:37-43
      New International Version
      37 He answered, “The one who sowed the good seed is the Son of Man.(A) 38 The field is the world, and the good seed stands for the people of the kingdom. The weeds are the people of the evil one,(B) 39 and the enemy who sows them is the devil. The harvest(C) is the end of the age,(D) and the harvesters are angels.(E)

      40 “As the weeds are pulled up and burned in the fire, so it will be at the end of the age. 41 The Son of Man(F) will send out his angels,(G) and they will weed out of his kingdom everything that causes sin and all who do evil. 42 They will throw them into the blazing furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.(H) 43 Then the righteous will shine like the sun(I) in the kingdom of their Father. Whoever has ears, let them hear.(J)

  6. Excellent brainwave Claudio! You speak the truth here about the importance of preventing EurAsian integration.
    It seems clear that US advisors must be on the ground in Ukraine. This being assumed, where would you go with that?

    • If things don’t change the ultimate victims of this war will be the European nations people that don’t have the courage to get rid of NATO and free of US slavery and will find soon themselves in a failed continent.

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