Well I got it wrong last week! I thought that Russia might have been offered genuine concessions, but apparently not. Russia’s very able armed forces commenced military operations against the Ukraine on Thursday. I have been predicting a Russian move against the Ukraine for some time however, well before the MSM, the UK Ministry of Defence or the Pentagon.

Ukraine War

Unlike MOD and the Pentagon, with every respect, I understand and comprehend Russian concerns over the firing of the SHEWS weapon system from Ukrainian soil and share Russian concerns over the ongoing loss of life in the Donbas. Of course being well ahead of the media pack in predicting trouble in the Ukraine wasn’t enough to persuade the British Government actually to consult me! I have only been consulted within the Intelligence Community. I am backing Russia and wish her courageous Armed Forces God Speed in battle against the evil, EU-backed Ukrainian enemy. Many Brexiteers will be with me, even if they haven’t grasped that the Ukraine is a German client state, a modern day version of the Reichskommisariat Ukraine.  

The MSM have been banging on about a ‘full-scale’ invasion, however I’m not sure it is. It’s a major military operation, but it appears to have limited strategic objectives:

(1)    Liberation of the Donbas republics, the Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics, very properly recognised by the Russian Federation on Monday. (Saying that they’re self-proclaimed doesn’t take the matter very much further – the USA and France are self-proclaimed republics.)

(2)     Encirclement, capture and temporary occupation of the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, and

(3)     Capture and demilitarisation of the SHEWS Ukrainian ground station, located near the abandoned Chernobyl nuclear power station complex.

It’s clear that the Russian government intends to liberate the entire territory of the Donbas Republics, not just the areas under militia control, roughly one-third of the total territory of the republics. In practice this could not be done without significantly degrading Ukrainian air defense capabilities.

Russian forces are presently encircling Kiev. The city will be given an opportunity to surrender, evidently with a view to sparing civilian life. Kiev is not being bombarded night and day by tube and rocket artillery like Berlin was, entirely justifiably, in 1945. Ever willing to bash Russia our deracinated MSM are trying to pretend otherwise of course, passing off photographs of damage caused by shot down Ukrainian Air Force planes crashing as damage caused by artillery rounds, for example. The odd round is bound to go astray of course, but the Russians are clearly trying to limit civilian casualties.

It’s clear that Russia has no intention of occupying the Ukraine, or reintegrating it into Russia. Ukraine was of course an integral part of the Russian Empire until 1917. President Putin with respect was entirely correct in referring to the German agent Lenin as having been instrumental in the establishment of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, although he didn’t identify Lenin as a German asset. (The MSM of course continue to labor under the delusion that Vladimir Lenin was a communist.)

Erich Koch

It’s also clear that President Putin has a plan for the governance of Ukraine after Russia’s military victory. I don’t know what that plan is exactly, indeed it’s one of the missing elements that caused me to doubt last week that Russia was going to invade. All I know is that the Russians are working to a plan. Unlike British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US dictator, no offense intended, Joseph Biden, President Putin knows what he’s doing.

I am fairly sure that Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a latter-day Erich Koch, who supports Ukrainian membership of the EU, doesn’t feature in President Putin’s plans for post-war Ukraine. If I were Zelenskyy I’d be quietly packing my bags and planning a swift exit to Germany, although I would advise against flying from Boryspil International Airport, the airport for Kiev. (Hostomel, which has been the scene of fierce fighting, is an Antonov facility, on the other side of town.) Indeed I would advise against flying to Germany from any airport in the Ukraine, even with an offer of double frequent flyer miles.


Capture of Kiev should bring a significant intelligence yield, including on the Ukraine’s involvement in the murderous shoot-down of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 in 2014. The red faces in Europe, Britain and the USA would be wonderful to see! I imagine that the notorious SBU (Ukrainian Security Service, not the Scottish Bridge Union) will be dismantled.

Ukraine War

To judge from the MSM’s breathless and near-hysterical reporting you would be forgiven for thinking that the Chernobyl nuclear power plants were still operating. For the record Reactor No 4 at Chernobyl was sabotaged by the German DVD in 1986, although thankfully the radiation release was much less than the Germans were hoping for, thanks to some truly heroic damage control. The entire complex was then shut down.

Russian security forces have not captured a working nuclear power station. You couldn’t get enough electricity out of Chernobyl these days to boil a kettle. What they have captured is the Ukrainian SHEWS ground station. Expect fewer surprise earthquakes, Category 4 and 5 hurricanes and sudden volcanic eruptions from now on. There are other ground stations, but all are now being targeted in one way or another. (If you’re in Svalbard, Norway, you may have noticed a slight power loss recently.)

The MSM of course are bewildered, but that’s because not enough of them are reading VT, no offense intended. As a decommissioned and highly radioactive former nuclear power station Chernobyl is the sort of place any sensible invading army would normally want to bypass. Trying to talk to the average journalist – and believe me some of them are very average – about high energy weapons is like trying to talk to the average politician about integrity. There’s no common frame of reference.


One of the reasons why Boris Johnson and Joseph Biden have had to limit themselves to weak and ineffectual sanctions and PR stunts like banning Aeroflot is that the SVR have ample kompromat on them both, no offense intended, ditto the French puppet leader Emmanuel Macron. I have hinted at the kompromat on Boris in this column before, without fear of reprisals, as my sources are sound and the intelligence has been verified by those nice people MI6.

Joseph Biden stole the 2020 election, as he well knows. I am quite sure that Russia’s highly professional SVR know about the Paris dossier, which deals with the interference on electronic voting machines run from Frankfurt by the Correa Group. Both the FSB, who are very nice people with respect (and what’s more show respect to Russia’s friends when they visit Moscow) and the SVR (who are also very good, but not quite as nice as the FSB, no offense intended) are aware of the DVD. That’s where I came in, as I warned the SVR in London about the DVD’s involvement in the shameful, murderous terrorist attack on Russian schoolchildren at Beslan.

The Russians, who are very warm people by the way, love children. Beslan truly appalled and angered them, with every justification. When a Britisher came to them, in complete good faith, with actionable intelligence on the operation, they responded with warmth and gratitude, once they had verified the intelligence of course. I’m not German and I don’t hold with the mass murder of innocent, defenseless kiddies.

The MSM, who cannot understand British and American weakness, will just have to carry on living in bewildered ignorance, I’m afraid. I’m tired of trying to tell them the truth. London and Washington will just have to limit themselves to meaningless paper condemnations and silly sanctions, which Russia will brush off.

Casualty figures

The Ukrainian government are fluent and practiced liars, no offense intended. I’m not buying the latest casualty figures from Kiev. I’d divide by ten if I were you. They’re like election returns from Pennsylvania, old Soviet tractor production figures and official British statistics on exports to the EU.

Declaration of war

Contrary to media reports the Russian Federation didn’t actually declare war on the Ukraine on Thursday. Effectively the Russian government treated the Ukraine as though it were still Russian territory. Although the Ukraine, being a German puppet state, is not an independent, sovereign nation state she is still treated as such by a great many states. With respect I would have preferred a formal declaration of war. It makes things nice and official.

However the rest of the West have blurred the issue for decades, starting with the failure to declare war on North Korea and the People’s Republic of China in the Korean War. Britain and France failed to declare war, as they should have done, on Egypt in 1956 and the United States failed to declare war on North Vietnam, leading to six decades of utter confusion about the status of the war.

After Afghanistan and Iraq if London or Washington queried the failure to declare war the Russians would fall about laughing. They would have every justification! The last country actually to declare a war was the Republic of Chad. For any journalist reading this, it’s in Africa, next to Libya and the Sudan.

The UN Charter, by the way, badly drafted though it was, didn’t actually outlaw all war. Its language is not materially different to the equally flawed Kellogg-Briand Pact (nothing to do with Corn Flakes). No one suggests that Britain and France could not lawfully have declared war in 1939.

As to casus belli, as I hinted last week, President Putin is on somewhat uncertain ground, despite Ukrainian aggression in the Donbas. I think this is one of those wars where the fighting comes first and the justification comes afterwards.

If President Putin were to go public on the SHEWS ground station he would pull off a diplomatic masterstroke, with respect, which would leave London, Washington and Brussels flat-footed. He would probably be invited on a state visit and have well-wishers queuing up outside the Russian Embassy in London. It would be even more popular than having the Russian Air Force drop a smart bomb on the BBC’s Nick Robinson, currently reporting the Ukrainian point of view from a bunker in Kiev, no offense intended.

AN225, the world’s largest aircraft, which used to be based at Antonov Airport

Ukrainian neutrality

London, Brussels, Berlin and Washington only have themselves to blame. Russia was perfectly willing to accept Ukrainian neutrality after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Instead Germany mounted repeated coups d’etat, on one occasion (Maidan Square) arranging for snipers to shoot unarmed demonstrators.

The EU and NATO have made it perfectly clear that they want to anchor the Ukraine in both organisations. For more than thirty years the rest of the West has missed no opportunity to rub Russia’s nose in it. What goes around comes around boys. Enjoy the war. You asked for it and you’ve got it.

Oh, and a word of advice to motorists in Kiev. If you’re planning a drive into the Ukrainian countryside this weekend for a picnic, give way to tanks.



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  1. GREAT article Michael Shrimpton ! KUDO…

    BTW: when the Russians will take control of Kiev and disclose to the world the REAL responsible of the MH17 downing, the West MSM will accuse Moscow of making up false accusations with forged documents in order to absolve themselves from any guilt. But don’t talk about this issue for there are ears on Internet and this will make Kiev burn all the evidences so… I doubt they (the Russians) will find any evidence to show to the World about this.

    Lastly, what the heck is “SHEWS ground station” stands for ? Is it an acronym or the name of a town ? I hint about an acronym as ??EWS could mean Early Warning System. Bu SH ? Small Helicopter ?

    Finally, you know that Ukraine is mentioned in the Apocalypse ? Not Ukraine per say but… Tchernobyl !? Not to say also that Ukraine and Russia are supposed to be mentioned in the undisclosed third secret of Fatima !? And what is it said in the Bible about Mystery Babylon (the US) ? In ONE HOUR shall it be destroyed. We are surely assisting the prelude of the deed ! The Judgement (Wrath) of God.

    • SHEWS acronym is Scalar High Energy Weapons System. The HAARP facility is part of that system, as well as the 2 in Ukraine and Norway that Shrimpton referenced in the article.

  2. The last line was supposed to read “give way to tanks”! I inadvertently left off the last two words when uploading! Russian forces continuing to make good progress. I suspect they are slightly behind their timetable, but not too far behind. No plan of action survives first contact with the enemy. The Russians have fuel-air weapons in reserve.

  3. Anyone else see George Soros twitter (@georgesoros) today? Check out this comment about the Ukraine, for example, made 14 hrs. ago: “It is important that both the transatlantic alliance (the United States, Canada, the European Union, and the United Kingdom) but also other nations do whatever is in their power to support Ukraine in its time of existential threat.” And then please tell me again what a great guy he is!

  4. Glad you finally said the word Svalbard! And I am shocked that people here at VT aren’t more curious to hear more. Where are all the weatherwars.info people? Anyone besides me remember the 1996 book, Angels Don’t Play This HAARP? Also, does anyone but me recall the 1997 warning from US SecDef William Cohen, that other nations were using quake weapons, weather weapons, etc? His warning is in my mind all the time, every day. People need to wake up! Btw, there are several of those facilities, and all are/were in private/DVD hands. The power of God, in the hands of psychos.

    • Electrical engineering is not my cup of tea, but even my non-scientific brain can understand a few simple things, such as: 1.using standing waves to create massive amounts of heat, and pinpointing it anywhere on the earth, below the earth, and in the atmosphere. 2.all those grids of metallic contrails matter… etc.

  5. ” Expect fewer surprise earthquakes, Category 4 and 5 hurricanes and sudden volcanic eruptions from now on. ”

    Wow, what a relief. I’ll keep an eye out for that.

    • No you won’t, ‘Dave’. You’ll remain just as uninformed as you always were. It’d behoove you better to start queuing up for Booster #4, mate. Do let us know how you get on, lol.

  6. Lol. Shrimpton doesn’t see the Nazis and Likud as one and the same. He conveniently forgets the history of Lehi.

    On an irrelevant note there is still a neighborhood in Tehran called Naziabad from the years of WW2 … lol.

  7. Holy shit! Shrimpy hit a home run here. Even got it right about my home state of Pennsylvania which helped Trump steal the 2016 election. Totally corrupt.

  8. Shrimpleton instead of blaming just about everything on the German DVD should instead call it what it is: Nazis who never lost the war that have gone on to control and take over the foreign policies and intelligence services and governments and militaries of most western countries in a clever covert way, behind the scenes, a Dr Evil laughing about how stupid people can be and how they can get away with what they do all the time.
    So they infiltrated the German DVD too, OK probably so, but they have infiltrated and gained control of everything else in western world too. Ukraine, Israel, and Wash DC especially.
    One way they get away with it is the myth Germany lost the war, and there are no nazis left, so you cannot blame the nazis, who are to blame.
    Its the nazis who are to blame for all bad stuff in Ukraine, get rid of them all will be good.

  9. I too was caught flat-footed by the general invasion of Ukraine as I believed Russia would simply move troops into East Ukraine and split Ukraine in two to protect the ethnic Russians who seem to be very happy about the whole thing. We should have put two and two together when The Great Vladimir pulled out another rabbit from his hat during his speech just before signing Russia’s recognition of two(?) new nations in the Donbass. He referenced Zelensky’s hysterical threat to develop nuclear weapons not two weeks ago.

    If this conclusion proves true then we may see Russia taking control of all fissionable materials the Ukrainians possess as that threat was all too credible in light of Ukraine’s former scientific and technological development. Furthermore, I doubt a Russian military presence will be withdrawn unless those materials go with them.

    I am hysterical. With laughter at Brandon and BoJo’s clown show. The pop of their animal balloons as the whole thing blew up in their faces is priceless and most gratifying. I believe the ill-conceived lame-stream media coverage they ordered up gave Zelensky foot-in-mouth disease. The threat of nuclears resulted in Russia taking an action they didn’t desire but which was forced on them by their concern for the safety

    • Yes, extracting the nukes and fissionable materials, and the US chemical weapons plants shut down too, although there are plenty left in rest of world. Exracting the nazi “superior race” from Ukraine no1 priority. Wont be easy, look at WW2
      “Perhaps” Putin caught wind of an attack by bioweapoed virsuse like the US, NATO, andIsrael already have done to China, and then Iran, although it backfired and spread back into the USA and Israel and NATO like mustard gas in WW1 when the wind changes.
      In the bioweapons case it happened to be when the mutations erupt in an exponential manner since un-natural, lab produced, very unstable and unpredictable.
      Anwyays the war has really cut the balls off NATO, their existence having no consequence on anything Russia decides to do. All airfields in hands of Russia by ffirst day, its impossible for NATO to come to “aid” Ukraine even if they wanted to, and they do not want to either since nobody wants their kids dying for nothing, let those “slavs” (Ukrainian and Russians) fight among themselves is the policy of NATO and the Nazis in Wash DC who want to see as many dead Russians as possible.
      while Russia and Ukraine have always been brothers and friends until 2014 when the brilliant idea (not) of arming and giving power to Ukrainian nazis erupted.
      Hopefully get rid of the nazis, and there will be peace in Ukraine for long time although this means to be friends with Russia, which the USA does not want to happen.

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