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[ Editor’s Note: NATO may finally get the war that it has been wanting, but it will hardly turn out the way it wants, as they rarely do. Hence the name of the game, to survive a loss, is to line up a number of sacrificial lambs to take the big fall.

After another day of silly Western media, apparently salivating at the thought of the increase click ad revenue, some thought to pose a story about something bad happening due to miscommunication, or no communication at all.

The US had to quickly pull all of its lower level aerial surveillance out of Ukraine and move to the very high altitude options. One has to wonder with this admission if the US was supplying Kiev with military Intel.

But now that I bring that up, it opens the door that US aerial intel certainly had to be aware all of these past eight years that Kiev’s army was shelling the Donbas civilian line during that whole time, which killed thousands of innocent people.

And like the War of Terror drone operators wiped out wedding parties for a big catch, or helped the Saudis bomb the big wedding hall in Yemen to get a ‘big kill’, the US fingerprints on that mass killing evaporated quickly.

We now face, and so does the EU, what might be an unpleasant education in that the financial consequences might hit way more pocketbooks in the West than their respective populations are expecting.

Even Switzerland today froze all of its Russian accounts, when no real invasion occurred in Ukraine. After 8 years of Western support for killing Donbas civilians, Mr. Putin finally stepped in to stop it.

Stop for a minute and think about if the Donbas people had been Americans in the Great Lakes region, like Gordon and I are, and Canada had been shelling us for eight years, ignoring pleas to stop.

And then when the US finally sends the military into Canada to stop it, the US was cut off from the Swift system, all US accounts in foreign banks frozen, etc., for ‘invading’ Canada. And we the American taxpayers, would of course have to be paying for all of this.

If Bulgaria or Poland lets Ukrainian pilots fly their SU fighters on strikes against Russian troop targets in Ukraine, what do you think the odds could be that those bases could find themselves legitimate targets by Russia’s nuclear missile command?

And how happy would all the EU people be when they woke up and found their whole world was now changed because Western political and military command people wanted to show Putin who the boss was? Thus ends my cheery missive for today Jim W. Dean ]

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Lots of US weapons are already in Ukraine, like these captured ones

First published February 28, 2022

“We’re constantly seeing fighter planes come into very close contact” in the region, said Emma Claire Foley, a Russia specialist at disarmament group Global Zero who oversees the Military Incidents Project, which tracks “close calls” between NATO and Russian military forces.

“They’re not always using transponders. They are not communicating with air traffic control. In those situations, there can be accidents … that can have massive consequences.”

“Any personal relationship is immensely important when you are dealing with these issues of incredible consequence,” she added, singling out “these unnecessary missions using nuclear-capable aircraft.” “All of this presents a risk of escalation,” Foley said.

When the Russian invasion began in earnest last week, U.S. forces in the region were immediately ordered to pull back from the war zone.

“As soon as the Russians did what they did, we had to get out of the way,” said one of the U.S. military officials in Europe directly involved in the planning.

That included redirecting a “pretty robust” operation of spy planes and drones flying over Ukrainian airspace, the official said.

Now, the U.S. Air Force is relying on high-flying aircraft over Ukraine such as the U-2 spy plane that can avoid most anti-aircraft missiles and drones because there is “a little bit more risk tolerance for that.”


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  1. I had an idea 🙂
    Wouldn’t the following scenario create the biggest “WTF” moment în the world’s history?
    – Puntin and Zelensky being planned this!
    – After receiving all the weapons, military technology.. money and so on – declare war on NATO / US.
    – China joins in!

    How fucked would be the US ? :)))))

  2. Lavrov demanded that the United States “return home” nuclear weapons from Europe
    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called on the United States to take its nuclear weapons and “bring them home”, and to completely eliminate the infrastructure created for them in Europe. Lavrov is quoted by RIA Novosti.

    According to the minister, it is unacceptable for Russia that American nuclear weapons are located on the territory of several European countries. According to Lavrov, this goes against the fundamental provisions of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

    “The vicious practice of joint nuclear missions with the participation of non-nuclear NATO countries persists. Within the framework of such missions, the scenario of the use of nuclear weapons in Russia is being worked out,” the Russian Foreign Minister believes. This is reported by Rambler. https://news.rambler.ru/politics/48216111/?utm_content=mnews_media&utm_medium=read_more&utm_source=copylink

  3. Read this on EI: “Israel is arming neo-Nazis in Ukraine”
    Can you imagine if Mango Mussolini was still in office how fast he would bend over for the wishes of Likud and let things escalate.

    Joe refuses to impose a no fly zone or go after Vlad. Trump went after Soleimani and if it wasn’t for a cooler Khamenei to decide to settle score in due time, Trump would have gotten what he was paid for.
    That’s why he was pissing his pants when he lost.

  4. And what happens if all this show is just a big fig leaf for US to hide a previously reached agreement of leave Ukraine under Russia control ??

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