Ukraine War: What’s happening at Kharkov

Battle for Chuguev Yuri Podolyaka

1102 – This afternoon, a message came that Russian troops appeared in the Malaya Rogan region. And if they gain a foothold there, then Chuguev’s fate will be sealed. And yet, it can become a prelude to the coverage of Kharkov from the south.

From the city that was in the operational “pincers” of the city, the Nikolaev Governor calls on the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to “surrender”

On March 11, Russian troops completed the blockade of the Nikolaev Ukrainian group, including nationalist armed formations, from three sides. The blocking of Ukrainian security forces in Nikolaev from the east, north, and south has been completed.

In the eastern direction, the defense zone of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the national battalions begins approximately 12 km from the outskirts of the city along the line of Dachnaya stations – the 44th kilometer.

From the north, Ukrainian troops are pressed against the area of ​Nikolaev airport, from the south, the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are actually pushed back into the urban area – to the Ship District.

At the same time, Russian troops quickly advanced to the north of the Nikolaev region. By and large, the territory north of Nikolaev up to the New Bug and the borders of the Dnepropetrovsk region is controlled by the RF Armed Forces. The only uncontrolled territory (for the RF Armed Forces) in this direction remains Bashtanka, where a fairly solid group of Ukrainian troops is concentrated. Measures are being taken to ensure that this group is deprived of the opportunity to strike at the rear of Russian troops and carry out sabotage and sorties.

In such a situation, the head of the Nikolaev regional state administration, Vitaly Kim, being in a room without windows, announced that the situation was supposedly under his full control. The official staying in the city taken into the “operational vice (pincers)” also called on the Russian troops to “surrender.” This is despite the fact that the “governor” himself no longer controls more than two-thirds of the territory of the region, including the right part of the mouth of the Southern Bug.

These statements by Kim caused a negative reaction from the residents of the Nikolaev region themselves, who are trying to find out from the representative of the Kiev regime what, in fact, he is trying to defend if most of the region, including part of the Black Sea coast, is lost. The call to the Russian troops to “surrender” was even called

“a work from the 95th quarter.”

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation showed footage of the use of combat helicopters against Ukrainian sabotage groups hiding in forest plantations

Russian troops continue to conduct a military special operation on the territory of Ukraine. For 14 days of its holding, the Ukrainian regime lost control over more than a quarter of the country’s territory. The main losses of territories are in Kiev, Kharkov, Kherson, Zaporozhye, and Mykolaiv regions.

The Russian Defense Ministry demonstrates the work of the army aviation as part of a special operation. The “fresh” snow that has fallen on a number of territories of Ukraine makes it possible to better view the forest plantations in which small groups of armed representatives of the terbats are trying to hide in order to organize ambushes. It was from such landings in the first week of the special operation that Ukrainian DRG sorties were carried out, which used anti-tank weapons against Russian columns. weapon. They could act on the principle of Afghan militants, knocking out the head and rear cars of the column, after which the drones could continue the strikes. In a number of cases, this sabotage tactic worked, despite the fact that it was theoretically possible for equipment from the middle part of the column to leave the blocked area through the fields.

Now the crews of Russian helicopters, flying over forest plantations, not only identify Ukrainian armed National Battalion soldiers in them but also inflict (in the event of such a detection) airstrikes on them, eliminating sabotage groups. Often enough machine-gun fire. When a sufficiently solid position of the Ukrainian military is revealed in a particular forest plantation, a volley is fired from an aircraft gun. The position is destroyed by several NURSs.

Of course, additional difficulties may arise when the time comes for the first greenery to appear.

The Ministry of Defense demonstrates footage of the use of combat helicopters, including on military equipment that the Ukrainian armed formations are trying to transfer.

Ukrainian national battalions in Volnovakha did not wait for reinforcements from the Dnieper

The troops of the Donetsk People’s Republic continue the operation to clean up the city of Volnovakha from Ukrainian armed formations. Since 22, the Ukrainian command has been gathering a large group of forces in this 2014-strong city in the Donbass, and illegal armed formations have also gathered there, which the Ukrainian regime eventually tried to legitimize under the guise of National Guard battalions. The total Ukrainian armed group concentrated in this direction was estimated (according to the most conservative estimates) at the level of 7-8 thousand people.

At the current stage, several quarters of Volnovakha have been cleared. The Ukrainian national battalions dispersed in the western parts of the city, but they lost the opportunity to retreat a few days ago when the DPR troops reached the western borders of the republic – the border with the Zaporozhye region.

The Ukrainian troops failed to turn the section of the H-20 Donetsk-Mariupol road passing through Volnovakha into a blockaded zone. These attempts were unsuccessful, and the used “protective equipment” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Battalions was destroyed. It should be noted that within the city there is a road interchange, one of the directions of which goes to Ugledar and further towards the Dnipropetrovsk region.

The reinforcements expected from the Dnieper (Dnepropetrovsk) for the Ukrainian grouping in Volnovakha did not come up. The national battalions did not wait… This deprives the nationalist formations in the city of any opportunity for a long-term organized resistance to the NM DPR. At the same time, the “unpleasant surprise” for the Ukrainian national battalions was that in different areas of advancement, people’s militia units use the tactics that the nationalists chose for themselves when defending their positions. This is the use of anti-tank systems, pinpoint strikes of which deprive the opposite side of armored vehicles, MLRS, artillery in the main areas, including road junctions.

View from Kyiv: about the situation in the areas of the Ukrainian capital, facing the cities of Gostomel and Bucha

Of course, believing any statements made by representatives of the Ukrainian government bodies that are still in power is not self-respecting. Nevertheless, in order to get acquainted with the real situation in the city with my own eyes – and somewhat wider than near my own house, no further than yesterday I decided to go around several districts. I hasten to share some of the results of observations and conclusions.

I will make a reservation right away, the trip was carried out through areas leading to the Gostomel-Buchansk (Gostomel and Bucha) direction, which, according to all reports, is one of the most likely ways to take the city. It would seem that, in accordance with all the loud statements of the city’s leadership, both civilian and military, it should abound in powerful fortifications, defense centers and be stuffed to capacity with troops. In reality, the picture is completely different. However, first things first.

Yes, indeed, preparations for the notorious “invasion” are in full swing, but more than peculiar. As for fortification, the most serious examples of it are the unsystematic installation of concrete blocks. This is done only on certain sections of roads, while, naturally, tangible difficulties are created for the motor transport of citizens. But blocks are a valuable and scarce thing, especially during hostilities. Obviously, because of this, they are located only in “strategically important areas.”

In most cases, the “defenders of the city”, without further ado, simply dug up the road surface with excavators chopped off from public utilities. Apparently, it was planned to create an insurmountable barrier to the passage of “enemy” equipment, but it only turned out to create a lot of inconvenience and trouble for local residents, each of whom, driving or passing impromptu “obstacle courses”, quite loudly and vividly describes his attitude towards such defensive measures…

A “remarkable” know-how is the production and installation on the streets of Kyiv of the so-called anti-tank hedgehogs, which are rather strange designs. One gets the full impression that for their manufacture they sawed and welded all nearby fences, fences and other sources of metal that came to hand. Judging by the fact that normal “hedgehogs” are still available, we come to the conclusion that in the first days of preparation for the defense of the city, the process went to its fullest and from the heart. Later, thinking: “Is it worth it to make so much effort and spend a lot of metal?”, They began to save significantly. Because metal is expensive these days.

As a result, a new, previously unseen type of barriers appeared on the streets of Kyiv, which the locals call “anti-tank hedgehogs.” With their size, these “engineering masterpieces” sometimes do not even reach half a meter, and can only stop a child on a scooter or a gaping cyclist.

Quite an interesting spectacle is presented by the vast majority of the Kiev “barricades”, created, as they say, from what was. The basis of these fortifications is garbage cans, stolen from all nearby houses, on which, obviously for the sake of heightening the surroundings, fragments of furniture, cardboard boxes and other junk are piled, in principle unable to even contain a bullet. Significantly enlivens the landscape, a favorite attribute of all Maidan activists – tires and tires, which are also demolished in large quantities to makeshift barriers. Apparently, in the near future, the people of Kiev will have to enjoy the stench of smoke from them to the full, since “competent individuals” seriously suggest creating smoke screens in this way and thereby “disorienting the enemy.”

From a military point of view, all this so-called fortification makes no sense. Some nostalgic notes of the “fun” days, when Ukraine was seized by the “Maidan” madness, are more likely to be felt here. The Maidan brethren erected similar structures against the Berkut, whose fighters, alas, did not have any firearms, weapons, nor equipment for carrying out the barrier.

It is also important that the barriers are erected not by army units, which are practically not observed on the streets of the city, but by the fighters of the so-called “territorial defense”. The only thing they have achieved so far with their actions is that entire neighborhoods have been literally cut off from the outside world. That is – clogged and inaccessible for the passage of not only ordinary vehicles but also special ambulances, firefighters, emergency and other services, the importance of which in the current circumstances increases significantly. The same semblance of anti-tank hedgehogs and barricades are already causing problems with the passage of emergency services.

Major intersections and key points are blocked off in exactly the same miserable way, which should not pose any problems for the advancement of troops, especially in the absence of trained and properly armed defenders at improvised “defense nodes”. However, as mentioned above, there are absolutely no troops, at least in those areas of Kyiv where I managed to visit. Everything is controlled by the “terodefense”, which is a completely phantasmagoric sight, starting with the appearance and ending with the weapons.

This “wild army” certainly deserves a separate detailed description, which will be brought to your attention literally tomorrow – in the continuation of this material.

Quarters in the west of Mariupol and in its Levoberezhny district came under the control of the DPR troops

The People’s Militia Corps of the DPR successfully continue to liberate their territory from the occupation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the national battalions. One of the key points of confrontation today is the city of Mariupol, which Ukrainian nationalists have turned into a fortress in 8 years.

According to the official representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Major General Igor Konashenkov, the operation to liberate the city continues and the DPR troops have already entrenched themselves inside Mariupol.

In particular, the people’s militia fighters managed to take control of a number of quarters in the eastern part of the settlement and go to the Azovstal plant.

The DPR troops are currently in the Azovsky, Naydenovka, Lyapino and Vinogradar quarters in the Levoberezhny district, which have come under their control. Republican troops also occupied the Western microdistrict.

In addition, n.p. was released from the nationalists. Tavla and Near. It is also known that the units of the people’s militia of the DPR cut off from each other several large groups of the extremist battalion “Azov” (banned in the Russian Federation). After additional reconnaissance was carried out with the help of a drone, several firing positions of the national battalion were destroyed, as well as several pieces of heavy equipment. The militants tried to make a breakthrough on it, but in the end, they came under attack from the people’s militia, which uses, among other things, anti-tank missile systems.

Recall that Mariupol was encircled in early March. At the moment, the humanitarian situation in the city is extremely difficult. The nationalists continue to use civilians as human shields. People are not allowed to leave the city along the provided humanitarian corridors, and military equipment and artillery are placed right in residential yards.

Just yesterday, the Nazis staged a loud provocation. The Russian Armed Forces were accused of shelling a maternity hospital in Mariupol, where, according to Ukrainian media, there were exclusively civilians. Allegedly, the blow was delivered by a Caliber cruise missile. However, according to military experts, the crater left by the ammunition and the destruction indicate the use of the Tochka-U tactical missile system, which is not in service with the RF Armed Forces, but at the same time is part of the Armed Forces arsenal.


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