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[ Editor’s Note: When we first published this Donetsk capital cluster bomb missile strike, I was suspicious then that someone in the missile command had lost a relative somewhere and wanted to hit back.

I would have lost a bet that the top commander made the call, and was not known to Mr.  Zelensky who was busy chasing Western support to save his bacon. So General Pavlyuk got his butt fried which is still a better deal that the Donetsk pensioners getting blown up while shopping, bleeding out on the streets.

The video of the pool of blood on the street at the bottom of the steps of one of the buses is going to stay with me for a while.

Stories are coming out now of what might become a trend, where retreating Ukies from these villages and towns are blowing up the electric, gas, and water utilities in spite as they retreat.

The Volnovakha remaining hospital staff had wisely retreated to the basement when the tank shells came in above them from the withdrawing Ukies saying goodbye. A baby was being born at the time. Thus went another day of Ukraine devouring itself… Jim W. Dean ]

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First published … March 15, 2022

On 15 March, there were serious staff reshuffles in the command of Ukraine’s Joint Forces Operation (JFO). Due to the defeat of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Donbas, Zelenskyy dismissed commander Pavlyuk and appointed his deputy, General Moskalyov, to this post.

It can be assumed that the Ukrainian leadership lost confidence in him due to General Pavlyuk’s complete inability to manage the AFU defense, as well as the loss of Volnovakha and the blockade of Ukrainian troops in Mariupol.

However, the decisive factor for Pavlyuk’s removal was his unauthorized use of a commander Pavlyuk system with a cluster-type warhead on the city center of Donetsk, which killed 21 civilians and wounded 37.

This was a strong rehearsal for Ukraine’s political leadership, which was particularly sensitive against the backdrop of Kiev’s increasing need for external financial and military assistance from the West.


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  1. One of these fine days it may but probably won’t occur to media and politicians in the West that Ukraine was once the gem in the Soviet Crown with its light and heavy engineering industries ranging from Coal-mining to Ship-building and Space Exploration to Fighter Jets and the crafting of advanced Military equipment with which the Soviet Armies were equipped throughout the 60′, 70’s and 80’s, all of which was in addition to Ukraine being the bread-basket of Europe and producer of dairy produce sufficient to feed Ukraine and Russia while also exporting enough to earn vast amounts of foreign currencies. But what hapened to it all? Whatever happened to Ukraine’s advanced education system that graduated thousands of scientists every year?
    The truth is Ukraine was ransacked by homegrown Oligarchs, many of whom pay homage to a little territory on the eastern shores of the Mediteranean while the debt-free Ukrainian State sold off its Crown Jewels for theri benefit and for the benefit of American Oligarchs and their Wall Street Funds so that now, there is nothing left in Ukraine while the State has saddled itself with enormous debt over recent years, specifically, ever since 2008 and on the promise of NATO & EU.
    This ransacking of Ukraine’s Economy will benefit the new Ukraine insofar as all that was sold under the Junta of recent years will now be nationalized and brought back under State ownership for the benefit of the people of Ukraine who deserve far better.

    • WoW! I thought those Jews only did it to Russia – I had no idea that Ukraine was also a victim…. 🙁

  2. Ukraine is a third world country being “governed” by an ass clown media creation. If this was a country in East Africa, the Middle East or another shit hole, no one in America would care. But, they are white Europeans who serve as a nightmare image of “it could be us” for the US proletariat class. In our big world of 7.5 billion humans, this country is statistically insignificant. It is bad karma for some people there that they are subjected to a Mafia style terrorism from their own government. I think they know that but can’t deal with it. The refugees are in shock but all aren’t cursing Russia. Why?

  3. Patrick Lancaster moved his family out after that strike. He is remaining to report. Thanks to VT for pointing out his work.

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