Forgotten History Damns World to More Nazi Tyranny, This time from Washington


by Dr. Nabil Toumeh, Member of the Syrian Parliament for VT Damascus

Today, Europe is practicing as if it has no power and fear and terror from the Russian bear. It is similar to the case of Hitler’s days before World War II, and we are witnessing it throwing forcefully into the American incubator.

This scene reminded me of how Hitler carried the banner of German fascist colonialism, and the Nazis took power in his hand.  Those who rejoiced at the time, “Chamberlain” the British Prime Minister and “Dladier” the Prime Minister of France and their supporters and those who turned to understand, because they saw in Hitlerism an impenetrable barrier against Bolshevism, and they heard the Nazis’ cries to extract Ukraine from the Soviet Union.

Their short-sightedness kept them from seeing the next Nazi war on their country, so they cheered and glorified Hitler, as they now cheer Biden and pledge allegiance to him, including what Lloyd George wrote in the London Times newspaper issued on September 22, 1933 AD, when he says:

“If countries succeed in eradicating Nazism in Germany, what will be after him? There will be no conservative, socialist, or free government, but an extremist communist government.”

Certainly, this cannot be the goal that these countries aim to achieve. There is no doubt that the attitudes in Europe have completely changed, and the situation in the Far East has also changed as a result. The Japanese who were in “the war of intervention,” the last of those who fled from the Soviet lands, found in Germany the ally they sought.

Thus, the Japanese considered aiding Germany by forcing the Soviet Union into fighting on two fronts, so border incidents between the Japanese and Soviet factions continued, and the period of aggression began.

It became increasingly absurd for the Soviet government to adhere to the policy of a period gone by.  These policies expired and were replaced by a policy of individual non-aggression pacts, with a policy of collective resistance in which the threatening states are organized, because peace is indivisible. The Office of the Communist International called for the “Popular Front to Combat Fascism and Maintain Peace” and the Soviet Union joined the League of Nations in September 1934, and became the center of gravity in the world of politics.

The policy of England, and the policy of France accordingly, was based on surrendering to the aggressors, handing over Czechoslovakia to Germany, handing over Palestine to Zionism, handing over the Syrian Alexandretta to Turkey, and handing over the reins of their country to the leadership of the new world, America, the leader of capitalism and the so-called democracy, and their dependence on it more than on their economic powers. Military and social, to come after the Munich Conference.

Germany, Italy, France, and Britain held a quadripartite conference in Munich, ignoring the Soviet Union’s invitation to it, to thwart the policy of cooperation between it and the Western countries.

Czechoslovakia, with its Bohemian mountains, quality fortifications, and armament was an impenetrable fence that prevented Germany from advancing towards the Russian-Soviet East. The German army received the great line of fortifications built in the image of the Maginot Line in France, the latest theory of military defense, and through it they learned all the secrets of the Maginot line.

September 29, 1938, in history, is a shameful memory of the most terrible betrayal of the French people committed by a republican government towards it and towards peace.
France fell into disgrace and complacency, as its foreign minister, Bonn, showed France’s willingness to abandon Germany’s influence in Eastern Europe, while Britain was still in its slumber, happy with its rule, and that “Hitler” wanted nothing more than to return the rest of the “people of the people.

“Gentlemen” to the arms of his country, dominated by its comfortable belief that “peace prevails in our time” was a reality in the minds of the cowardly and complacent. Thus, the Soviet Union found itself in the fall of 1938 without allies, and the danger looming over it.

Munich stirred the appetite of Nazi Germany, until new countries rose one after the other, to be settled through the hand of Hitler’s Reich.

Nazi Germany, based on events in Munich sought a second and third round of Western retreats, so it started raising its voice loudly, demanding its colonies, and began to talk about Ukraine, and is making activity among the Ukrainians who immigrated to Berlin in order to annex it, as NATO does today and its desire to bring Russia to its knees to devote itself permanently to China.

What is like today is yesterday, it is enough to look into the past to see what is happening today, and we know the goal. America wants to subject the entire world to its will, and that it is the only pole and the only superpower, and whoever competes with it is awaiting economic, political, and even military destruction.

The success of Russia today brings us back to the success of the Soviet Union. In World War II and his seizure of the second polarity, and this is what Russia should be, and it will lead to in its global war with NATO, otherwise the Western project will go to China and achieve its goal.

Syrian member of parliament

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  1. Continued: The word count limit disrupted my train of thought and I left out that Colonel House’s Creature was Woodrow Wilson of course.
    Also, that the documents and decimal files Antony Sutton was able to find in the Hoover Library at Stanford University where he was a professor. No one ever though someone would snoop around there and do research. These were State Department decimal files, and of course, many before the C Eye A even existed.

  2. Continued: The USSR did not a lot of indigenous innovations, and this went on well into the Vietnam War era and 1980s, when they had already started becoming more self sufficient. Igor Sikorsky had made the world’s first 4 engined airplane, but left for the US in 1919.
    It gets more difficult to understand the hidden tug of war from the late 70s onwards as the Soviet industry and industry gained more independence.
    By 1989, the trains carrying solid rocket weapons with nuclear warheads program had been perfected, as the beginning of the collapse approached in 1989-1991.
    I am now watching “Ukraine, The Everlasting Present” documentary on vimeo, there’s a lot to learn from that period onwards-

  3. From what I’ve read in Douglas Reed’s 1956 book, England, US and infiltrated “revolutionary” Russia, by 1917 and the beginning of the USSR, were all dominated by the termite Zionists. In the US it started with the creature remotely controlled and delivered by Colonel House. The real power in England was Alfred Milner, the Inner Circle, and the re-financing and industrialization of Germany, which started in 1924, was going according to plan. As WWII approached, the different groups in England started diverging after the Naval agreement in 1935. And the Soviet Union made attempts to infiltrate and take over Spain right around then.
    Mussolini started growing some wings and disobey, that was also part of the out of control results of what was envisioned and who was to get what. According to Carrol Quigley’s book, the brits said Czechoslovakia, Austria and Poland were marked for liquidation, and that Germany could have them if it could be done without starting a war.
    In his first Trilogy, “Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development”, Antony Sutton shows which corporations and cartels were already making their way into the USSR(General Electric, Standard Oil, Caterpillar, International Harvester, Westinghouse and its British subsidiary Metropolitan-Vickers, Ford, all the factories like Douglas, the coal mining equipment(US made) a very long list of the industrialization process with help and profiting from the West. Mining, metallurgy, agriculture, everything.

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