Ian Greenhalgh: Ukrainian Naziism Under its Curiously Jewish Oligarch

Illustration 5: Ukraine in the 21st Century - hired killers from Lvov proudly display their Nazi heritage

By Ian Greenhalgh, Editor Emeritus

In order to gain some understanding of the current situation in Ukraine, the thing to do is to study the leading Ukrainian oligarchs, starting with Ihor Kolomoisky, also some of the Russian ones like Mikhail Fridman.

They are all Jewish, all have Israeli citizenship as well as Ukrainian/Russian citizenship.

It’s quite simple, it’s all about money – Ukraine was by far the richest and most industrialised of the Soviet republics, it had some world-class industries like the massive Kharkov railway works, the Antonov aircraft plant outside Kiev, the iron ore and aluminium smelters of Donbas, the agriculture of the southern grain belt, to name just a few.

Now Ukraine is the 2nd largest country in Europe (after Russia) but the 2nd poorest (after Moldova) and all the industries are gone, assets stripped and bankrupted by the oligarchs, Ukraine has seen it’s GDP remain stagnant for 2 decades, unemployment is endemic – millions have moved abroad to work, little has been built or refurbished since the USSR fell, it is a country moving backwards in most ways, robbed blind by a handful of Jewish oligarchs.

As for the Nazi thing, that Putin talks about but the West downplays or flat out rejects, well, the original Nazis were also the creation of Jewish high finance, but that’s another and rather a long story. In short, these far-right groups, be they German, Ukrainian or American, are always created in order to create internal unrest within a nation and allow the monied elite to concentrate the wealth in their hands.

Do not forget, Mussolini defined fascism as the dictatorship of the corporations and that is exactly what has happened in Ukraine and the US – the monied elite that owns the corporations run the country and the politicians are little more than a rotating cast of actors to keep the public looking the wrong way. Trump is a prime example, but compared to Hitler or even Mussolini and Franco, he is a piss-poor actor and an excretable public speaker, the fact he succeeded in becoming POTUS says much about the lack of discernment among the portion of the US populace that supported him.

Illustration 2: Alfredo Stroessner – Paraguayan Dictator and Hitler Wannabee

The Nazis in Germany, in modern-day Ukraine and the US and everywhere else, were and are, the creation of the Jewish monied elite. Even Stroessner in Paraguay, Peron in Argentina and Pinochet in Chile, the third-rate Hitler wannabes, were their creations.

The rise of Hitler and the Nazis, for instance, there were dozens of political parties in Germany in the 1920s, many of them regional, the Nazis were one of the smaller ones, confined to the southern region of Bavaria.

Then, overnight, the Nazis become a very large and nationwide political movement – the Jewish financiers pumped in a huge volume of cash in order to make this happen. The money came from Wall St, funnelled via the Kuhn, Loeb & Co Bank in Berlin & a handful of leading industrialists such as Fritz Thyssen.

Hitler wasn’t a good public speaker or a charismatic character until after he was released from Landsberg prison, then he took acting lessons and was taught how to deliver a speech to a crowd in a formulaic way that would whip them into a frenzy – the start off slowly, speak in a conversational, laid back, low-key way, then slowly build the tempo and the veracity until finally, you are rolling your eyes back in your skull while clenching your fists and spitting drool in all directions as you scream at the top of your voice. It worked brilliantly, but it was 100% a manufactured persona that Hitler was trained to portray – he spent many long hours in front of a full-length mirror perfecting his postures and fist-pumping gestures, he practised his speeches endlessly, speeches written for him by a team of the best scriptwriters.

Illustration 3: 1925 – Hitler practising his speeches in front of a mirror

The same thing happened in Ukraine in recent decades, the money comes from the highest levels of international Jewish finance and was funnelled to the Ukrainian far-right politicians via a handful of leading oligarchs such as Ihor Kolomoisky.

After the learning experience the world had with Hitler, you can no longer put the rabid sociopaths in the public position of power, you have to hide them behind some more respectable faces, which is what Zelenskiy is and what Poroshenko was before him.

Zelensky the Actor/comedian was handpicked by Kolomoisky to be president, a total puppet, he is playing a role and is doing it well due to his acting skills.

Every Ukrainian president and prime minister since 2004 when they had the first colour revolution, apart from the pro-Moscow Yanukovich, has been hand-picked by the oligarchs.

Zelensky already had the acting skills, being a career actor, so all they had to do was give him the scripts and some directions. His act is rather less dramatic and demonstrative than Hitler’s, but it is no less an act and sadly, it is fooling people throughout the Western world who are hailing him as a hero for standing up to the big bad, evil Russian bear. It makes me sick…

Illustration 4: Odessa, 2nd May 2014, Ukrainian Nazis burn the union building and the pro-Russian protesters trapped inside

Kolomoisky and a handful of other oligarchs are responsible for creating and funding the armed Nazi gangs that are supposedly volunteers defending Ukraine from the invading Russian hordes since the mythical invasion of 2014 but have actually been responsible for the murders of at least 14,000 Ukrainian civilians, of massacres such as the bestial attack on the pro-Yanukovich protesters in Odessa that saw pregnant women raped and murdered while others were burned to death. They have been constantly shelling the people of the Donbas for the last 8 years while the world’s media pretend they don’t exist or if they even acknowledge their existence, paint them as heroic crusaders holding back the tide of evil Russian imperialism. It really makes me very sick indeed…

They have names like the Azov and Dnipro battalions and they are manned by the worst criminals, thugs, sociopaths, psychopaths, rapists and murderers money can buy, the scum of not just Europe, but the Americas, the Middle East, Africa & Asia – they come from all over the globe to supposedly fight a crusade against the evil Russians but in reality, they are nothing more than the muscle for the oligarchs and the instrument of violence and death they use to achieve their nefarious agenda.

Illustration 5: Ukraine in the 21st Century – hired killers from Lvov proudly display their Nazi heritage

Study the infamous Kaminski and Dirlewanger Brigades from WW2, you will see a lot of parallels to the modern-day oligarch mercenary units like the Azov and Dnipro battalions

These people are not ideological warriors, they are just criminals, sociopaths and psychopaths hiding behind an ideology in order to commit the worst crimes such as murder and rape.

So it is a moot point whether they are Nazi or not, the ideology is just a charade. In reality, they are the muscle for the crime bosses who have asset stripped Ukraine and have designs on doing the same to Russia, if only it wasn’t for that pesky Putin standing in their way…


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  1. The “ZI” in NA”ZI” represents “ZI”onism. Hitlers’s National Socialist party (NA) merged with the ZIONISTS in 1923 to strengthen their political power and influence. The Jewish reformers were driven by the Rothschilds who created Israel as a Jewish homeland in violation of Jewish law that says the Messiah must come to power before a Jewish homeland can exist. So ZIONism and NAZIsm are interchangeable terms. — See Eustace Mullins – “Secrets of The Federal Reserve” and fast forward to minute 47:30 for the full explanation

  2. I like your pointing at the paradox of a jewish leader of a naziist movement.
    Let me add shortly a few remarks about it.
    First of all some historians support the theory that Hitler was of Jewish lineage.
    Now I don’t want to fuel excessive controversy, and I am well aware of how controversial is such subject (!) so I will not insist on it, but I think it was necessary at least to remind such theory .
    Then I want to emphasize a personal remark of mine. I am a formalist. What essentially qualifies a concept such as an ideology or else is not the content but its form.
    The content of historical naziism was the fusion of nationalism, socialism, pan-Germanism and anti-Semitism.
    But to qualify naziisms weren’t such contents but its form: a particular one with nationalism as a fundamental ingredient.
    The form of the denial of liberal guarantees of the rule of law implemented through means of paramilitary violence.
    So no surprise (unfortunately and very sadly I must add) if a Jewish leader may lead naziist militias nationalist pan-Ukrainan and anti-Russian.
    Anti-Semitism isn’t a fundamental ingredient of naziism as a Fuhrer must not be necessarily not Jewish.
    You could imagine also a Zionist naziism…

    • I still remember the Three Stooges skit where they point to a picture of Hitler and exclaim; “Shicklegruber!”
      “They” should have known.

    • Zionist Jews were assigned to run the work camps to punish the orthodox Jews who opposed Zionism. See Eustace Mullins – “Secrets of The Federal Reserve” and fast forward to minute 47:30 for the full explanation.

  3. Ian. The problem here isn’t Zelensky. It’s Uncle Joe Biden. Without his worldwide pressure on other nations and lending the name of POTUS and an open checkbook to this charade, the young ass clown would be doing a nightclub act in Miami. Am I missing something here? It would have been interesting to see what the Orange Blob would have done with this mess. Or maybe the plan was to wait until he was out of the way. It’s all Hollywood but unfortunately the chump ticket holders will pay the highest price.

  4. Thanks Ian Greenhalgh
    Your article should be required reading in every high school and university in the world…
    but unfortunately i have to admit that this world has long been lost to the jews and the discovery of the use of the word holocaust was the last dagger that took our last breath

  5. A very good explanation. You could substitute “the western media onslaught against Russia” for “the Nazis” in “Then, overnight, the Nazis become a very large and nationwide political movement – the Jewish financiers pumped in a huge volume of cash in order to make this happen”, and it would seem just as true.

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