Poland wants to divide Ukraine


by Peter Haisenko

Anderweltonline.com – It is noticeable that the Polish plan pretty much follows the distribution of the different languages that are spoken by the majority there. Now I want to point out that this Polish position is not a pipe dream. The former deputy of the Ukrainian Parliament Verkhovna Rada, Ilya Kiwa, posted on Telegram a presumed map of the Ukrainian partition, which was shown on the Polish TV channel TVP1. Kiwa stressed that this shows the willingness of the West to change the borders of the former Soviet republic.

In the published picture, the Ukrainian regions of Lvov, Ivano-Frankovsk, Volynia, Rovnensk and Ternopol are shown as part of Poland. The territory of Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson, Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk and Kharkov regions as well as Donbass republics are marked as belonging to the Russian Federation. Romania has Chernovitsky region on the map, while Hungary has Zakarpatye. According to Polish television, only the central and northern regions of the country will remain part of independent Ukraine.

So the basic idea from Poland could really be a way to bring lasting peace to this region.

What cannot work, however, is Poland’s claim to western Ukraine. It is precisely there that Ukrainian nationalists live, who have harbored a deep hatred of anything Polish for 100 years. Not without reason. They have never forgotten what Warsaw did to their compatriots during the great wars. On the other hand, the Poles have also not forgotten that these Ukrainian nationalists quickly massacred 60,000 Poles in 1945. So I can only laugh when people talk about Ukrainian-Polish friendship today. There is no such thing and there never was.

Poland’s grip on Western Ukraine cannot work.

How far the irrational hatred of the Ukrainian nationalists for everything Polish went, my father had to experience himself in 1944. As he tells in his autobiographical novel “Der Weg vom Don zur Isar” in volume two, they wanted to shoot him just because he could speak Polish and had a Polish friend. He was fleeing from the advancing Red Army together with his Ukrainian friends when they were attacked by Polish partisans. The Poles would have murdered them if my father had not been there and the leader of the Poles recognized him as the man who had helped him escape from Soviet forced labor years earlier. Despite the fact that he had saved everyone’s life, the hatred for everything Polish was so great that my father could only escape death by fleeing. You can order the two volumes “Der Weg vom Don Zur Isar” directly from the publisher.

Poland’s grip on Western Ukraine cannot work. But the Polish big-man addiction does not stop here. Already voices can be heard in Warsaw staking claim to East Prussia/Königsberg. But that belongs to Russia and how that should work must remain incomprehensible outside Polish dreams. On the other hand, the Polish assessment of the situation is realistic. The Ukrainian army will soon collapse and then the big haggling will begin, and Poland wants to get a piece of the pie. Just as it had already annexed parts of Czechoslovakia after Hitler’s invasion. Read the works of Reinhard Leube in the AnderweltVerlag.

National borders must respect ethnic realities

With the end of the First World War, England simply redrew borders, first in Europe and the Middle East, and later in other parts of the world. Subsequently, it was enforced that these borders must henceforth be inviolable. However, England set these borders without regard to ethnic groups and thus ensured perpetual conflicts. Just think of the Arab-Turkish region or the Kashmir conflict. Nowhere has lasting peace been achieved – for 100 years. Although England had referendums held, they simply ignored results if they didn’t fit their concept. Let’s not forget, as early as 1853, the gentlemen in London wanted to conquer Crimea in order to hem in Russia’s southern flank. No wonder, then, that today they condemn the return of Crimea to Russia.

National borders can bring peaceful continuity only if they respect ethnic realities. If they do not, these states will always remain powder kegs. It is the megalomania of psychopathic politicians who want to create ever-larger spheres of power. They do so without regard for evolved ethnic structures, but also under geopolitical auspices. In the regions to which this applies, lasting peace has never been achieved. In this sense, the world must wake up and realize that it is inevitable to redraw nonsensical borders to the best of our knowledge and ability. To this end, referendums must be held that respect the right of self-determination of the people concerned. Just as took place in the Crimea.

Crimea in particular is the best example of how this can work. Since Crimea broke away from Ukraine, it is the only region within Ukraine’s former borders where people are finally doing better. Much better than before. With this experience, a reasonable division of Ukraine’s territory should be viewed positively. The fact that the status quo does not work is proven by the fact that the economy and human rights in this artificial entity have only gone downhill for 30 years. That is until the civil war in the east of the country.

The USA and England have been keeping trouble spots on the boil for 100 years.

No one in their right mind can assume that the people of eastern Ukraine will ever again submit to terror from Kiev. After eight years of shelling and 14,000 dead. If one looks at the election results of the last decades, in addition, the fundamental division between western and eastern Ukraine cannot be overlooked. It essentially follows the language borders and also shows how sensible the plans from Poland are. The Polish map of the division pretty much follows the diametrically opposed election results. Thus, it can be assumed that referendums to reshape the political landscape in the territory of what is now Ukraine will be roughly in line with the Polish assessment. Only the plan to annex the territories in the west around Lviv to Poland will not find a majority. The mutual hatred is too great.

Source: Anderweltonline.com


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