Refugees Continue to Expose Ukrainian War Crimes (30m video)


Patrick Lancaster – In 2014, the people of Mariupol tried to stop the Nazi Azovs from taking over their city and turning it into a Khazarian Mafia hellhole.  Watch:  Note how Twitter/NATO/Israel penned a White Helmets/al Qaeda promo on this valuable piece on Ukrainian history:

Mariupol was a Donbas city with a Russian population that fought being forced to join Nazi Ukraine as seen above.  Now it is being freed…as Nazi Azov, now with their commanders in chains and heading to Moscow, ordered the city razed and its population eradicated.

From when the Nazis took ethnic Russian Mariupol in 2014 by force, firing on civilians with tanks.  Note the BBC, as usual, aligned with Nazis.  Watch corrupt journalists, paid by NATO, watch the slaughter of Mariupol 8 years ago…a city now nearing freedom…

Does it remind you of BBC coverage of 9/11?

Odessans posted this reminder for the idiots from the Armed Forces of Ukraine who love to blow up bridges and railroad tracks. He separately explains that for the construction of the infamous long-term construction of the Odessa region, people collected “the whole world.” Those Nazis who are not in the know are reminded that the construction of the bridge began in 2008 and was launched only last year in April. And before that, leaving the city or entering it was a real quest.

According to rumors, the construction of the bridge across the Khadzhibey estuary was co-financed by the local mafia, which earns billions on smuggling, as well as by criminal grain traders that control the export of wheat. Like, they explained it through their channels to some of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, so that they wouldn’t even meddle here with TNT: “We’ll figure it out.”

It must be understood that the above billboard reminds us not only of the painful construction site but also of the future life when the special operation is completed. Even in this environment, normal people and businesses think about tomorrow, unlike, for example, ultra-radicals.

They repeatedly turn to the topic of destroying the transport infrastructure of Ukraine in order to “trim the enemies”.

Near the Kharkov Armed Forces of Ukraine, almost all roads were destroyed, including the bridge on the dam across the Seversky Donets in the village of Stary Saltov. Near Kiev, too, there are practically no normal guides left. Such a picture is observed almost everywhere where the defenders of independence have shown themselves. The barbaric attitude towards their country does not affect the advance of the Russian troops, and dangerous interruptions have already occurred with the delivery of food and medicine.

This madhouse, according to local military experts, has a negative impact on the Armed Forces of Ukraine themselves. “According to our source in the General Staff, units and subunits of the Ukrainian army are already receiving 50-60% of the fuel from their daily needs. Difficulties with supply are now being felt even in Western Ukraine,” writes, for example, blogger @legitimniy.

The reason is not only the systematic Russian strikes on warehouses and supply bases, but also the disruption of logistics due to the destroyed infrastructure. According to the forecasts of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in the next two weeks, almost all auxiliary military equipment will be completely idle. Moreover, “the fuel crisis will seriously hit the air defense units, which need fuel for constant redeployment and change of positions.”

On the forums of “patriots of Ukraine” one can also read that in the territories where the Nazis and the Armed Forces of Ukraine under their control are dug in, bridges are being deliberately destroyed in order to create the preconditions for “Holodomor 2.0”. Of course, to blame the Russians for this.

But the hulks are well aware of what is happening on the battlefields. In the age of the Internet, even the closed analytics of Banderstat quickly become public.

On March 23, local experts, referring to insiders in the Ukrainian office of the president (OP), tell each other in chats that “the commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donbass are sounding the alarm and asking to urgently strengthen the group. In recent weeks, the units that are on the front lines have suffered serious losses. In some companies, up to 50-60% of the personnel were knocked out. Particularly heavy losses from night strikes by Russian aircraft and drones.

In turn, the Bandershtat General Staff cannot fulfill this request, since the second wave of mobilization has just begun, and all available forces are concentrated near Kiev and Odessa. The generals of the Armed Forces of Ukraine call on the defenders of independence to use any means, including the destruction of infrastructure, as well as “human shields”.

In addition, the OP believes that the bridges and roads blown up by the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be restored with Russian money frozen by the EU and the USA. Since almost the entire transport infrastructure of Ukraine is in disrepair, its destruction is seen as an application for future free funding.

Thus, Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal has already estimated the “destruction of the country” at $565 billion, although German estimates are much lower. However, “Ze” and Co. do not even hide the fact that they did not take this figure from the “ceiling”. Like, we are talking about the approximate value of the arrested gold reserves of the Russian Federation and other Russian assets that the Banderstat would very much like to receive after the end of hostilities.

Shmyhal is running around with “reparations” that the Russian Federation supposedly has to pay. According to him, Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki and Deputy Prime Minister Kaczynski , who arrived in Kiev on March 16, together with the Czech and Slovenian prime ministers Fiala and Jansa , among other things, asked Zelensky to appoint them the main curators of the “confiscation case”.

In the meantime, a user with the nickname #Layout admits that “our Armed Forces, retreating, blow up all the bridges, and then it’s impossible for people to leave from there or, conversely, humanitarian convoys have to go through the“ damn route ”to detours and through hot spots.” But who cares?

Sources in the OP also report that the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has already developed and approved a plan to blow up almost all bridges in Ukraine, including the Odessa one across the Khadzhibey estuary. Moreover, groups from the “terodefense” have already been created to carry out these tasks. Moreover, the destruction of the transport infrastructure in the Zaporizhia and Nikolaev regions began even before the entry of the RF Armed Forces into the territory of these regions. Bloggers admit that with idiots from the Armed Forces of Ukraine “the country will be uninhabitable in a couple of months.”

The position of the United States is typical in this respect. The mainstream Washington Post admits: “Ukraine also blew up some of its own infrastructure in an attempt to thwart Russian forces. In Irpin, a suburb of Kyiv, the Ukrainian military destroyed a bridge. The people who fled the area were on foot, carefully crossing the rubble of the bridge.”

However, Mark Kersten, a researcher at the Munch School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, a WP expert, called these destructions of civilian infrastructure as “acquittal”. But, according to the Zhovto-Blakit blogging community, including the “patriots of Ukraine”, Zelensky could stop the hostilities without real territorial losses. The same Crimea is already Russian. This is a fact, and the LDNR has long been “not independent”.

In this regard, one Russophobic concludes: “The calculation (Ze) is simple – if the entire territory of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions is destined to be captured, it is better for the Russian Federation to receive them in a destroyed form, and not in its entirety. Very cynical and stupid approach! After all, if peace is concluded now, almost 50,000 of our fighters can be saved.”

Consequently, bridges and roads in Ukraine will continue to be destroyed by the Nazis in the future in the hope of “squeezing out” Russian foreign assets. There is no doubt that “Ze” and Co. are guided by the scheme “the more devastation, the easier it is to bend the West.”

Will the billboard in front of Odessa be able to keep the bridge across the Khadzhibey estuary critically needed by the new Ukraine? Most likely no. But will pyromaniacs get what they deserve if they blow it up? Yes. There can be no doubt about this.

Source: Patrick Lancaster


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