Hunter Biden and the Mysterious Death Labs of Ukraine

Marija Zakharova in the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs directed accusations against Hunter Biden and his involvement in biolabs in Ukraine. Zakharova has created a real timeline that explains what has happened in Ukraine, providing an indictment against the financial elites and the Pentagon’s leaders.


DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian government funded media

Legacy mainstream media and the Ukrainian narrative

Documents previously deleted from the Internet but recovered by independent US investigative journalists show Hunter Biden’s company Rosemont Seneca funded the construction of secret biolabs in Ukraine.

New Zeeland Telegraph: Here’s a summary of the Ukraine narrative the legacy MSM want you to believe:

  • Russia has engaged in an unjustified and unprovoked war of aggression against a small, innocent neighbour.
  • Spear-heading this ‘outrageous war crime’ is the stereotypical ‘arch-villian’, the ex-KGB agent Russian President, Vladimir Putin.
  • The innocent victim, Ukraine, is a ‘heroic’ underdog, led by the ‘inspirational’ Volodymyr Zelensky.
  • Against all odds, the Ukrainians are standing firm, even inflicting casualties and material damage against its more fancied, bigger opponent.
  • The Russian ‘invasion’ has resulted in a humanitarian crisis, civilian deaths, and the bombing of civilian targets, including hospitals and schools, which amount to war crimes.

The narrative is hogwash. The COVID narrative was hogwash, as was the Syrian, Libyan, Afghanistani, Iraqi one before it. Ask yourself, why would it be any different in the case of Ukraine? If it has been proven the legacy MSM lied about all these major geopolitical events and crises before, how can they be trusted to be telling you the truth about Ukraine, especially when any opposing or dissenting reports are being censored out of existence on the Internet and social media?

There were no ‘howls of protest’ in New Zealand’s legacy MSM when Zelensky bombed ethnic Russian townships every day, or when he approved the creation of military units comprised solely of neo-Nazis. Yes, you read that right – NAZIS – haters of Jews, gays, blacks, Muslims and immigrants. The west is funding, arming and cheerleeding an army comprised in part, by soldiers who worship Adolf Hitler and the SS. Nor did they protest when Zelensky closed down three TV stations that were critical of him, or when he arrested the main opposition leader. Instead, they accuse Putin of such crimes.

Putin has tried since 2014 to reach a peaceful settlement of the Ukraine issue. His attempts have been treated with contempt by NATO and the West. Ukraine, supported from the shadows by the demonic US Deep State apparatus, has never complied with the terms of the Minsk Agreement; an agreement which provided a simple roadmap for the peaceful settlement of the Donbass issue. Instead, Zelensky’s forces have shelled the Donbass for months and committed other attrocities which have seen 14,000 ethnic civilian Russians killed. As Russian diplomat Maria Zakhorova recently said, the body count in Ukraine began back in 2014, and not with the Russian operation. Russia didn’t start this crisis, but it intends to finish it….and from SouthFront:

Written by Piero Messina

Marija Zakharova, the Director of the Information and Press Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, launched from her twitter profile precise accusations against Hunter Biden, the son of the US president, and his involvement in biolabs in Ukraine. Zakharova has created a real timeline that explains what has happened in Ukraine since the fall of the USSR until today. A real indictment against the financial elites and the Pentagon’s leaders.

The reconstruction provided by Lavrov’s spokesperson – which was easy to verify by checking the content on open sources – highlights the role of US agencies and globalist finance in having supported the extremely dangerous research projects of Ukrainian laboratories. Here is the text published by Zacharova.

“We can get a rough idea of the US political elites’ involvement in the military biological activity in Ukraine if we rely on open sources as well as leaked documents. Below is an attempt to reconstruct the chronology of this involvement, though not a comprehensive one. There are many gaps in this truly diabolical plan that are still to be filled.

1991 – the US launches the Nunn-Lugar programme for the former Soviet countries to control/eliminate Soviet weapons of mass destruction including bioweapons. The Pentagon’s Defence Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) was named as the programme’s main executor.

1993 – the Ukraine-US Agreement on the Prevention of Proliferation of WMD is signed.

2005 – an additional protocol is signed to the agreement between the Ukrainian Health Ministry and the DTRA on the prevention of the proliferation of technologies, pathogens and know-how that can be used to develop bioweapons. This is the start of the transfer of the Ukrainian military biological potential into US specialists’ hands.

2000s – large US military-industrial companies are engaged in military biological activity in Ukraine.

2005-2014 – Black & Veatch Special Projects, a DTRA contractor, builds and upgrades 8 biolabs in Ukraine instead of eliminating military biological infrastructure, as was originally claimed. One of the facilities, a biolab in Odessa, has been financed since 2011 for the study of “pathogens that can be used in bioterrorism attacks.”

2007 – US DoD employee Nathan Wolfe founded Global Viral Forecasting Institute (subsequently – Global Viral), a biomedical company. The mission stated in the charter is non-commercial study of transborder infections, including in China.

2009 – Rosemont Seneca Partners is established by former US Secretary of State John Kerry’ stepson Christopher Heinz and incumbent US President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden.

2014 – anti-constitutional coup d’etat in Ukraine.

2014 – Hunter Biden joins the Board of Directors of Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy company.

2014 – Metabiota, a private commercial organisation specialising in the study of pandemic risks is detached from Global Viral. Neil Callahan and John DeLoche, employees of Hunter Biden’s company Rosemont Seneca Partners are appointed to the board of Metabiota. Global Viral and Metabiota begin to get funding from the US Department of Defence.

2014 – Metabiota shows interest in Ukraine and invites Hunter Biden to “assert Ukraine’s cultural & economic independence from Russia”.

2014 – Metabiota and Burisma Holdings begin cooperation on an unnamed “science project in Ukraine”.

2014 – Metabiota, Global Viral and Black & Veatch Special Projects begin full-fledged cooperation within the US DoD programmes.

2014-2016 – Implementation of Metabiota and US DoD contracts, including a $300,000 project in Ukraine.

2016 – US citizen Ulana Nadia Suprun, a descendant of Ukrainian Nazis, is appointed Acting Health Minister of Ukraine. The US DoD and Ukraine’s Health Ministry cooperation programme is greatly expanded.

2016 – an outbreak of swine flu among Ukrainian Defence Ministry personnel guarding a biolab in Kharkov, Ukraine; 20 dead. The incident is hushed up.

2016 – former US Assistant Secretary for Defence

Andrew Weber is appointed head of Metabiota’s global partnerships department.

2016 – EcoHealth Alliance, a Global Viral founder Nathan Wolfe’s structure, is engaged in the study of bat-transmitted coronaviruses at the research centre in a Wuhan laboratory, China.

2016 – the DTRA and Ukraine’s Health Ministry extend the contract after getting approval from the Ukrainian Defence Ministry.

2019 – the COVID-19 mutated bat coronavirus pandemic begins with an outbreak in Wuhan.

February 24, 2022 – launch of the Russian Army’s special operation in Ukraine.

February 24-25, 2022 – rapid elimination of strains in biolabs in Ukraine.

March 8, 2022 – US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland openly acknowledges the existence of cooperation between the US and Ukraine in pathogens”.

Metabiota Connection, Hunter Biden And Biolabs In Ukraine

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To the “Decalogue” of Zakharova some considerations must be added. It is particularly relevant that Rosemont Seneca, an investment fund directed by Hunter Biden, son of the President of the United States, financed (probably with almost 30 million dollars) the US project that involved the construction and management of bio laboratories in Ukraine where viruses and bacteria were being studied for use in the production of biological weapons despite an international convention prohibiting their development and production. invested $ 500,000 in a company, Metabiota, through Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners, they also raised “several million dollars from other investment giants, including Goldman Sachs.”

Metabiota is a U.S. Department of Defense contracting company specializing in research into diseases that can cause pandemics and could be used as biological weapons.


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