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FBI Pushed Twitter to Suppress Hunter Biden Laptop Story, Paid Company...

The intelligence community worked to ensure Twitter would quash The New York Post’s report on Hunter Biden’s laptop. New internal documents released by Twitter show the company received over $3 million from the FBI in the run-up to the 2020 election.

Laptop from Hell (Book Review)

The president cannot extricate his family's moneymaking schemes from America's foreign policy imperatives."

Joe Biden paid his son’s bills for prostitutes

Text messages on the hard drive of Hunter’s laptop purportedly showed conversations with ‘Eva,’ an employee of an “exclusive model agency" named ‘UberGFE’.

Hunter Biden’s computer repairman suing for damages

Mac Isaac came to legally own the laptop after Biden’s son Hunter dropped it off at his store for repairs in April 2019 and never came back.

Today’s Brief: It’s going to be a long hot summer

China for its part, through its insane COVID laws, is doing everything it can to sabotage the global supply chain. Ships are piled up along its coast unable to dock, like congressmen waiting to be invited to the Bohemian Grove.

Ukraine Labs: Bioweapons Can be Used as Tool in US Low-Level...

Sputnik: The Russian Defence Ministry on 14 March announced that it has obtained additional information about the military and biological activities of the US in Ukraine, indicating numerous violations of the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention (BWC).

Testimony: Massive Bioweapons Production Facility Under Steele Plant, Doomsday Race Weapons

by Peter Haisenko Anderweltonline.com - Why is the fighting in Mariupol so dogged? Why did the missile attack on the Kramatorsk train station disappear from...

Proofs: Ukrainian Biowarfare Labs Traced

The lies and complete lack of transparency on the military-operated biolabs invite suspicion and concern.

White House Panic: Moscow Has Hunter Biden’s Alleged Germ Warfare Emails

South Front: The Russian Defense Ministry has a correspondence between Hunter Biden, the son of the President of the United States, with employees of DTRA and Pentagon contractors that is evidence of Hunter's role in providing funding for work with pathogens in Ukraine.

Russia: Biden in Key Role in Bioweapons Factories in ‘Shithole’ Countries...

The Russian Ministry of Defence has unveiled emails showing Hunter Biden’s key role in funding danderous pathogen research in Ukraine.

Hunter Biden and the Mysterious Death Labs of Ukraine

Marija Zakharova of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs provided accusations against Hunter Biden. Zakharova has created a real timeline that explains what has happened in Ukraine, providing an indictment against the financial elites and the Pentagon’s leaders.

Report: Biden Directly Funded by Azov/Zelensky Founder, Israeli Citizen Kolomoysky

The boss of Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden at Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings is Ihor Kolomoysky, who was part of the Ukrainian Government installed by the Obama Administration in 2014, in what the head of the “private CIA” firm Stratfor called “the most blatant coup in history.”

Scholars: US DOD, Big Tech & Big Media Will Try to...

The Russian Ministry of Defence on 24 March presented new evidence that Ukraine was involved in bioweapons research, revealing that President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, funded the Pentagon’s military biological programme in Ukraine via the investment fund Rosemont Seneca.

Russians Report Hunter Biden in Bed with DOD Contractor that probably...

The head of the Russian radiation, chemical and biological defense forces, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, has stated that the Hunter Biden Investment Fund participated in the financing of the Pentagon’s military biological program in Ukraine, which purportedly could be engaged in the development of biological weapons.