VT Was Right: Mariupol Liberated, Russia Parades Captured Nazi’s for Jeering Ukrainian Crowd

Yes...as predicted, and it took a month, Ukrainians are dancing in the streets welcoming Russian liberators


VT: A population freed by Russians they feared and hated only 33 days before…now that they have had their own taste of the Nazi atrocities that NATO unleashed on Donbas and Lugansk.

Watch while Zelensky and Koloimoisky’s Azov Nazis, Mossad trained rapists and torturers are paraded through the streets and jeered by the Ukrainian people the MSM has been telling you about…sort of.

Watch the video below, labeled “sensitive content.” When the same Nazis you see parading were murdering POWs on Twitter, it was just OK.

Those who murdered POWs, who chopped up local women, all getting on busses for Siberia.  But if you love murdering Nazis, then YouTube has a soft place for them as well, based on their partnership with Israel’s IDF.

The city is open, there is no siege anymore and the evacuation is complete except, of course, in the NATO press.

And for a somewhat lighter moment, watch Nazis on the streets of Zelensky’s claimed Kyiv…

Perhaps you are asking yourself why no one stops this.  Then you might well understand why Donbas was shelled for 8 years killing thousands…or the US in Iraq, Afghanistan, and around the world while the American people are silent…

Briefly on Ukraine

March 28, 2022

  1. Mariupol.

The mopping-up continues. There is quite a serious advance in several quarters at once. An AFU Mi-8 helicopter was shot down over the Sea of Azov, which, apparently, was trying to pick someone up from Mariupol before the encircled group was killed.

Obviously, there will not be a blockade of Mariupol. The only question is whether Azovstal will be mopped up in the same way as the city, or the plant will be sacrificed to minimize its own losses. At a meeting between Kadyrov and the commander of the 8th Army, it would take two days to crush Azovstal and 3-4 days to mop up.

2. Ugledar direction.

Fighting in the area of Slavnoe and Novomikhailovka. The grouping in this direction has strengthened in recent days, so within 1-2 days we can expect further advance to the Marinka-Kurakhovo highway.

  1. Fighting in the area of the waste heap. Progress is still quite slow, but the enemy is gradually retreating, having already lost part of the fortified area.
  1. Avdeevka itself – no serious changes. Fighting at Novobakhmutovka and Novoselovka on the approaches to New York.

5. LNG.

Severodonetsk – no serious changes. Lysychansk – similarly.

There are battles with enemy DRGs in the southern districts of Rubizhne. The city itself suffers from constant shelling.

There has been some progress in the area of Popasna and in the city itself, but it is too early to speak of control over it.

  1. Izyum.

The accumulation of forces on the southern bank of the Donets continues and pressure on the AFU positions in the direction of Slavyansk is intensifying. There is also serious fighting north-east of Barvenkovo.

7. Kharkiv.

No significant changes. Fighting to the north and east of the city. Most of the fighting is on the outskirts of Kharkiv. There is less frequent flying into the city itself. There are strikes on the Chuguev grouping of the AFU.

8. Chernihiv-Sumy.

The pressure on Chernihiv is intensifying, the enemy has suffered serious losses in recent days and has completely withdrawn to the city. The Russian administration has not yet been established in Slavutich, the city, like Energodar earlier, has so far only been provided with roadblocks at the entrance. Sumy is unchanged. To the north of Akhtyrka, fighting continues near the town of Trostyanets.

  1. Kiev.

Bucha-Vorzel-Gostomel no change. The AFU state that the RF Armed Forces continue to attempt to move south towards Vasylkiv. Irpen is partially controlled by the RF Armed Forces, partially by the AFU. No one controls part of the city. It itself was badly damaged in the fighting.

10. Nikolaev.

The attack on Kherson was expressed in indiscriminate shelling of Chernobaevka from MLRS and an attempted attack by a mechanized group supported by infantry in the direction of Kherson. In the steppe, the group began to be covered by artillery, and it rolled back to Nikolaev with losses.

In addition, the Russian Armed Forces also made a good pounding on the outskirts of Mykolaiv, destroying several guns and MLRS, where the AFU also had losses, after which they began urgently collecting blood in Mykolaiv. The exact number of casualties in this “offensive” is unknown. Perhaps blogger Kim will tell us about this after he finishes eating kebabs at the resort.


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  1. VT “was wrong”

    This video is clearly shot in the summer months
    The trees are green, the sun is high in the sky and people are wearing t shirts.

    The current weather in mariopol ukraine is 43f

    VT please vet your source

    Please and thank you

  2. It’s good that the idiot with the dildo had his face shown. It will be easier to find him. What awaits him will be far worse than a dildo.

  3. Not since 9/11 has our MSM presented such blatant lies and propaganda and Americans just eat it up. Thank you VT for reporting the truth based on facts and evidence.

  4. This is how the U.S. elite needs to be paraded through the streets of D.C.
    The question would be: will the Americans act like the liberated Ukrainians?

  5. Please Mr. Vladimir Vladimirovic, i know Siberia is a Haarsh place, famous for the suffering of thousands of criminals and politicians sent to there. We know that the envirnment is changing and that the weather is getting warmer arounnd there. I bag you to not send those Nazi´s to Siberia since it going to get polluted with those filth. Hang them instead.

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