The Bio-Weapons Loop, Will Russia Allow the US to Drag it Out?


ALERT:  Sourced from Russian State-Controlled Media

Russian troops were in time at the very last moment. Any further delay would be catastrophic for the entire world. – Everything that the West has done and is doing to prepare for biological warfare is a long-term job. It began long before the collapse of the USSR and blossomed in a riotous color after its collapse in the post-Soviet space. If Russia does not want to become a victim of biological warfare, it is also necessary to deploy defense with a view to the future. In this regard, obviously, one should start with a qualitative examination.

Grigor Grigoryan, leader of the One Health coalition, an international expert on organizing veterinary healthcare, in an interview with our newspaper, appreciated the efforts of the US military in research to create bioweapons, which are being carried out with might and main along the Russian borders.

Corr.: Manifestations took place in Armenia against the US biological laboratories located in the country. What can you say about the activities of these laboratories?

Grigor Grigoryan: Formally, these are not US biological laboratories, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention under the auspices of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia. It’s legal. But de facto, these centers were created on the territory of Armenia on the basis of former anti-plague, sanitary-epidemiological and veterinary stations as part of the biological threat reduction program implemented by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) of the US Department of Defense.

The work of these centers is classified. The Armenian Ministry of Health claims that they are engaged in the prevention and control of diseases. This is the cover. In reality, the centers, according to the information we have, serve as a transit point for collecting and transmitting epidemiological and epizootological information. The network of these centers in Armenia is the US biological intelligence unit in our region, which is informally controlled by the infamous “Lugar Center” located on the territory of Georgia.

In the direct work of our national centers for disease prevention and control, one of the distinguishing features is that they are wary of the assumptions, statements or conclusions of specialists who analyze what they publish. I have personally analyzed the monthly reports that these centers have published over a short period of time.

However, after we began to analyze what they published within the framework of the One Health coalition and discuss with professional experts, and through the media to acquaint the population of Armenia with the results of our analysis, our National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention began to change the formats of their monthly reports, significantly reducing the volume and analytical significance of quantitative and qualitative data published in monthly reports.

And then they completely stopped publishing these reports, which were the only available information about their activities. The leaders of these centers realized that everything they publish is analyzed by qualified experts still available in our country.

The official website of the network of National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention appeared and became available on the Internet in the second half of 2018, and the last monthly report published on this website is dated October 2019. In total, about 20 monthly reports on the situation of infectious diseases and poisoning among the population of Armenia were available on this site.

These centers were engaged in the collection of samples, as well as the prediction of infectious diseases in both humans and animals, mainly zoonotic infections.

But there is definitely a dark side to their activities. Of course, they will never admit it, but we have serious grounds to suspect that these centers, as well as the main infectious diseases hospital “Nork” in Yerevan, were involved in testing combat strains of pathogens of certain zoonotic infections on the population of Armenia. In particular, we are talking about strains of infectious diseases such as tularemia and anthrax.

Corr.: Based on what evidence or evidence do you think so?

Grigor Grigoryan: Based on the nature of the outbreaks of the diseases I mentioned. The occurrence of foci of these diseases and the course of their outbreaks were uncharacteristic for Armenia, especially for those zones in which they were detected.

At the same time, it is worth noting that atypical outbreaks did not at all depend on the presence or absence of the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or other medical institution in Armenia nearby. Our American “partners” are not stupid people, and they are fluent in the art of camouflage and legends of disease outbreaks.

Corr.: How has the activity of bio-laboratories changed since Pashinyan came to power?

Grigor Grigoryan: These laboratories were deployed under the rule of Serzh Sargsyan, they deployed nowhere further under him, and by the time Sargsyan transferred power to Pashinyan, they were already functioning with might and main. That is, in the biological field, Pashinyan simply openly continued the policy that the previous government pursued latently. His provincial cunning and resourcefulness help him in this.

However, unlike the previous government, Pashinyan is not able to skillfully camouflage himself under the so-called pro-Russian vector, although it seems to him that he does it perfectly. So today the leadership of Armenia is openly moving along the “pro-Western vector”.

Corr.: Nevertheless, Armenians, Armenian scientists work in these centers. Do they see or hear anything? What do they think about what is happening in the Armenian healthcare system and, in particular, about its dependence on US interests?

Grigor Grigoryan: The specialists selected to participate in these projects are not just good specialists, they are people who profess Western values ​​and want to live like in Europe or the USA. They may be professionals in their field, but mentally and by the nature of their professional activities within the framework of the US “threat reduction” program, they already pose a threat to the security of the Republic of Armenia. They may not even understand this, and therefore it costs nothing to lead them to betray the interests of the people of Armenia – they simply will not notice it.

The West deliberately cultivated such people not only in the former republics of the USSR but also in Russia itself. We see them at protests against the Russian special operation in Ukraine.

I myself am an expert in this field, and I know perfectly well those who work in our Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They are recruited at various thematic training and conferences, which are most often organized in Georgia due to its geographical location, as well as due to the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Georgia is also a regional center for retraining and advanced training of specialized specialists from the Transcaucasian republics and other CIS countries.

Specialists for work within the framework of the US biological threat reduction program are selected not only on the basis of their professional training but also on the basis of their personal qualities, their willingness to give what is required of them. You see, there is a category of people who believe that everything is done for money, and, as a rule, such people themselves are ready to do anything for money. Of course, the preferences of the recruited people are also taken into account, the presence of close relatives in the US and Europe, who, if necessary, can exert psychological influence, direct blackmail or put before a choice, and so on. All this is carefully analyzed before choosing a specialist, depending on the work that he is entrusted with, to which, so to speak, he is attached – it all matters.

The level of secrecy also depends on the level of involvement of a specialist, on the level of his loyalty and readiness to cross the red line in relation to himself, firstly, and secondly, in relation to how far he can go against his country out of personal ambitions and interests.

Corr.: What do you know about the biological component of the so-called Cooperative Threat Reduction Program or “Nunn-Lugar Program” carried out within the framework of DTRA on the territory of the former Soviet republics? What is the main goal of this program?

Grigor Grigoryan: The design of this program was formalized back in 1994 when the US national security strategy for the new millennium was published. In 1998, this strategy was republished with additions. There, biosecurity was central due to the possibilities of developments and developments in this area.

I note that the US program to reduce biological threats is a military program that is being implemented in territories of interest to the US in terms of containing and undermining the power of geopolitical rivals. This program is currently being implemented in countries of Eastern Europe, the Middle East, West, East, and South Africa, as well as East, Central, South, and Southeast Asia, including at least 6 republics of the former Soviet Union that are not part of the NATO bloc.

I will not go into details about the program in Africa and Southeast Asia, but I will talk about the Soviet Union. The zone of the former Soviet Union is divided into three main squares: this is Eastern Europe, where the main targets are Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova with a vector of influence on the European part. This is Transcaucasia, with a vector of influence primarily on the Islamic Republic of Iran, Turkey, and the Caucasian part of the Russian Federation. Turkey, which is a member of NATO, also participates in this program. The third square is Central Asia with a vector of influence on the “underbelly” of the Russian Federation and on China, which is a geopolitical enemy of the United States.

So, on the territory of the Eastern European part of the former Soviet Union, the main center of biological impact on Russia, Belarus, and Moldova is Ukraine with large laboratories in Kyiv, Lvov, Kharkov, Odessa and Poltava. On the territory of the Western Asian and Transcaucasian parts of the former USSR, is Georgia with its “Lugar center”. In the Central Asian part – Kazakhstan with its Institute of Zoonotic Infections named after Aikimbaev. Here are the main hubs on the territory of the former USSR.

In the European square, in addition to the above-mentioned countries, there are also EU countries. In particular, Poland and the Baltic republics. There are centers of excellence, the so-called NATO Centers of excellence (centers of excellence. – English). They are also directly involved in this program, they work with Ukraine as well. For the former Soviet republics of Transcaucasia and Central Asia, technical and financial assistance under the program is provided mainly by the United States, but also by individual EU countries, such as Germany.

Most of the work is carried out with pathogens of contagious diseases of animals, humans, and zoonotic diseases (diseases common to animals and humans), which are endemic in the territory of the former Soviet republics. Rare exceptions mainly relate to the pathogens of the so-called transboundary animal diseases, which cause maximum economic damage to animal husbandry, undermining the productivity of animals and poultry or causing their mass mortality. These include foot-and-mouth disease, African swine fever, rinderpest, lumpy dermatitis, avian influenza, and so on.

The US Department of Defense DTRA’s primary interest in its biological threat reduction program is zoonotic diseases. In Transcaucasia, the main focus is on tularemia, anthrax and brucellosis, while in the Eastern European part the main objects of interest of the program are the causative agents of Crimean Congo fever, tick-borne encephalitis (Lyme disease), salmonellosis, typhoid, cholera and so on. On the territory of Central Asia, the range of zoonotic disease pathogens, and hence the “opportunities” for the program, is incomparably wider than in the Transcaucasus and Eastern Europe. There is, one might say, a whole “Klondike” of pathogens, and in addition to all the above, exotic infections are also found there, because China is nearby, and China is a storehouse of various infections, including exotic ones.

When I worked in Central Asia, I happened to observe cases of plague among people. The legend, I think, is invented in advance by our American “friends” on the basis of detailed information provided to them by their local, so to speak, “freaks”. For example, the outbreak of the plague was allegedly caused by shepherds who climb pastures in Kyrgyzstan. Say, they spend the whole season on these pastures and traditionally hunt, there are huge fat marmots there, and marmots are plague carriers in the wild. So, the cover story is that the shepherd caught a marmot, fried it, ate it, became infected, and became a source of infection. The same legend was also used in Mongolia.

On the territory of Transcaucasia, the legend of outbreaks of zoonotic infections is difficult due to the cultural and traditional characteristics of food preparation and consumption, and the peculiarities of national cuisine. Therefore, in the territory of Transcaucasia, they infect more openly, including by atherogenic spraying of pathogens such as tularemia and so on. For example, in Georgia, the vaccination of livestock against anthrax was suspended – the incidence among livestock and the population immediately increased sharply. In Armenia, unjustified and impermissible vaccination of livestock against brucellosis with a live vaccine has begun – the same effect.

The coordinating center for pathogen research is the American National Center for Biotechnology Information, which is located in Maryland and works with big data, as they call it, big data. The data obtained is used by the United States to organize social protests as part of the Ember Project (EMBERS. – English). For example, if you need to cause unrest or upheaval in a society, then you enter data into the program about the characteristics of the population, its distribution, the characteristics of the cuisine, pathogens, and the program itself models the infection scenario. As new data is added, the scenario changes and gives a more realistic version of infection with various infections. If you have the required amount of input data, then the same can be done, when you need to arrange a coup d’état – the program can simulate the scenario of a coup d’état and so on. It’s much more functional than you might imagine.

Materials for the briefing of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

30 Ukrainian biological laboratories located in 14 settlements

Corr.: At a briefing by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, they said that Germany, together with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, conducted research on pathogens in biological laboratories: Crimean-Congo fever, meningitis, hantavirus and others, allegedly within the framework of biological security on the external borders of the European Union. What do these studies include, how safe is their conduct for the population of Ukraine, as well as other neighboring countries?

Grigor Grigoryan: You know, judging by the documents published by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, we can conclude that work is underway to identify propagation routes that can be used for various purposes, including biological attacks. From this point of view, the fears of the Russian leadership are quite justified and appropriate. As for the nature of the research that is being carried out there, I cannot comment on them, since I have not seen the technical specifications, apart from, of course, what the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has published.

It can definitely be said that work with pathogens is carried out in the direction of their modification, in order to increase their virulence, contagiousness, and also camouflage under another pathogen. I think that our Russian colleagues have more weighty and direct evidence based on the protocols and documentation that fell into their hands. But they don’t give out all of it yet, so to speak, while “there is still a debate going on.”

I emphasize that these studies being carried out on the territory of Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan are a direct violation of the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, and Stockpiling of Bacteriological and Toxin Weapons and on Their Destruction (BTWC) of 1972. Firstly, this is not a simple diagnosis – work is being done with very dangerous pathogens, and often in laboratories that are not designed for this and do not have the proper level of protection. Secondly, the work is not being carried out by the Department of Health and not in response to some kind of outbreak, they are being carried out with the direct participation of the military and with funding from the US military department. And thirdly, there are good reasons to suspect that the pathogens being studied in these Biolabs are being used to sabotage countries that the United States considers hostile.

I think that there is a risk of using African swine fever in the Caucasus, in order to spread this disease, in particular, to the territory of the Russian Caucasus. In this way, you can hit the food security of the country. I know that cases of African swine fever have already been registered in the Russian Caucasus. There is a possibility that the rinderpest virus can be used against Iran because there is a huge mass of small ruminants there. That is, the full spectrum of these pathogens, which are currently stored and used in various laboratory studies, is all happening to bypass the BTWC.

And the US’s unilateral blocking of a protocol that was proposed to enforce the BTWC clearly shows that the US has no interest in controlling biological research. I can say the same about Israel, which has not joined and does not plan to join the Convention on the Non-Proliferation of Biological Weapons.

Israel is also reportedly involved in the US biological threat reduction program, with Israel leading the way in this area of ​​biological research. One of the main positions belongs to the Israeli Institute for Biological Research Ness Ziona. Pakistan also actively participates in the program, where at least five research institutes are involved in the program.

Plus, DTRA, through the NGO EcoHealth Alliance, has been running a program for several years to collect and study the spread of infections through bats. Unfortunately, it is being implemented in our region. The program is literally called the Western Eurasia Bat Network (WABnet) and involves Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Oman, Pakistan, and Turkey.

This program definitely does not proceed from the security interests of the Republic of Armenia, and also carries certain risks for Russia, given that the Pentagon’s biomedical activities are directed against the geopolitical rivals of the United States: first of all, Russia and, in descending order, China and Iran.

Corr.: It was stated that the collection of biomaterial for the creation of ethnic weapons was carried out. At the same time, in Russia, many experts and biologists say that it is impossible to create such a weapon because of too strong polymorphism among the people. Do you think it is possible to create such a weapon? Are there any examples?

Grigor Grigoryan: What the Russian colleagues are saying is correct. It’s difficult, but… not impossible. Given the far-reaching science in the field of genetic engineering, as well as the latest scientific research that identifies changes in the DNA sequence. Thus, the British conducted research on 78 ancient peoples, including Armenians. They were able to identify a distinctive feature of the Armenian DNA, which makes it possible through genetic engineering to construct pathogens that have a targeted effect on this distinctive feature.

In theoretical terms, this is possible. And this is evidenced by the confinement of certain diseases to certain ethnic groups. For example, in Armenia, it is the so-called Yerevan disease, a Mediterranean fever that affects males and is transmitted through the maternal line. In addition to Armenians, this disease is also found in Israelis, Arabs and some other nations.

There are other examples. For example, Vilyui fever, affects Evenks, Tuvans, and other representatives of the Mongoloid race in Russia, where ethnic Mongoloids live. That is theoretically possible. And I think that the Americans have already achieved some success in this direction. The development of genetic engineering makes it possible to use eye color and skin color as target markers – all of this is being studied very well and is a large field for various experiments, manipulations, and subsequent targeted use of various pathogens. Including viruses, fungi, and so on.

Corr.: It was said that in Ukraine they investigated the migration routes of waterfowl, as well as the diseases of their parasites. This was done so that with their help it was possible to bring agents into the territory of Russia. How do you assess such research and opportunities?

Grigor Grigoryan: You understand, it is very difficult to assert this, because it requires solid evidence, but if the Ministry of Defense talks about it, it means that they exist.

The study of pathogens implies the study of distribution routes, reservoirs among carriers in the wild, and so on. However, the ringing of birds you are talking about and the materials published by the Ministry of Defense indicate that the work is being done with a purpose. They want to identify and identify birds flying over the territory of the Russian Federation. This cannot but arouse suspicion, because if you look at the map of seasonal migrations, you will see that birds migrate not only through the territory of Russia. For example, they can migrate bypassing the territory of the Russian Federation, to the territory of Africa, and so on. For this, certain species of birds are selected that migrate in a certain direction.

You see, biological weapons are dangerous because it is difficult to prove their use – after all, infections circulate in nature among various animals and birds. And in order to prove the use of biological weapons, a tracking system is needed. It is necessary to prove that the pathogen that was transferred to the territory is a laboratory pathogen.

Strains and biovars of infectious agents also occur in the wild. Their isolates sometimes differ from those made in the laboratory by various passages. It is technically possible to do this, but this requires certain capacities, which, for example, Armenia does not have. But I am more than sure that the Russian Federation has such capacities. Precisely on this basis, in one of my last speeches, I publicly turned to my Russian colleagues with a request to help them take control of the currently uncontrolled work of biological laboratories in Armenia.

Pathogens, such as arenaviruses, are used as fillings for biological weapons. I am in one of the films that were shown on NTV – “Virus. Made in the USA,” which warned that arenaviruses such as the Lassa virus were reportedly considered the most likely to be used for military purposes. The next potential candidate is hantaviruses. Hantaviruses can be spread by rodents. Natural reservoirs are rats, mice, and so on. But they can also spread in other ways. Bacteria can also be used. For example, tularemia, the natural reservoir of which are rodents, including synanthropic ones: rats and mice. The carrier in the wild is also rodents, and in urban and rural areas – synanthropic.

In Armenia, in 2017, there was a very dubious outbreak of tularemia, an entire village was infected. Among the rodents, the pathogen was not identified. And I don’t know whether it was due to incompetence or pure coincidence that the head of the network of national centers for disease prevention and control in Armenia, created with the help of DTRA, said that the infection occurred by aerogenic (air) way. The available data on the epidemiology of tularemia indicate that under natural conditions aerogenic contamination is extremely rare, and it was recorded on the territory of Armenia for the first time. When analyzing the totality of available information, we can conclude that in this case, we are talking about testing a combat tularemia serovar.

Tularemia was also used when the Serbs were forced out of Kosovo in 1999-2000.

Corr.: Can the coronavirus be a biological weapon, and what speaks in favor of this version?

Grigor Grigoryan: Since the appearance of the coronavirus, I have expressed my concerns about this. And in particular, the reservoir in the wild has not yet been found, and patient zero has not been found either. It was said that such a patient was identified in China, but then it turned out that this was not the case. It was stated that this particular coronavirus has a natural reservoir – bats, which was also not confirmed. In addition, I do not think that this coronavirus can in principle be attributed to viruses, because it does not behave like a virus in the classical sense. Further, various versions were expressed, in particular, they said that pangolins and even stray dogs could be a natural reservoir. All this indicates that there are still too many blank spots in the history of COVID-19 and they still need to be studied.

The epidemiology of this pathogen, or agent, must be identified. Because there is too much conflicting information. This is probably the first disease that does not have specific criteria. That is, there is no specific description of what a case of infection means. The spectrum of clinical and epidemiological manifestations is so wide that it is almost impossible to determine the characteristic clinical signs or pathognomonic pathomorphological changes. Systemic lesions are different and in wide variation, and this indicates that we are not faced with a natural pathogen. This suggests that certain manipulations with the pathogen were carried out.

Statements by Russian specialists that experiments with the smallpox virus were carried out in Ukrainian laboratories, as well as an intercepted report that said that various manipulations were carried out with the causative agent of the smallpox virus, which made it possible to disguise it as a coronavirus, indicate that the ultimate goal of those who work with these pathogens, not COVID-19 at all. It was only a preparatory phase, a test.

In this regard, I believe that the special operation to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine turned out to be just in time. Russian troops were in time at the very last moment. Further delay would be catastrophic for the whole world, not just for Donetsk, Luhansk, and Russia, as the Americans wanted.

I must say that on the territory of the former Soviet republics, where bio laboratories operate, the United States is conducting its work, but under the “camouflage” of institutes and centers for diagnosing tuberculosis, centers for the fight against AIDS, etc. These institutions are indirectly involved in the ongoing work.

I am convinced that an immediate reaction from the Russian Ministry of Defense, as well as military microbiologists and virologists, does not tolerate any delay.

Corr.: Do you think that modern Russia will be able to respond to the challenge of modern biological warfare?

Grigor Grigoryan: I believe that a comprehensive assessment of the capabilities of both civilian and military infrastructure in the field of biosecurity, including the medical and veterinary sectors, should be carried out.

First of all, it is necessary to create centers for the control of biological safety. Including on the territory of each of the military districts of Russia, as well as on the territories of states allied with Russia, for example, such as Armenia. These centers should train relevant specialists.

These centers in the allied states will have to take control of the national biological security systems that are currently being colonized. And then, relying on this system, to deal with the prevention and neutralization of any attempt at a biological attack, as well as the biological protection of the population.

All biological and virological centers in the post-Soviet republics that cooperate with the United States under the DTRA system are bio intelligence units and can be used for various purposes, including biological attacks.

However, at the moment, the closure of these centers may lead to the collapse of the healthcare system, since, unfortunately, they are the only diagnostic centers in the post-Soviet countries. Therefore, highly qualified assistance from military virologists and microbiologists is needed today in order to promptly and effectively “clear mines” and neutralize even the hypothetical threats that they pose, and put them under joint control. I believe that this is the primacy and imperative for today.

In addition to civilian facilities, such as diagnostic laboratories, infectious diseases hospitals, and so on, there should be military medical centers for collecting and analyzing information, equipped with laboratories of various levels of biological safety. To work with pathogens of the first and second groups at least.

But before proceeding with this work, I think, first, we need to carry out the “clearance” of the territory of the former Soviet republics, as happened in some parts of the territory of Ukraine. This is necessary so that the enemy cannot use these combat biological units to destabilize Russia.

Corr.: How should mine clearance be carried out? How do you imagine this?

Grigor Grigoryan: At the beginning of this year, the CSTO created the “Biological Shield” commission. I think that there should be specially trained detachments, including people who are competent not only in the field of microbiology, virology but also in military terms, because it is possible that at the most unexpected moment everything can explode. We do not know what plans our enemies have in this regard, I think that special units are needed under the CSTO with an analytical center in Russia, since, as history shows, not all CSTO member countries have unambiguously allied intentions. This is evidenced primarily by the location of the laboratories.

I can say the same about Kazakhstan and about my country. You see, here, as Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said, there are too many people, including from the government, still listening to Uncle Sam. Therefore, I believe that “demining” in the field of biological safety in the territory of the former USSR should be tough, accurate and fast. And to rely in this case, I think, on the fact that local governments will carry out all the necessary work, it would be naive. There are still people in our country, and there are many of them, who are patriots, they are devoted to their country and are ready to work in this direction with our allies from Russia.

Corr.: Alibekov, who was the deputy head of the Microbioindustry, returned from the USA to Kazakhstan. He betrayed, fled to the USA, and passed all the secrets there. In your opinion, does his presence in Kazakhstan pose a danger?

Grigor Grigoryan: You know, Alibekov has been working in Kazakhstan for several years, his return happened during the presidency of Nazarbayev, he has his own center there, which he manages. That is, it is not as if he had just returned. He has been working there for a long time, he is the coordinator of all these works, a mentor, and a link.

Certainly, I believe that, as in the case of my country, the work of enemy specialists, especially defectors, can carry potential harm. I personally believe that those who betrayed their Motherland cannot have anything sacred. In addition, such a crime has no statute of limitations.

This is really dangerous, given that he shared the combat formulations developed under the biological program of the USSR, which was a deterrent in response to the impending US aggression in the biological field.

The extradition or at least the expulsion of this person by the current government of Kazakhstan, as well as the implementation of joint control with the Russian Federation of biological laboratories in Kazakhstan, would be a truly allied step on the part of the government of Kazakhstan. I can say the same about my country, about my country – first of all.

As for other specialists, we can say that after the collapse of the Union, there are a lot of specialists from Ukraine, where there were very good, highly qualified specialists during the Soviet era, and even now they are not bad, and they moved from Russia to the United States. And there is even a vivid example: the chief virologist of the US Center for Disease Control is Russian by nationality, an immigrant. You see, all this work is being done there.

Russia needs, firstly, to clarify very harshly and clearly who is an ally for it on the territory of the former Soviet Union, and who is a Western lackey, and accordingly determine the target for striking. I have been saying this for several years, that the time for sentimentality has passed, now the question is squarely on whether or not to be Russia. It bears, in my opinion, a share of a certain responsibility for the allies, because in this area it is the strongest and the only one capable of providing commensurate resistance to biological expansion, which the United States is undoubtedly preparing using the “anaconda strategy”, squeezing the biological ring around Russia’s neck. In the direction of Ukraine, Russia has already broken through the ring. We need to continue.

I think that, first of all, it is indispensable to provide assistance to my country, because Armenia, although small, is located at the crossroads of civilizations and plays a very important role from a geopolitical point of view. Today, I can say with all confidence that the authorities of the Republic of Armenia do not represent the people of the Republic and that the official information that was given to the representatives of the Russian Federation by representatives of the current regime during the discussion of the implementation of the agreement on biological cooperation in the field of biological safety does not correspond to reality.

The situation with Ukraine has shown that delay, especially in the field of biosecurity, can have unpredictable consequences. Therefore, I believe that for the sake of saving our countries, the assistance of the Russian Federation in neutralizing the biological threat on the territory of Armenia and Artsakh is irreplaceable at the moment. You can consider this a request and an appeal to my colleagues and the leadership of the Russian Federation.

Source:  ИА Красная Весна – Читайте материал целиком по ссылке


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