Double standards on war crimes committed by US and other countries (possibly Russia)


By Claudio Resta for VT Italia

The activity of censorship and manipulation of information carried out by social media hinders the search for historical truth. Especially contemporary history since this one, not yet written physically on the paper of books, that remains for a long time, is however immediately already written on blogs, news and represented by videos.

This problem already hinders today and will hinder even more the historical reconstruction of our time by historians of the future. If there will be a future…

It’s a fact that Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, and Youtube among others are platforms very active in this activity of censorship and information manipulation, and fake rewriting of history.

Always in the sense of the mainstream narrative wanted by the Masters of Speech.

Many do not realize this especially because omissions are impossible to detect for those who do not already know the omitted facts.

And those who seek facts that later may result sometimes omitted or changed, manipulated again and all this is discovered just because of his further and personal deepening.

For example, I discovered this phenomenon years ago while doing my own research on Irredentism out of Italy.

I knew that certain territories had belonged to Germany until the end of World War II and that they had later been partitioned between Poland and Russia among others.

To my big surprise, Wikipedia also reported many insignificant facts of ancient history, as well as the contemporary one after 1945 about these territories, but incredibly Wikipedia completely omitted the history of these parts of Germany, at the end called Third Reich, but since much earlier times, from around eighteenth century until 1945! And say that in the meantime, Wikipedia also reported ridiculous facts about Germany of earlier or later times!

But there are also another more subtle and difficult to discover forms of censorship and manipulation of information practiced by social media. and these are represented not by the total and absolute removal of a certain type of information (that must be uncomfortable for the mainstream narrative) but simply by the removal of the most important and significant uncomfortable information. This is according to a harm minimization strategy.

This very important and universal preamble that could have been the subject of a piece in itself and on its own and that therefore would have been likely to be used in the case of any issue, in the present case is reported necessarily to anticipate to the reader the fact that the checking of the historical facts that I am going to expose, might be proven less easy than as you might expect.

A review of them by the reader I will hope anyway.

From the moment that, as a result of the massacre of Bucha, the unofficial trial against Putin was opened, at least on mainstream media aligned on the US/UK official narrative, I want to allow myself, if I can, to recall some facts. Or better open your mind to some doubts.

The first is that it has to be proven that those dead were killed there and not elsewhere.

The second is who killed them, not necessarily must have been the Russians.

By the way in Ukraine, perhaps as in all countries at war, there is no free speech and free information but propaganda, information control, and surveillance State are above all.

And we must never forget that in the war in Ukraine against the armed forces of two countries (two or three? the US included, or not?) a civil war is overlapped with non-framed militias even against dissident Russophone civilians.

I also believe that the so-called civilian victims may possibly include Russian prisoners of war or their allies.

Given the lack of respect for the Geneva Conventions in recent wars. And this is another serious problem.

I don’t know why (or rather I know it, I guess, but I don’t want to tell it to you, because I don’t want to be slaughtered, at least for now by the obtuse defenders always and anyway of the official truth) war crimes committed by the United States Army after WWII have always passed unscathed.

I name just a few of them not to bore you and make you lose too much time. But please check them online what they were and if I perhaps invented them or not.

That is the reason why I don’t describe them but I prefer just to name them. And please remember that I don’t report the casualties of regular fighting, fought with honor but just the main examples of exceptions of them.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki A-bombs,

My Lai massacre at the time of the Viet Nam war,

Mazar I Sharif in Afghanistan war,

Highway of Death

and one no-named: ‘What I saw was a bunch of filled-in trenches with people’s arms and legs sticking out of them. For all I know, we could have killed thousands’ in the Iraq war.

Falluja, Hidden Massacre (White phosphorus or perhaps even Neutron Bomb?) Star Wars in Iraq.

What was the resolution of the International Criminal Court about those crimes?

While war crimes committed by other armies namely, not allies and better enemies of the US had always been severely prosecuted.


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  1. In the past 2 decades WE, American Military are responsible for hundreds of thousands of MURDERS, innocent Collateral Victims of Children, Women in the Middle East, that was triggered by FALSE/Fabricated Intelligence Reports, WMDs in Iraq! Where was/is the outcry to start an Investigation into WAR CRIMES Genocide by the UN? What HYPOCRISY!!

  2. I miss in some way German Conservative Revolution either/or a society that allowed such thinking. And through public debate of opinion enhanced it. Unfortunately it was followed by that phenomenon: the naziism.
    Was it necessary? I don’t think so, but happened. But I must say that the responsibility for it were both the Americans notably Wilson and the Russian Revolution. The Americans because they forced the Kaiser to resign. Not considering the chance of a strong Kaiser feeling and nostalgia that pushed Germans to substitute it with a fake and wrong imitation: Hitler! The Russian Revolution obviously pushed Post-WWI Germans to make a German alternative to it! Much better and stronger of Russian Revolution because it was German. Deutschland uber alles!

  3. 1. In the modern world, the scale of manipulation has reached unprecedented heights.
    The main function of mass media in civil society is to transform citizens into a huge crowd, but not gathered in one place – through mass culture and a single flow of information that casts minds into uniform, standard forms and ensures that each human unit corresponds to a given model. The “crowd-forming” action of the media acquires a continental scope because they form a single network, which really covers the entire mass of people who have neither the time nor the skills to critically perceive messages.
    This phenomenon interests me as well. For example: I am Russian and live in Russia. I look at current events in Ukraine using information sources. Of course, it is necessary to make allowances for the fact that I live in Russia and I’m interested in the rightness of my country’s actions. That is, I can’t be objective in a global sense. I have friends in Ukraine. They didn’t support their Kiev authorities and were seemingly neutral. Now I see that their consciousness is drifting towards the opposite side. They started accusing my country and even me personally of having a rather cruel attitude towards their country and everything they have become.

    • 2. Notice: we watch the same news, facts, fakes, reports. We all consider ourselves smart people. It’s just that now we are in different matrices of the collective conscious. Why I stopped arguing with people and with my acquaintances on the other side a long time ago: they don’t want to hear, they want to talk.
      The remark that you need to treat everything critically can be attributed to rhetorical exclamations, because many manipulators’ techniques are designed precisely to ensure that the boundary of critical perception will not be violated.

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