More NATO Officers Serving with Azov in Mariupol ask Russia to Save Them


FULL DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian State-Controlled Media

VT is looking for volunteers for a suicide mission to Mariupol to save US/NATO personnel who oversaw the slaughter of up to 5000 civilians while embedded with Nazi units.  We must get our boys back.

Pravda: According to unconfirmed information coming from military correspondents of various media, not only the Ukrainian military and members of the National Battalion but also several NATO officers from the United States, France, Germany, and Great Britain, as well as from neutral Sweden, were locked in a cauldron near Mariupol.

It is not clear how they ended up in Mariupol and what they should do there, in the immediate vicinity of the demarcation line.

Earlier, in the Ukrainian segment of the Internet, they wrote that among those surrounded by “Azov*” is US Major General Roger L. Cloutier Jr. These messages came with a link to the VT portal . And also information slipped that the Pentagon, supposedly, intends to negotiate personally with Putin about his fate.

According to reports that appeared on social networks, foreign instructors or mercenaries, apparently, are trying to negotiate with the Russian military about an evacuation corridor.

Recall, by the way, earlier the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that on the morning of April 5, Russian troops shot down two Ukrainian Mi -8 helicopters when they tried to fly out of Mariupol in order to evacuate the commanders of nationalist battalions from the boile

Source: Читайте больше на Pravda


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  1. The controlled media will do its damnedest to suppress this story, I wonder what is the best way to give it the publicity it deserves. I wonder also who the other “important people” holed up in Azovstahl are? I hope we find out soon and that none of them get away.
    What a graphic demonstration, what a showing-up, of the NAZI sympathies of the high-ups in NATO and the US High Command! Who can ever deny it, if this is proved?
    Suggestion: maybe some of the NATO prisoners (if that is what they turn out to be) can be given to the LNR and DNR commands who can then use them as bargaining chips for recognition of their status as states, while others can be given to Crimea to use similarly.

  2. It’s not unusual that foreign military officers to be present in a war zone acting as observers or even advisors. Russia wouldn’t start WW3 or even make a big deal about their presence, The foreign military officers should surrender if they intend to survive.

    Unfortunately, they seem to be embedded with a bunch of AZOV war criminals. I guess the AZOV criminal officers and the Foreign officers both agree that surrendering to the Russians won’t lead to a favorable outcome. They won’t be treated as simple POWs, but as genocidal war criminals. Death or escape is their only choice.

  3. Be sure to capture them alive! After the interrogations by our special services, arrange a press conference with the participation of these foreign prisoners for the whole world. Lay out all the facts for the world community in all major languages of the world. That would be perfect.

  4. “…the Pentagon, supposedly, intends to negotiate personally with Putin…”
    That’s ok, Putin should offer them two choice at least for send they back , the Pentagon can choose receive they in a box or a bag.

  5. No way they leave except to Russia. Then after this over traded to their nations. The Nazi of ukraine well that something I’m sure Russia knows what to do.

  6. The west has continually bombarded the public with a massive propaganda campaign against Russia for decades. The recent hysteria and accompanying false-flag operations are trademarks of the “Five Eyes” cabal. If the Russians can “rescue” these foreign operators from the Azovtal plant complex, please provide a one-way ticket to all interested parties to a luxury cellar in Siberia. Blankets and plumbing optional.

  7. The Nazi-AZOV Battalion/Brigade and NATO Mercenaries are behind most if not all, the terrorist atrocities, murders, rapes, tortures, performed, “STAGED” in the Ukraine! It is a ‘Hollywood ‘SLIME” Industry Undertaking’-False Flag’ murders, Crimes Against Humanity, to provide the Western MSM with horror filled scenes, to gain Emotional Support, for the Zielinsky led ‘War Entertainment Inc’.

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