Exclusive: Zionism/Khazarianism Has Already Won the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict


FULL DISCLOSURE: Some Information Sourced from Russian State-Controlled Media

by Damir Nazarov for VT Moscow

While many experts note that the conflict in Ukraine smoothly predicts a nuclear war, it is worth pointing out that in any case, there is already a winner from today’s crisis in Eastern Europe and his name is Zionism.

To begin with, the main provocateurs of the fratricidal Slavic war on the part of the Russian Federation in the field of media are Zionists in the person of Solovyov, Kedmi, and Satanovsky (the last two are employees of the Zionist special services, Kedmi works for “Native”), in Ukraine, the main propagandists of the fight against the “Russian world” are journalist Gordon and a blogger, a military man, in the past actor – Arestovich* (both famous Jews).

In early March, the authoritative Russian sinologist Andrey Petrovich Devyatov wrote an article where he deciphered the symbols of the Russian “military operation” – Z and V. “Hasidim use the language of Yiddish (European Ashkenazi Jews). In Yiddish, Zion is read, Zion. And deliverance is Zig or Victoria. That is, the Latin letters Z; V on the HRV technique can be interpreted as bearing the “Victory of Zion”.” – explained the former Soviet intelligence officer.

Devyatov cites a number of facts: “In 2017, a well-informed figure of the Sons of the Covenant, Igor Berkut, according to the Covenant of the Almighty, highlighted the idea of creating a new Jewish state with the conditional name “Heavenly Jerusalem” (New Khazaria) in five coastal regions of Ukraine (historical Novorossiya), wherein 2022-2027 there will be mass resettlement of Jews from Israel and Europe.

Approximately 7,000 heads of local civil administrations have been trained by Russian-speaking repatriates to manage the New Khazaria in Israel. Prime Minister of Israel N. Benet called Russian President Putin three times from 02/24/12, visited Moscow personally on 03/05/12, and then developed diplomatic activity on the subject of settling Jewish communities in Ukraine, which will be after the end of the conflict.”

Then, in early April, two fateful events occurred, first, an unidentified helicopter fired at an oil depot in Belgorod (a Russian city on the border with Ukraine). The attack on Belgorod took place in the context of the peace talks that had begun in Turkey, at the same time, the Russian director of Jewish origin Sergeytsev wrote an article calling for the complete destruction of Ukraine, in the article he was hiding behind “Russians” and demonized Ukrainians.

With regard to the helicopter attack, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine denies its involvement, but it is known that the Kiev army is fighting like an insurgency, accordingly, many brigades simply do not coordinate their efforts with the official aria and other partisans, which suggests the idea of free movement of British, American, French and Zionist persons. It is not difficult to guess who was behind the attack against the Russian city and thereby wanted to disrupt all efforts for a truce. But the question arises, where has the Russian air defense gone?

Given Putin’s purges in the field of foreign intelligence of the FSB, it can be assumed that the “fifth column” in the person of the pro-Zionist lobby did its job, first deliberately creating a crisis in the management of the army at the entrance to Ukraine, and then organizing a breach on the border of the Russian Federation.

Thus, Zionism kills two birds with one stone, in Ukraine through the exodus of refugees, it cleans the territory from the “Goyim” to create a “new Israel”, as Zelensky said, and in relation to the Russian Federation, “radical cosmopolitans” are preparing the collapse of the country since in the event of a complete defeat of the Russian army, regional separatist gangsters and their allies in the face of the “fifth column” in the Kremlin, they will understand that there is no one to be afraid of and they can safely organize a fight with the federal center “for their rights”.

It is worth recalling Zelensky’s plan to create nuclear weapons ostensibly for Ukraine, but in fact, the acquisition of weapons of mass destruction was supposed to serve as the first stage for the creation of a “new Israel”. Nuclear weapons should “protect” visitors from “Israel” from “any threat.” Now it remains to understand what is a “threat” to the “new Khazaria”.

1 – China. The Celestial Empire is gaining momentum, which cannot annoy the Anglo-Saxon world, Washington and London are desperately creating a coalition to fight the “Red Dragon”, but not everyone on the planet supports the idea of Big Satan starting such a war. Therefore, imperialism is returning to the old variant in the person of the “Jewish factor”, now on the territory of Eurasia. The future “Khazar Khaganate” will become the main platform for all anti-Chinese forces of fragmented Russia.

2 – The Islamic factor. At the end of March, an incident occurred between the “former” SBU agent Khodakovsky, who now heads the Vostok battalion of the DPR Interior Ministry, and Chechens. The commander of the DPR did not like the “methods of the Chechens.” Later, Khodakovsky “apologized” to Kadyrov’s right-hand man Adam Delimkhanov, but it is obvious that Zionism is not interested in the presence of the Islamic factor in the Russian Federation. Accomplices the ”New Khazaria“ inside the Russian Federation has long been calling for separating the Caucasus from Russia with “barbed wire”. Behind such provocative slogans were the now deceased Zionists – Zhirinovsky and Nemtsov. Chechnya and neighboring Muslim republics will become the new ideological enemy of Zionism, which, in turn, will agitate the rest of Russia for “new crusades” against the North Caucasus. What for? Create an image of a “common enemy” in the face of Muslims. Such “Russian-Zionist unity” will allow the neo-Khazars to expand their lobby throughout northern Eurasia.

So, the picture is obvious, the fratricidal war between Russia and Ukraine has been unleashed by Zionism, and millions of Ukrainian refugees are already trying to settle in the EU, while thousands of residents of “Novorossiya” have moved into the depths of Russia. Again, the question is, where are the guarantees that they will be able to return home? If you try to find such arrangements, you will fail, the entire territory from Belgorod to Kiev is simply being cleared! Guess for whom…..

It is known that since last year, the President of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov has been lobbying for the creation of direct flights with Tel Aviv. A few months ago, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasr-Allah*1 offered to buy tickets to all the occupiers of Palestine, and an official from the Jordanian government pointed out that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine would certainly affect the Middle East. In order not to raise additional questions, the official did not give specifics, but it is not difficult to guess, the expected uprising of Palestinian refugees in Jordan will destroy the Abdullah monarchy, which will be a disaster for the Zionists, after which hysteria will cover all layers of the apartheid regime. For such a scenario, an increase in air traffic was envisaged, including in cities of the Russian Federation.

Two years ago, the Kremlin signed a decree on the need to create cities in Siberia, but who will live there? After all, now there is a large scale of mortality in the Russian Federation. In my opinion, most of the inhabitants of the “future Siberian cities” will consist of refugees from the LPR, the DPR, as well as yesterday’s residents of Belgorod, Kursk, Orel, Rostov, and other cities located on the border with Ukraine, plus Russian-speaking refugees from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, where the echo of the Ukrainian war is already knocking on the door. While Zionism will begin to develop the entire territory from Poland to the Urals.

* – it is known that the Biden administration claimed back in November 2021 about the upcoming “invasion” of the Russian Federation, but Zelensky tried in every possible way to refute the claims of the Americans. And in an April interview with ISLAND TV channel, Arestovich said that Kiev “knew about the Kremlin’s plans at least a month before the start of the war,” but when asked why the Ukrainian authorities did not notify the citizens of the country about the impending large-scale conflict, Zelensky’s adviser said that this was done in order to avoid “comprehensive chaos.” In this case, we can safely say that hundreds of murdered civilians are on the conscience of the Jewish couple Zelensky –Arestovich. Moreover, this method fits into the tactics of eliminating the “Goyim” in the name of the “new Israel”.

*1 – Hezbollah is well aware of the existence of such plans for the escape of Zionism, but this does not mean that there will be no great battle for Al-Quds, the enemy is preparing for a large-scale war for Palestine


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