JEA: Brother Nathanael Kapner has done his research again. He is a voice in the wilderness. He is a courageous man who always puts his life on the line simply because he wants people to know the truth.

…by Brother Nathanael Kapner 


The first was the English Revolution in 1649 which was financed by Jews from Holland, in which Cromwell committed regicide. As the Jewish financiers dictated, Cromwell opened the doors for the return of the ousted Jews to England in 1656.

Building from this, World Jewry initiated, financed, and agitated the French Revolution beginning in 1788, resulting again in regicide and the Jewish subverting of the established Christian order. And Jews profited once again, for in 1789, all civil disabilities against the Jews in France were lifted and the Great Emancipation of the Jews took place.

The third Revolution was the Bolshevik uprising in Russia, of which this treatise focuses. The Bolshevik Revolution was financed by Jewish bankers, led by Jacob H Schiff of the Jewish Banking house, Kuhn, Loeb Co. Jews gained prominent roles in the Soviet government, and for the 3rd time, regicide of a Christian ruler was perpetrated by the Jews.[1]

Dr. Fahey, in his authenticated work, The Rulers Of Russia quotes an American missionary stationed in St Petersburg from 1907 to 1918: “In October 1918, out of 388 members of the revolutionary government only 16 happened to be real Russians. All the rest were Jews with the exception of one negro. Many of these Jews came from the Lower East Side of New York.”

The fourth Revolution was the Spanish Civil War of 1936, financed by Bolshevik Jewry, but successfully opposed by Franco and Germany.

A FIFTH REVOLUTION on an International scale is now at work and headquartered in America. This is the Zionist agenda to create a New World Order whose oligarchs are Khazarians with names that include: Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, and William Kristol, the Zionist neocon advisors to the Jewish-bought President George Bush.

The Israel Lobby known as AIPAC is the organizational apparatus of the 5th Revolution now in the making.

IN THE DARK NIGHT OF JULY 16 1918, Tzar Nicholas II and his pious Christian family were shot and bayoneted in cold blood by these Cheka Jews:

  1. Jacob Yurovksy, a Jewish Czech
    2.Sergei Medvedjev
    3. Lev Nikulin, a Jewish Czech
    4. Peter Yermakov
    5. Fyodor Vaganov, a New York Jew
    6. Jacob Sverdlov, (Yankel Solomon), the first President of the Soviet Union. He gave the order to murder the Royal Family. Sverdlov began his Anti Christian career when he joined the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party in 1902.

*** This was the beginning of the wholesale slaughter of over 8,000,000 Russian Orthodox Christians from 1918 through 1943. ***


  1. a)Leon Bronstein (Trotsky), Commander of the Soviet Red Army.
  2. b)Grigory Apfelbaum (Zinoviev), Director, Soviet Secret Police, seized Church-owned property, murdered tens of thousands of Orthodox Christians.
  3. c)Maxim Wallach (Litvinov), Soviet Foreign Minister.
  4. d)Solomon Lozovsky, Deputy Soviet Foreign Minister.
  5. e)Yuri Andropov, Jewish Director of the Soviet KGB

A PROMINENT KHAZARIAN JOURNALIST now admits that in 1934, 38% of those holding high office in Stalin’s murderous regime were Jews:

  1. Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich:Millions of Orthodox Christians were murdered by order of Kaganovich. He orderered the destruction of hundreds of Christian churches including Christ The Saviour Cathedral in Moscow.

In 1991, after living the life of a prince, Kaganovich committed suicide in fear of the “open society,” that is, “glasnot” which would have exposed his murderous deeds.

  1. Ilya Ehrenburg:Minister of Soviet Propaganda for Stalin. He wrote, “The Germans are not human beings. Nothing gives us greater joy than corpses of Germans.”
  2. Yevgeny Khaldei:Red Army photographer. Born in the Ukraine of Jewish parents. He staged the raising of the Hammer & Sickle Flag in the German Reichstag in Berlin in 1945, the emblem of the slaughter of millions of peasants and Christians, describing it as “the Russian national symbol of justice, triumph, and revenge.”
  3. Bela Kun (Cohen):Dictator of Hungary in 1919. Kun was later Stalin’s chief terrorist in the Crimea. Kun’s eventual successor was Matyas Rakosi, a Jewish Communist mass murderer of Christians in Hungary.
  4. Moshe Pijade:Commander, Yugoslav Communist People’s Army. Tito’s top butcher of hundreds of thousands of Yugoslavian Christians.

Bottom Line: The clock is now ticking before a huge backlash against the Jews occurs both here in America and abroad. Whenever Jews arrogate to themselves overwhelming power, history has taught us that a reaction by the host nations eventually takes place. In order for the Jews to prevent a conflagration, they must place the host nation’s interests before their own Zionist agenda.

As a Street Evangelist, I am proposing another solution, which I call the Christian final solution. Jews must renounce their racist religion of Judaism, a “reactionary” religion, and become Christians.

First published on January 22, 2022.

[1] For scholarly studies on these issues, see Erich Haberer, Jews and Revolution in Nineteenth-Century Russia (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1995); Yuri Slezkine, The Jewish Century (Princeton:  Princeton University Press, 2006); Jerry Z. Muller, Capitalism and the Jews (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2010); E. Michael Jones, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History (South Bend: Fidelity Press, 2008); Albert S. Lindemann, Esau’s Tears: Modern Anti-Semitism and the Rise of the Jews (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1998).


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  1. There is a ‘Direct Line of Terror’ from the Khazarian Mass Murderers, of the past to the Demonic Zionist Zealots of today! Just connect the barbaric-bloody DOTTS, all through history!

  2. ————Quote of the Day————-

    Should I be asked whether I would propose the West, such as it is today, as a model to my country, I would frankly have to answer negatively. No, I could not recommend your society as an ideal for the transformation of ours. Through deep suffering, people in our own country have now achieved a spiritual development of such intensity that the Western system in its present state of spiritual exhaustion does not look attractive.

    – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

  3. A great piece of work Jonas, I’m amazed this extreme leftist website permits you to publish it. It is a pity such material is denied a wider readership. Good for you!

    • You catch yourself in your second sentence, lol.

      Yes I agree if only the right would allow freedom of expression …

  4. The technological power of The Big Data Revolution is the subjugated subject is not even aware of its own subjugation.
    Master/slave are interiorized as people self exploit.

    CIAFacebook gives the people a platform to celebrate their liberty, their free will, expressing their emotions, communicating, playing, Like/unLike calculable confirmation bias and motivated reasoning- factual states of digital PsychoPolitics, quantifiable packets of data algorithmically steered,  with a future calculated and controllable by Smart Power.

    Transparent, leveled Things.

    • Zuckerface and his Zionist handlers have executed the most recent and successful revolution. Because the drones being overrun by this technological war machine don’t even realize what’s happening.

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