Nukes or Fertilizer Plant, You Decide: ‘EU-supplied’ S-300 launchers and surrounding area obliterated – Russia


VT: NATO spent a week sneaking them into Nikolayev in order to block the predicted Russian drive on Odessa…which would landlock Ukraine and end its existence.

The explosion reminds us of what was used to bring down the 3 towers in New York.  Perhaps it was gravity and a few gallons of kerosene and antifreeze (jet fuel).  Yeah, that’s the ticket. Them that lives by the lie, fuckin’ dies by the lie.g

Another version of same video:


Slovakia reported delivering its only S-300 weapons system to Ukraine last week
‘EU-supplied’ S-300 launchers obliterated – Russia

Russian forces have destroyed foreign-supplied S-300 anti-aircraft launchers in a number of precision strikes on Ukraine, the Defense Ministry, in Moscow, claimed on Monday. Days earlier, Slovakia reported the donation of a battery of old Soviet-made S-300 air defense missiles to Kiev.

In its regular briefing on the ongoing military action in Ukraine, the Russian Defense Ministry reported hitting a hangar “on the southern outskirts of the city of Dnepropetrovsk,” where “equipment from an S-300 battery supplied to the Ukrainian regime by one of the European nations” was hidden.

The barrage of sea-launched Kalibr missiles destroyed four S-300 launchers and as many as 25 Ukrainian troops in the Sunday strike, ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov claimed. He used the old name of the city, which Ukrainian authorities renamed Dnepro in 2016 to distance it from the Soviet period of the country’s history.

The Russian official also reported destroying an S-300 targeting radar in a separate overnight precision airstrike near Uspenovka. The general didn’t specify which of the multiple villages of that name in Ukraine he was referring to, and didn’t say whether the radar was part of the battery supplied by the foreign nation.

NATO member sends missile system to Ukraine

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NATO member sends missile system to Ukraine

Last Friday, Slovakia announced that it had donated its only S-300 battery to Ukraine. The weapon system was part of the NATO member’s legacy from the Warsaw Pact days, when it formed part of Czechoslovakia. It was not clear how many vehicles were sent to Ukraine. A regular S-300 battery can have as few as four and as many as 12 launchers using a single radar to identify targets, and is controlled by a single command post.

Prime Minister Eduard Heger assured citizens that the country’s national security would not be compromised since “allies” agreed to boost its air defense in return. US President Joe Biden said his country would provide an American Patriot missile battery as a replacement and thanked Bratislava for agreeing to give the S-300 to Kiev. Elements of the Patriot system started arriving in Slovakia three weeks ago, according to its defense minister.

Responding to Russian claims on Twitter, Prime Minister Heger called them a “hoax” and “Russian propaganda.” The statement was apparently based on a denial that Slovakia received from Kiev.

Washington reportedly wanted another NATO member, Turkey, to strike a similar deal with Ukraine and send it a Russian-supplied S-400, which is more advanced than the S-300. Ankara rejected the idea, saying the system would remain in its possession. In 2020, the US imposed sanctions on Turkey for buying the S-400s from Russia under a deal signed in 2017.

Moscow attacked its neighbor in late February, following Ukraine’s failure to implement the terms of the Minsk agreements signed in 2014, and Russia’s eventual recognition of the Donbass republics in Donetsk and Lugansk. The German- and French-brokered protocols had been designed to regularize the status of those regions within the Ukrainian state.

Russia has now demanded that Ukraine officially declare itself a neutral country that will never join the US-led NATO military bloc. Kiev insists the Russian offensive was completely unprovoked and has denied claims it was planning to retake the two republics by force.


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  1. Ukrainian propaganda is spreading a fake about the use of a thermobaric bomb by the Russian military in Nikolaev. A video of an explosion in Yemen is attached as proof.

    The video with the explosion in Nikolaev appeared on the network the day before – it was reported that the strongest shock wave knocked out windows and collapsed the ceiling in one of the apartments. The Ukrainian channels that distributed the video accused the Russian military of using a thermobaric bomb.

    However, as the Telegram channel “War with Fakes” found out, the video captures footage of an explosion during the civil war in Yemen – there, in early February 2022, 200–mm unguided missiles TOS-1A were used during hostilities, used by units of the Saudi royal ground forces during an offensive on areas occupied by the forces the Shiite movement “Ansar Allah”.

  2. Just guessing but I’d say it was a 0 yield tac nuke same type as took out the Murrah Fed and WTC 1 & 2 garage. Less sophisticated than the ones used later on the WTC. Again another guess is that NATO’s not gonna say anything about it because they’ve probably been supplying DU rounds to the Ukes similar to the ones used against Serbia. BTW Russia already warned NATO they’d use them if Russia itself was attacked even conventionally which happened a couple of weeks back.

    • Patrick Lancaster the correspondent in Donbass sent his wife and kid out of Donetsk after those 26 oeioke were killed in the missle attack there in center of city and he sent them into Russia to be safe …..just today a missle was fired by Ukraine into this Russian village, on close to sea of Azov where she was living. Anyways this is another missle attack by Ukraine into Russia that just happened.

    • I hope they are safe. My guess is the Russians may take the gloves off now phase 1 of the operation is completed.

  3. It’s not a nuke, it would look different and the mushroom cloud/blast would stay longer. I read and seen video that a huge blast does this but it would be in the tons of explosive category not some smaller 2000 lb variety!

    • Donald

      thanks for stopping in…but you are utterly wrong.

      start reading VT nuclear education

      and realize VT has always had experts…top DOE scientists…and IAEA inspectors/particle physicists…on staff

      and chemical engineers

      we know nukes

      do the reading

      and for your education…if it has a “FLASH” its a nuke…

      thats a core burning up

      the size and duration of the flash indicates the size of the core…how many cores…

      we have it all published…from DOE docs….do the reading…

      our smallest nuke a one ton fizzler


  4. It’s just a very strong explosion and detonation of what the cruise missile came for. Russia does not use tactical nuclear charges of low power. Firstly, there are no suitable goals for this yet. Secondly, can you imagine what kind of dog howling will begin for the whole universe if a real proof of the use of TNW by my country is found?! So, you can watch indefinitely on the explosion video using optical fantasies – this is not the use of TNW.
    And the most powerful self-propelled mortars in the world “Tulip” have already been brought to Mariupol. This is a terrible weapon. This is for Azovstal.
    The Bumblebee-M (Shmel) rocket-propelled infantry flamethrowers also arrived there. Thermobaric shots. It’s also a very scary thing for the catacombs on Azovstal.

  5. How can these ukies be so fool to store fertilizer there close to S-300 ?? there is no doubt that it was a fertilizer explosion

    • Orchid fertilizer, the worst kind. Carol blew up one of our guestrooms with only an oz…and it was the water sprayer actually. Reminded me of Beirut.

    • Tell Carol next time she use nitroglycerin for orchids, is less dangerous to handle than fertilizer… 🙂

    • Nikolaev and its massive explosion is a long way from Dnepro where Russia claimed it destroyed the imported S-300 battery (no video available).

      It is currently unknown what the target in Nikolaev was that the Russians obliterated, other than the local mayor saying it was ‘saltpeter’. Nikolaev was certainly a major port for the import of fertiliser. It is possible but seems unlikely that there would be an S-300 nearby.

  6. Or Russia hit a compound that has nuclear weapons sent by NATO desguised as simply old Slovakian S300 in the media

    • I also have a suspesion that the Azovstahl compound may contain NATO modern nuclear tactical weapons in addition to biological arms and delivery means in addition to the NATO operators of those systems

  7. Probably a nuke, as there is that white fireball to it.
    Thermobaric (used in Iraq alot) are like the fire bombing of Dresden in how it kills people, sucking the lungs literally out of esophagaus from the huge back pressure from the 200mph winds the firestorm creates, as it is sucking in oxygen to maintain the firestorm.
    The fuel-air exploasing can cover large areas, you just need to “seed” the area first with gasoline “mist” as long as there is air-superiority its practical. Thats how I understand it.
    The nuke more precise, fries people into nothing not so messy. Possible the soul of life itself is annihilated but I dont know about that ask God.
    Thermobaric used as “cover up” for a nuke. Thats what they did in Vietnam in coverup of nukes used there as instant-airfield flat blast pattern ordinance. and then of course the monsanto poisons used as cover up for the radiation poisoning. Evil knows no bounds.
    No one is goinig to ever admit or brag about using nukes not the USA not Russia not Israel not anyone.
    However bragging about use of Thermobaric is “accepted”

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