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A witness recalls the 2014 Odessa massacre

By April 2014, both camps in Odessa had become extremely radicalized. The Russian Spring movement wanted to be with Russia, and this was felt all throughout the southeastern areas – from Donetsk to Odessa.

Alex Christoforou: May 2, dark day for Odessa. EU, no more...

May 2, dark day for Odessa. China Gazprom 60% up. EU, no more washing clothes. Update 1.

Western weapons for Kiev will be attacked en route

If the strikes on electrical substations continue, 1,600 Ukrainian electric locomotives will not be able to move.

NEO: Drifting Mines Found in Black Sea

2.5% of crude oil is supplied to the outside world through the Turkish straits, and therefore the current situation is critical for many countries.

Christoforou: Updates for Saturday April 23, 2022

Russia sanctions Kamala Harris and Mark Zuckerberg. Oligarch Puppet Zelensky calls for Germany to turn off Nordstream I and freeze this winter.

Optimism? Russia to turn to ‘Natsiks’ in Odessa After Ukie Defeat...

There are more urgent tasks to encircle and destroy the AFU grouping in the Donbas, than taking Odessa.

Caught: Romania, a NATO ‘partner’ Faces Attack for Hosting Ukrainian Combat...

SVPressa: Anyone who more or less systematically follows the course of the special operation of the Russian armed forces in Ukraine, I believe, could...

Ukraine War: Offensive Reconnaissance

Mariupol: In the ceasefire regime proclaimed by the Russian side, on April 19, Azov fighters did not use their chance to leave the facilities nor to let civilians go out of the basements. The pause in hostilities only allowed evacuating 140 civilians from the buildings located near the plant.

Russia Needs to Step Up Attacks and End the War

On the eve of the large-scale Donetsk operation, the question arose: how to deprive Ukraine of the opportunity to receive weapons from the West, without which it would have capitulated long ago?

Shamanov: Liberation of Odessa Next Stage

TopWar: One of the tasks of the ongoing special military operation is the demilitarization of Ukraine. After the liberation of Donbas, the next target is Odessa.

‘Foreign fighters’ ordered NOT to surrender. Turkey enters Iraq. MIC big...

Kiev says those who surrender will be shot on sight. A massive Ukrainian military cargo aircraft carrying a large consignment of weapons supplied to Ukraine by Western countries was shot down over Odessa, per the Russian Defence Ministry, 16 April 2022.

Plausible Deniability: Was Russian Warship Sunk by American Harpoons (and AEGIS)?

Ukraine's Operational Command South announced Thursday that it hit a Russian warship with a “Ukrainian-made Neptune anti-ship missile” that was operating roughly 60 miles south off the coast of Odesa in southeast Ukraine and that it had started to sink.

Hidden Gems: Finding the Missing of Mariupol under Fire – Lancaster...

The people in Odessa must be sweating it out hoping a repeat of what happened to Mariupol does not happen to them.

Nukes or Fertilizer Plant, You Decide: ‘EU-supplied’ S-300 launchers and surrounding...

VT: NATO spent a week sneaking them into Nikolayev in order to block the predicted Russian drive on Odessa...which would landlock Ukraine and end its existence.

Analysis: Kyiv to Surrender as Odessa, Last Seaport, Becomes ‘Fight to...

Following the tents of Liddell Hart, the British military theorist, if Russia moves on Odessa, Kyiv will have to surrender.

The Biological Bomb of Ukraine

“The Pentagon in Ukraine has actively built two biological military laboratories and has been developing pathogens there. Now they are worried that they will lose control over these laboratories,” Lavrov said.

Transnistria: Ukrainian Army Considering Attack to Access Russian Arms Stores

"We know that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are indeed gradually leaving Odessa, but someone will still remain there and will try to repeat the Mariupol scenario, hiding behind civilians, threatening mass destruction."

Vladimir Putin to Every Russian Soldier, ‘Why We are At War’

The residents of Donetsk and Lugansk took up arms to defend their home and their lives, after the horror and tragedy of 2 May 2014 in Odessa where Ukrainian neo-Nazis burned people alive making a new Khatyn out of it?

Was bombing of Mariupol theater staged by Ukrainian Azov extremists to...

This war crime and mass murder of women and children was carefully coordinated with NATO funded “fact checkers” and “disinformation fighters” from organizations across Europe. All of these organizations are run by right wing groups originally funded and trained through Washington “think tanks” and the Israel lobby.

Patrick Lancaster interviews Mariupol mothers with children refugees

Jim W. Dean - The news broke today that Nationalist battalions are planning to do the same to Odessa that Mariupol got, already lining the civilians up as their human shields.

Ukrainian nationalists are preparing a second Mariupol in Odessa

Ukie Banderas are planning to use civilian human shields in Odessa, as they did in Mariupol.

Cheerleader of NATO Wars Spotted Hanging Out in Ukraine

Bernard-Henri Levy’s presence in Odessa should give pause to those who still believe NATO is not involved in Ukraine.

Day 20 as Russia Reconfigures Forces and Odessa Awaits Landings

There were significant changes in the configuration of combat forces on the fronts. Russia was rotating units and bringing fresh assault units forward amid intense work of artillery and aviation. At the same time, Kiev continued to withdraw its units from the Donbass region towards Zaporizhya, Dnipro and Kiev, but stubbornly defending well-fortified positions in the region.

Guess Who is ‘Defending’ the Nazi Stronghold of Odessa from Liberation

It does not matter even whether the prince of darkness exists in reality or not – people like him perform his duties with great success, and in some ways, perhaps, surpass the original. This is the 73-year-old French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy.

Day 12 of ‘Adventures in Kiev’

Odessa has been left on its own. Russian forces are attacking military infrastructure facilities and the locations of Ukrainian units, without undertaking any assault operation.