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Strikes on Ukrainian Railways threaten military supplies to Ukraine Military

…from South Front

[ Editor’s note: I had not realized that electric trains were widely used in the Ukraine regions. My first notice came with the shocking story of how saboteurs in Belarus had wreaked havoc on the Russian supply trains supporting the Kiev operation.

The trick there is the switching stations, which are controlled electrically. If you knock those out, you have defeated the fastest way to move heavy supplies. It seems amazing that they were not guarded, but that is Monday morning quarterbacking.

When we had heard that Putin had replaced a number of generals over the Kiev campaign, the news had the disinfo smell on it, but maybe not now, with this new info.

The Russians were quick to learn from the mistake. Their own substations are well guarded now, and their revenge was to take down the railway substations in Western Ukraine, and for the cherry on top, they took out the only rail bridge from Romania.

The Russian wargames I suspect have made a wargaming note of “destroy the railway switching stations on the first day of hostilities”.

Western media has seen a steady stream of doom and gloom stories about Russian operations not proceeding at a ‘Rommel in North Africa pace during WWII’. The real reason of course was that the inhabitants of Donbas are Russian speaking, and the Russian generals’ wanted to minimize casualties on the people, its troops, and infrastructure… Jim W. Dean ]

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First published April 26, 2022

On April 26th, the Russian cruise missile hit a railway bridge over the Dniester River in the village of Zatoka in the Odessa region. As a result of the strike, the railway track was damaged.

This is the only bridge that connects Odessa with the western part of the region and Romania. The destruction of the bridge will significantly complicate any transfer of weapons from Europe to Ukraine, as well as a possible advance of foreign troops in the region.

On April 25, 5 Ukrainian railway junctions were simultaneously hit by Russian missiles.

Russian high-precision missiles hit reportedly hit eight railway substations in Western Ukraine. As a result, railway facilities in the Krasnoe, Zdolbunov, Zhmerinka, Berdichev, Kovel, Korosten, Kazatin and Fastov were destroyed.

The blows were inflicted on substations, without which electric trains cannot move. Railway communication in Western part of Ukraine was paralyzed. About 2 dozen passenger trains were delayed. By lunchtime the Ukrainian Railways services reported that they had managed to localize the problem. However, freight traffic was still stopped.

The vast majority of transportation in Ukraine is carried out by electric traction. As of 2020, there were more than 1,600 electric locomotives in Ukraine, and only 300 diesel locomotives.

Today, the bulk of military transportation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is carried out by rail, which is much faster and cheaper than mobile transport, especially given the shortage of diesel fuel throughout the country.

Paralyzing the Ukrainian railway transport, the Russian military command achieves the main task to paralyze the strategic transfer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which is extremely important given the escalation in the Donbas and in the south of Ukraine.

If the strikes on electrical substations continue, 1,600 Ukrainian electric locomotives will not be able to move. They can only be replaced with the remaining 300 locomotives. At the same time, some part of the railway transport has already been taken out of service by Russian troops in the territories under their control, including in the Donbass, Kherson, Kharkiv and Chernihiv regions.

Moreover, Kiev’s Western partners also cannot help with the supply of European trains, since the track gauge in Ukraine differs from the European one.

If Russian missiles continue to strike at substations of Ukrainian railways, this will be able to significantly reduce the supply of weapons and manpower to the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the front line.


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  1. Now…let me be clear..our boys from hereford just obey orders…
    but wen blowjo, (b missing)…a diarrhea form of intelligence, bred by oxford uni, is elevated to the jewish position of prime minister, then the treachery against my country begins. (saturated as we are by our wonderful Phoenician allies… house of commons and (perverts) of Lords)
    Apart from instructing the SAS to infiltrate and “becom ukrainian” and obviously direct incoming missiles etc…
    “Britain may transfer its Tornado attack aircraft to Ukraine”…I have just read..true or false..no idea.
    He reminds me of churchill, the disgusting, obscenely drunk ginger-haired boy obsessed, coward…born apparently from jerome and some organised phoenician party-sampling stud.. in the early 1900s…rancid ‘with Rothschild power, who…bought “the inheritance rights” from queen Victoria for two hundred years.
    So lets be clear…that wonderful institution called “Oxford” …the barometer of English education…is no more than a syphilitic prostitution ring tattooed at an early age by masonry/jesuit/etc on the rich asa compliance tool. ( u can find similar filtering at “barrister” level…thats why “no offense intended” is basically …etc)

    Kindly remember infiltration is essentially a technique absorbed from Roman times…

  2. I just read this from Saker/Nightvision…as regards Moldova/transnistra..and “stranded russian troops” that might be taken prisoner and used as bargaining pieces against Azov pufters.

    “At the moment, there are 2,500-3,000 Russian servicemen in the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR). The total strength of the PMR Armed Forces is 15,000 people. The PMR Armed Forces have 4 motorized rifle brigades located in the cities of Tiraspol, Bendery, Dubossary and Rybnitsa, of which one is guards (deployed in the city of Tiraspol). Four special forces battalions. Mob reserve up to 80 thousand people”
    I still think the strategy of NATO/aka Rothschilds private army..is to open as many assault fronts as possible…all at the same moment. Kaliningrad especially.
    “Kahzarian mafia” …lol…justa new phoenician buzzword ploughing bs.
    Amazing how “history” is rewritten…I dont doubt there was an “empire called Kahzaria”…turkish mongols as wonderfully described by clif high.
    No doubt the acolytes also watch…charlie ward and simon parkes…and coronation street.

    • These three thousand soldiers will break the devil’s horns.
      The problem is that there is the largest arsenal of ammunition in Europe. If Ukraine wants to seize it, that’s one thing. They recently presented to us their largest arsenal of weapons in Balakleya. But, people say that warehouses in the PMR have already been mined. True or not? 20 thousand tons of ammunition – it will be almost Hiroshima. But to fire with the aim of blowing up – Kiev can do it very easily.

  3. yeah..bin watching AirNav…Rzeszow…3000m runway…
    most of the “observer platforms”
    K35R, c30J, P8, nato 001 run out of there plus from Konya turkey, ramstein, lakenheath, brizenorton…even the dutch are putting stuff up from Eindhoven..i cud go on with the list etc…
    Seems like Poland is gearing up for kaliningrad…I have a feeling that a blitz may be intended on several fronts along with logistic attacks against russian supply depos/lines etc.
    In my view Russia should mount a serious assault on Odessa…NOW.
    and be prepared to seriously strike Poland overnight with a Stormin Norman missile barrage that destroys fuel supplies, germany/poland railways and all motorway bridges…plus the normal ammunition depots.

    • A mobile phone with a dodgy battery can burn down a building/ plane etc. One of the most common form of fires. Plausible deniability.
      Wouldn’t worry to much about the Poles and other Eastern Europeans ( l will not refer to them as Central Europeans). They have revolving signs… ‘Welcome Nazis’ on the front, and on the back, ‘Welcome Russia’. Put a boot up their behind and they’ll sing a different tune
      The Russians better keep an eye on the arctic circle. NATO and pals are trying to put you in a box and isolate you.
      ‘By way of deception thou shalt do war’. That’s what they need to realise they are fighting against. Fire with fire brothers

  4. Any good street fighter knows there are no rules in a street fight. He who strikes first has the best chance of winning. Follow that up with a bombardment of elbows, knees and hammer punches and you’re walking home without a scratch.
    Russia seems to be too cautious of the media as part of it’s tactics to overcome the media war. It is time for Russia to bombard and take the war out from within the cage NATO is keeping it in.
    If Russia doesn’t realise they are in an existential war they will be fighting this for generations. Take the gloves off, as the world has already chosen their sides. Think bigger Russia, think outside the box

  5. I am not on Ukraine’s side or Russia’s side, at the same time I can see that the US Government, NATO, and just about all of the western media are on Ukraine’s side, and that is troubling it has an order of claims of WMD
    concerning Iraq. Just my personal opinion!

  6. I wonder if Russia gives a 24hr warning ,before blowing up the railway switching stations, which could contain lots of civilians and non-military rail workers.
    They probably do if they are serious about “not targeting civilians” we always hear from the Russian side.
    And if so,
    I wonder if this warning is relayed by Kiev authorities to those working and also those lurking beside these switching stations, such as families waiting for a train to arrive.

  7. So the NATO members get to dump their obsolete weapons inventories in Ukraine and the Russians get to destroy them. And weapons industries make billions restocking the empty shelves!

  8. Also recent days, at least two USAF F-15’s , flying less to 30 miles of Poland-Ukraine border, close to polish Rzeszow city that is used by US to move weapons to Ukraine, they were spotted flying probably as cover of military convoy, due to Russia’s previous warning of begin to hitting such convoys.

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