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1,000 Ukrainian Soldiers Surrendered In Mariupol (Endless Proof)





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1,000 Ukrainian Soldiers Surrendered In Mariupol. AFU Counterattacks In Kharkiv

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On April 12, the largest group of the AFU soldiers surrendered surrendered in Mariupol. Another attempt to break out from the trap in Mariupol, was confirmed.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defence, 1,026 Ukrainian servicemen of the 36th Marine Brigade voluntarily laid down arms and surrendered in the city of Mariupol, near the Illich plant

151 wounded Ukrainian servicemen of the 36th Marine Brigade were provided with primary medical aid on the spot, after which they were all taken to the Mariupol city hospital for treatment.

1,000 Ukrainian Soldiers Surrendered In Mariupol. AFU Counterattacks In Kharkiv

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1,000 Ukrainian Soldiers Surrendered In Mariupol. AFU Counterattacks In Kharkiv

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1,000 Ukrainian Soldiers Surrendered In Mariupol. AFU Counterattacks In Kharkiv

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1,000 Ukrainian Soldiers Surrendered In Mariupol. AFU Counterattacks In Kharkiv

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1,000 Ukrainian Soldiers Surrendered In Mariupol. AFU Counterattacks In Kharkiv

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A video with a wounded Ukrainian marine was recently published. In the video, the young man talks about an attempted escape from the «Illich» plant in Mariupol. He notes that 1,500 people tried to escape, two of whom wanted to surrender, but then they were caught and disappeared.

In the end, about 1,000 Ukrainian servicemen surrendered, while 500 AFU soldiers were reportedly killed as they broke through the blockade of Russian troops toward the village of Zachatovka.


Fierce battles continue in the LPR and DPR, some clashes break out on the border of the Kherson and Dnipropetrovsk regions as well, but there are no significant changes on the front lines.

The regrouping and redeployment of the Russian Armed Forces in the Slobozhansky and Donetsk-Lugansk directions continue.

Intense shelling targets the Severodonetsk-Lysychansk agglomeration. Heavy artillery fire usually precedes the attempts of the LPR infantry to break through the AFU defence in the city.

Intense artillery shelling continues on the outskirts of Kharkiv. Russian forces target the areas of the AFU concentration. On April 12, local sources reported about two dozen explosions in the Saltovka region. Russian Federation is methodically striking at the identified facilities in Kharkiv.

The AFU is attempting to counterattack northwest of Kharkiv in the direction of Zolochev – Kozachya Lopan. Zolochev is under the AFU control, and the village of Dergachi is a conditional neutral zone. The AFU is trying to counterattack in the area near Izyum in the direction of Brazhkivka and Sukhaya Kamenka as well.

At the same time, the threat level in Russia’s western regions, bordering Ukraine was increased.

On April 12, employees of Russian security agencies discovered a hidden archive with the personal files of Ukrainian security officers in Kherson’s children’s regional hospital.

1,000 Ukrainian Soldiers Surrendered In Mariupol. AFU Counterattacks In Kharkiv

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Meanwhile, Russian cruise missiles continue to destroy AFU facilities throughout Ukraine.

During the night, high-precision sea- and air-based missiles destroyed 2 large missile and artillery weapons depots of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Sadovoe and Chudnov. 4 Ukrainian helicopters – 2 Mi-24 and 2 Mi-8 – were also destroyed at Mirgorod military airfield.

Operational-tactical aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces hit 46 military assets of Ukraine.


The situation in the southern and eastern regions of Ukraine remains tense. There is a lot of hotspots of fierce fighting along the front lines, where heavy artillery shelling does not stop. In Mariupol, the AFU have almost lost the Illich plant, and the seaport area. The Russian strategic offence in Mariupol is intensifying. The large Russian offensive on the Donbass front lines is expected in the coming weeks.



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  1. 1.At the moment, 1,350 surrendered. The attitude towards them is unambiguous. Yes, they served in the regular army, in the so-called marines of the Kiev regime, took an oath to serve their country and people. The only plus in their surrender is that because of them, no one else will be injured or killed from my soldiers.
    They violated the oath: many civilians died because of them. Because you don’t know Russian when watching the video, I want to inform everyone: a few days ago, these same “drivers”, “cooks”, “military musicians” put up fierce resistance. On the Internet, they bragged to their wives that they were smashing the Russian army. Many serve there only for money. Now let’s remember under what circumstances they were captured: after an attempt to break out of the encirclement, after they realized that nothing would save them! What are the reasons for these rats’ surrender: cold, hunger, no water, out of ammunition, I want to live, the war is meaningless, we are two fraternal people, we were betrayed, and other nonsense. They are innocent sheep now, regretting everything! Can you imagine that? 4 days ago they were heroes, and now they are not.

    • 2. I can’t imagine a soldier giving up because of hunger. No ammo – go to melee! If you want to live, why did you join the army?!
      Soviet soldiers fought the fascists to the last drop of blood: with knives, bayonets, teeth. In the Brest fortress for a month in the basements they fought against the fascists in 1941!
      And these Ukrainian rats have no right to be called Marines!
      The Marines in Russia are the elite of the elites. And they fight to the death. My uncle was in the Soviet Marine Corps in Sevastopol.
      So, no one will humiliate these captured bastards. Let military intelligence deal with them, filter them, check them. Who is guilty – 15 years of hard labor in the Donbass. And they are not my brothers, but traitors.

  2. It’s all pretty much over. All of these Ukranian soldiers will have died for nothing. The NATO propaganda that this war will go on for years is absurd. The young men are always the ones wasted.

  3. Uniformed prisoners of war are to be treated with dignity and respect. It appears as the Russians are attempting to do so. If they remove their uniforms that becomes another matter. And if they are foreign mercenaries? That is where things get very interesting.

  4. These, of course, are not the Azov nazis or the hundreds of western “advisors” who are holed up under the Illich Iron & Steel Works in Mariupol. What awaits them is a Russian tribunal that will accuse them of war crimes and their subsequent execution. Many of these unfortunates are Americans and Israelis. This will be the pretext for WWIII which 40 million US Christian Zionists pray will happen soon.

    • Tommy, do not think that there are Nazis in Ukraine only in battalions of the Azov type. The Nazis and their accomplices are an army of volunteers collecting aid for these battalions. The Nazis are the businessmen who sponsor these battalions. To become a Nazi or sympathizer, it is not necessary to have a tattoo of runes or swastikas. It is enough to help the Nazis, shout Glory to Ukraine-Glory to the Heroes – Death to the Enemies, send them socks in parcels, participate in their marches, use the Nazi greeting. Do you remember how it all just started in Germany? It’s the same here.

    • The key, Andrew, are the Western advisors, many of whom are Americans and Israelis, who will eventually be captured by the Russians. They know everything about US bioweapons in Ukraine and Israeli desire to somehow recover Khazaria, their real homeland. That’s why US Ashkenazi neocons like Victoria “f-uck the EU” Nuland and Antony Blinken are so involved in the coup that happened in 2014. Yes, it’s just like Berlin in 1933…

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