Excuses for World War III

The incident with the Russian cruiser Moscow could be the trigger for a sharp escalation of the conflict


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…from SouthFront

The 49 day of the conflict started with reports that on the night of April 13-14, the flagship of the Russian Black Sea fleet, the cruiser Moscow, was seriously damaged or sank. Russian state media quoted the Defense Ministry as saying that the cruiser had detonated ammunition as result of fire. The crew was evacuated.

Other sources reported that Moskva was attacked by missiles from the coastline between Odessa and Nikolayev. The missiles struck the port side, causing the ship to roll heavily. The buoyancy of the cruiser was made difficult by the sea weather conditions. As a result of all the cumulative factors, according to preliminary information, the cruiser may have sank.

A ship of this class in the Black Sea conditions could have been successfully attacked either by a complex of anti-ship systems, including both missiles and aircrafts, or by a submarine. There is a strong possibility that NATO military was directly involved in the attack.

This also became a suitable diversion from the events taking place in Mariupol. On 12 and 13 April, over 1,300 Ukrainian soldiers and officers [INFORMATION FOR VISUALS ONLY: including 1,026 soldiers of the 36th Marine Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces] voluntarily surrendered to Russian captivity or were forced to do so under the threat of extermination there. This is an unprecedented number of soldiers and officers of the warring armies that surrendered since World War II.

However, Kyiv claimed that a significant number of soldiers from the 36 Brigade was able to merge with the Azovstal garrison reinforcing it.

The area of the Azovstal plant itself is a heavily fortified stronghold with extensive multi-level underground communications. The degree of fortification of Azovstal is far superior to that of the Nazi fortress of Könisberg during World War II.

The fortified area near the Illich factory, which is now only partially controlled by Kyiv’s forces, was exsanguinated.

The seaport is under full control of Russian and DPR forces. All hostages, including foreigners, have been released. Scattered pro-Kyiv units defend in the residential areas of Primorsky District.

As of April 14, the mopping-up of separate buildings in residential areas adjacent to the Azovstal industrial zone continues. Fighters of the Azov Battalion try to take refuge in the basements of residential buildings with the aim of later exiting the city in the guise of civilians.

According to conservative estimates, there were at least 14,000 of the most combat-ready and qualified servicemen of Kyiv’s forces on the territory of Mariupol before it was encircled. As of April 13, the remaining forces were estimated at between 4,000 and 6,000 combat-ready Ukrainian servicemen.

More Ukrainian Armed Forces units and foreign mercenaries have arrived in Donetsk, Luhansk and Kharkiv regions to take part in the upcoming battle for these regions in the east. The Russian military took advantage of the momentum and struck at the concentration of Kyiv’s troops.

For example, Russian artillery struck six strongholds of the units of the 24th Independent Mechanized Brigade near the village of Popasna. Per 120 servicemen of the unit, eleven armoured vehicles and fourteen vehicles of various purposes were destroyed.

There are reports from Kharkiv that three new nationalist battalions of the Ukrainian armed forces are being formed in the city. [INFORMATION FOR VISUALS ONLY:

“Slabozhanshchina”, “Harkivchyna -1”, “Harkivchyna-2”. The main contingent of the new units was recruited from the Alekseevska, Kachanivska and 43rd penal colonies in Kharkiv, where those convicted of grave and especially grave crimes were kept.] These battalions are supposed to blockade Kharkiv from the south and by no means allow the local population to leave the city.

In the Izyum sector, Russian units are advancing towards Sloviansk and Kramatorsk from the north.

Meanwhile, a large number of military equipment and servicemen have been concentrated in Russia’s Belgorod Region. These units are likely meant to take part in the upcoming battle for the east of Ukraine.

In the evening of April 13, the Russian Defense Ministry said that it had recorded attempts at sabotage and strikes by Ukrainian forces against facilities on Russian territory. It said that if such incidents continue, Russia will strike at Ukrainian decision-making centers, including those in Kyiv, which the Russian military has so far refrained from doing.

This statement raises a number of questions. For example, has the military and political leadership of Russia not yet realized that it is in a full scale war, at least with the “pro-NATO” Kiev regime in Ukraine, and probably with NATO, albeit indirectly?

Why did the Russian military refrained from striking at the “decision-making centres” when it attempted to blockade Kiev? What is the true role of Medinsky, Peskov and some other politicians in the current events?

Why, until recently, there was no military unity of command in the military operation of the Russian Defense Ministry in Ukraine, as British intelligence, eyewitnesses and events on the front lines declare and demonstrate?

The supply of weapons to Kyiv from NATO countries, including tanks is intensifying. The direct participation of NATO units in the conflict is on the agenda. According to local sources on both sides of the conflict, up to 40 percent of the most combat-ready Ukrainian units are already composed of citizens of NATO member states.

The incident with the Russian cruiser Moscow could be the trigger for a sharp escalation of the conflict, which is in the interests of a large part of the so-called “global elites”. The difficult domestic political situation in the United States, Germany and France is fueling the desire of the ruling elites to retain power by launching and under the excuse of World War III.


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  1. WWIII was their plan after HC assumed office. Of course that didn’t work out so now it’s a slow motion train wreck toward WWIII under Bidan with the rest of the NATO countries being dragged in kicking and screaming.

  2. This is Idlib all over again. When Putin decided not to go full out against the ISIS and Al-Qaida, so he can win Erdogan over.

  3. I’m fed up with it! We need to take off these gentlemen’s white gloves. “Moscow” flagman ship, shellings of Russian territory, damn it… Why western Ukraine is still feeling ok?
    I hope to read about massive cruise missiles and heavy bombs strikes in the morning.

    • Yes I agree with you, this is war and Russia is fighting against Ukraine troops but also the Nazis plus all the mercenaries from all over Europe,Canada, England, and just about ever place on earth.
      When these mercenaries are captured, they should get a speedy trial and the liquidated.

    • Andrew, this is much more than a tactical exercise. What we in the West call Zionism is in actuality a suicidal death cult. The Israeli Samson Option is not just a last resort, but Zionism’s ultimate goal. 50 million US Christian Zionists, 80% of whom voted for Trump in 2020, pray that WWIII will happen each and every day. In league with Ashkenazi US neocons like Victoria Nuland and Antony Blinken they are determined to poke the Russian bear into engaging in all-out war. This is playing out before our eyes in Ukraine. May Heaven preserve us all from the wrath of the Christian Zionists.

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