Ouch! Sarmat Launch Leaves US a Decade Behind in Nuclear Deterrent


DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian government funded media

MOSCOW, 21 April 2022, RUSSTRAT Institute

[ Editor’s Note: The Sarmat demo was its initial test required before going into full production. The missile launched, but whether the hypersonic glide weapons can deploy and work as desired will require another test.

That is quite a complicated process which takes time, and made more difficult with Russia’s weapons industry fully tasked right now as you might imagine, going through large quantities of weapons inventory.

So the mention below of this being a game changer must be viewed in the context of only being a concern when they are produced and deployed, years from now.

Russia is doing what it has done before with other weapon systems, and the US has done, putting the technology on display like it did with its testing of its hypersonic missiles. So what does all of this mean for us?

Russia acknowledges the quantity superiority of the NATO pact that allows NATO to ‘mess’ with Russia like it is doing now in Ukraine by feeding Ukraine a steady stream of weapons, which it hopes will weaken Russia. When push comes to shove, Moscow is showing that Western dreams of asset stripping Russia are a wet dream.

If a critical security line is crossed, it can respond with non nuclear weapons that the US does not have, at least not now, or not that we know of. If it were backed into a corner and forced to respond, would the targeted public bearing the pain put all the blame on Russia, or spread it among those of its own country that created the incident in the first place?

High end psyops people are gaming scenarios for such event, to avoid having to face an enraged public that knows it was led to disaster due to the overreach of ‘asset strippers’ in their own country… Jim W. Dean ]

And now the warning from Russia has arrived — the first and immediately successful tests of the newest “Sarmat” missile system. The same one from the magnificent five “Putin surprises” announced in the famous message of 2018.

It’s just cartoons, they said. Russia had only rusty missiles left, they said. Putin is bluffing, they said.

Get it and acknowledge it. Not literally yet, of course. So far — in the form of a test launch from Plesetsk to Kamchatka. But who needs it in the West, everyone understood perfectly. Or they are about to understand.

They will understand that today Russia has won the Third World War without firing a single shot. No one in the world, including the United States, has an answer to this new super-weapon of Moscow. And this won’t change for at least a few more years.

After all, “Sarmat” is not only able to overcome any existing missile defence systems, but also hit the territory of the United States, for example, through the South Pole. Or any other trajectory that makes their missile defence meaningless.

To “hit” means to wipe out a dozen million—plus cities from the face of the Earth with the warheads of one missile. Guaranteed. No other outcomes. Even tomorrow.

“These weapons will make those who, in the heat of aggressive rhetoric, will try to threaten us think,” Putin popularly explained.

It’s very much in time. And then some in the West, inflated by Ukrainian fakes and their own propaganda, suddenly began to declare that Russia is weak. That its army is good for nothing. That the heroic UAF have already destroyed thousands of Russian tanks and shot down hundreds of planes and are about to move on Moscow.

So, they continued, it’s time for America to intervene — to send not only weapons to Ukraine, but also troops, as Biden’s confidant, US Senator Chris Coons, said the other day. Such is the probing of opinions from Washington.

Now the Americans will come to their senses. They will sit down, count, scratch their heads. And to begin with, they will stop talking without thinking. And there, you see, they will look at Ukraine with a sober look: “We can’t hear you very well, mister Zelensky!”


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  1. Kennedy was still a part of it , think about it , he made you think politics , all though corrupt ,, that there were still good guys to put your faith into , wrong , you got played , just as the kennedy that speaks today
    kind of does much the same job , , @ Tommy your making me laugh are you a freemason ?
    global warming , is a cycle , have you ever studied the climate etc , guessing not , also its not the billions of humans that cause war , the people of the world are ok , its the politicians n government’s military industrial complex’s that are the bastards , along with the jewish merchant banker n there fake money control system of debt slavery , russian america theatre is a distraction to jews robbing our countries wake up

  2. And Zelensky is demanding payment of USD 7 billions per month for doing the dirty job while making Ukrainian suffer!

  3. it’s time for west to CHANGE POSTURE, leaving 800+ bases and come home. starting to stop meddling all around the world.
    For now ukronazis and Eu paying for american askhenazi crazy satanic behavior. israel UK too, soon and without speak anytime, all they did in last 80 years are crimes, crimes, murder, stealing sovereign resources of other nations…… now their economic implosion must take place also with the fall of fake dollars.
    Please America come home again and NEVER THINK TO MAKE OTHER CRIMES as…….Venezuela, Syria, All South and Central America, EU, Middle East, AFRICA (here also French criminals), and wherever they posed their dirty eyes, also stop to trade Heroin and cocaine with all Mafias all around the globe.
    If Kennedy remained in life all of that would not happened never!.. but these infamous satanic dirty men were helped by their people, their ignorant and idiotic stupid population which permitted them to make crimes for decades, centuries (from the time of Philippines slauthering in 1898 they never stopped to kill people…….

  4. Unlike Germany in WW II Russia didn’t wait till they were on the ropes to unveil they’re wonder weapons. How much more convincing does the west need that tangling with Russia is suicide?

  5. The fake war on terror has come home to hobble America. While we, the U.S. were chasing cave men around the world and torturing them to confess to crimes against us, Russia & China were building up their deterrence for the day when we come for them.

    • US wasn’t chasing cavemen around the world, that was sold to you through the lens of CNN. US and Hollywood have been creating these cavemen like characters to show that their bread and butter in the Arabian Peninsula and their marketing department and money laundering center in Occupied Palestine need to be protected from these characters therefore just like in Ukraine where they have to come in and protect Europe, they have to pour in all that supply inventory that would go bad sitting in shelves at home, otherwise they have not protected the interests of their allies.

      I still remember during the first Gulf War it seemed like all the C-5 Galaxy planes were doing over Eye Rack was to dump the dead and obsolete inventories of every supplier piled up since the last war over the desert and charging the taxpayers or their Kuwaiti brothers would suffer.

      There were rumors that Jim Baker initially gave a green light to Saddam to invade.

  6. What!? Russia builds weapons that actually work? In 2020, the USA spent $778 billion on military spending, more than the next nine top-spending countries combined. Russia spent a measly $48 billion. Here we are, $30 trillion in debt and the dollar about to implode. There’s no way out of this, folks… except WWIII.

    On the bright side, nuclear winter will be the cure for global warming and we won’t have all these billions of pesky humans running around having wars with each other.

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