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[ Editor’s Note: Nader Talebzadeh is gone, but his legacy will long outlast his Western detractors and fake proponents of democracy and freedom of speech, as they sanctioned him exactly because his positions were so solid and defendable.

It is an irony that he died in the middle of an evolving war in Ukraine that could be heading toward WW3 due to the misjudgments of those who appoint themselves as the protectors of freedom and democracy, a sad and pitiful irony.

The economic consequences are going to be devastating to many innocent countries, and we see how useless the UN is now, in what is a do or die situation to avoid this.

As of now, the only good thing I can potentially see, after we are down to the ashes, is to crash the UN and start over… with memberships having to be renewed every year based on conduct, and anyone caught cannibalizing another member would be sanctioned and ex-communicated.

Israel should be the first to be kicked out of course, as a serial cannibalizer.

People like Nader are hard to replace, as they have a full deck of talents that can do things like building bridges that others cannot, and the heart to do what others will not. Thus ends my cheery missive for todayJim W. Dean ]

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First published April 30, 2020

Talebzadeh, who was hospitalized since some time ago for complications of heart disease, suffered a heart failure. He was a documentary filmmaker, producer, TV presenter and cinema director.

He also wrote and hosted a talk show, dubbed “the secret”, for Press TV. Talebzadeh was also blacklisted by the United States, for organizing the New Horizons International Conference.


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  1. Apparently, he was a victim of a bioterrorism from his trip to Iraq, where the Iraqi intelligence agency took away his luggage and laced it with chemicals. He became sick since then, till he passed away. Thats what the Zionist do through their influence of their puppet regimes, eliminate those who work against them. Though, this wont prevent their defeat.

  2. Wow, VT, you’re very interesting, I have promised myself never trust any American stuff anymore, but apparently I have to place an exception…. the only thing that till now has seemed a little bit distorted about Iran (maybe unwittingly on your behalf) is that you underestimate Iran’s power, there’s no question that Iran is one the strongest countries in the world, we attacked the US’s air base (the first country ever dared to do so since WWII) and the US couldn’t do a damn thing, despite the fact that Trump threatened before our revenge that if
    you respond we’ll target 52 sites in Iran.
    And of course if Iran was weak, the US and the fake regime in the occupied Palestine would have attack us years ago, these so called Israelis and the US’s government are afraid to death from our military power, even while we have no nukes, and we no intention to build nukes, either way it’s good to see that reality hasn’t still die in the west and some good stuff like VT still exist……
    Good for you!

    • You have a fairly good grasp of English.

      The problem with Iran is it’s caught in the middle of the cabal. You see, Israel was founded by the Roths-child family. They in turn are one of 13 families that are of reptilian bloodlines. Means, that they are middle families working below the pure Reptilians.

      In turn, they use the Illuminati, and the freemason lodges to control humanity. This really began with the Scottish Rite being formed in Rhode Island.

      Well, how does any of this affect Iran? Scottish Rite Master Mason Albert Pike engineered all 3 world wars as early as 1872. The third world war to usher in Satanic Reign was planned to involve war in the Middle East between Islam and Judaism (now Zionism) with the end plan to demoralize the world to monotheism and usher in Satanic Reign.

      They want Iran manipulated into a future WW3 with Israel to usher in Satanic Reign. If Israel gets destroyed, or Iran destroyed, they do not care. Worship of Satan is their only concern.

    • @Mihail
      Yes you’re right, and whether we like it or not that WWIII between Iran and the Zionists is upcoming, if it hasn’t already started…
      50 years before 9/11, in 1949, Hollywood in the “porky pig and charlie dog” cartoon had implied to 9/11 while the twin towers weren’t even built, if they have been leaving trails since 50 years before it, we can assume that they have been planning for it maybe 70 maybe 100 years before that false flag operation occurs ( https://medium.com/@skeptical_for_truth/look-its-the-towers-they-re-falling-ef93699ebd82 ), but what they didn’t anticipate was the revolution in Iran, if iran didn’t change, till now all those Satans you’re talking about have occupied the world, but not now, our existence jeopardize their plans, and we will never let them to implement them , this war is the war of ideologies, not Judaism with Islam really, we have no problem with Jews, they are humans with different faith, but this is the war of Zionism (the occupiers in Palestine are a smal part of them) and Illuminates with the Shiite ideology as you somehow implied.

      They can’t win, cause this world isn’t created that finally be inherited by those criminals, whoever has watched two Hollywood movie would understand that Hollywood has gone further than propagating against Islam, They’re recently fighting with God and propagating against that (I don’t watch but even from their movie posters it’s clear what’s going on), but that’s all a dead end attempt. Thanks

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