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Another attempt to evacuate civilians from Azovstal via UN and Red Cross negotiations

…from SouthFront

Update: 3:57 EST – From the New York Times: About 20 women and children have been evacuated from Mariupol’s embattled Azovstal steel plant, according to a Ukrainian commander in the factory and Russian state media.

The news came amid United Nations-backed efforts to broker a ceasefire to allow hundreds of trapped civilians and Ukrainian fighters escape the factory, the last bastion of resistance in the besieged city of Mariupol.

JD comment to the above: For perspective, a hundred civilians had been estimated yesterday, but the Azov people would never give a count, because Kiev had pulled a 1000 figure out of its butt, to get bigger press coverage and the Azov people did not want to piss off Kiev.

Don’t expect Western media to print a retraction, or even an ongoing score sheet in its lies being exposed. It thinks it has cover simply by saying the lies came from ‘official sources’.

[ Editor’s Note: God only knows if this attempt will succeed. The US and NATO could have sprung these civilians simply by telling the Azov people that if they did not release them, their asses would be grass even if Azov got out alive.

That said, the Azov war crimes in Mariupol could be the trial of the century, which should include all the Azov fighters. But their defense would be that they were trained and working for the US and NATO from before the 2014 Maidan coup, and the US approved every atrocity they had engaged in.

One of the reasons the US pulled out of the International Criminal Court was that its own list of war crimes was growing longer and longer. I suspect the US legal people strongly pushed for the pull out, as they saw no real defense they could put up at the ICC.

NATO and the US have put the world economies in a hostage situation, via the inflation that they are captive to, and the sanctions on Russian fertilizer may spur greater food insecurity. The Ukraine war might create the largest flood of refugees that we have seen in modern times.

Gosh, who could possibly want something like that to happen, where they could later come in and buy assets for pennies on the dollar.

We need to rethink who the real enemy is, and where the grifters are, and why their political and military establishments protect them when they are attacking so many innocent people economically only because they want to put NATO forces on the Russian border in Ukraine.

So far, I see almost zero opposition to this senseless war which could be negotiated without all of this devastation.

Any people that would prevent a peaceful resolution would be purely evil, and all will be known if that path is pursued, but at what cost? Hapless war commander Biden wants to shovel $33 billion to Ukraine, where about $5 billion will be stolen right off the top, as that is the national sport for politicians there… Jim W. Dean ]

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An Azov cmdr’s doodling notebook captured, strongly suggests the rumors are true that they are neo-Nazs, but the West, including Germany, still supports them. What’s up wid dat?

First published April 30, 2022

On April 30, another attempt was made to evacuate civilians from the facilities of the Azovstal plant in the city of Mariupol. According to various estimations, about a hundred civilians are taken hostage in the basements.

They mainly include families of the Ukrainian Azov nationalist regiment, workers of the Azovstal plant and civilians from the neighboring districts who were lured and blocked in the facilities. There are a lot of children and women.

The Russian military regularly declared a ceasefire so that Ukrainian nationalists could surrender and allow civilians to leave. The Azov commanders have not used their chances yet.

This time, the UN and the Red Cross are involved in evacuation of civilians from the Azovstal plant. Representatives of the organisations have reportedly arrived in the village of Bezymennoye for negotiations. The village is located on the eastern outskirts of the city of Mariupol.

According to the footage from the area, dozens of buses are ready for evacuation of civilians. The area is secured by Russian servicemen.

At the same time, the city of Mariupol is slowly returning to the peaceful life. People are trying to restore some of the buildings. Russian authorities have already begun the reconstruction of some civilians facilities in the city.

For example, the Metallurgov Avenue was restored. This was one of the main hotspots of fierce clashes in Mariupol.

According to the head of the DPR, a large reconstruction project will begin with Russian support as soon as the issue of the militants blockaded in Azovstal is resolved. At the moment, it is necessary to withdraw civilians from the factory.

“Nationalists are now demanding evacuation, humanitarian corridors. But listen, humanitarian corridors for civilians are working on an ongoing basis. And if there is a desire to really save the lives of civilians, they should be released,” – said the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin.


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  1. Where was all the Emotion, Sadness, Suffering, Horrors of War Inhumanity displayed, brought to ‘Light’, for the People of the World, in the past 20 years, by the ‘FAKE NEWS WORLD MSM’, about the murders, tortures, sufferings of MILLIONS of innocent Men, Women and CHILDREN in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Israel/Palestine, that the US, NATO Members, Zionist Israel done??

    • The answer to your question is simple. Those millions you refer to are brown people.

  2. As with all aspects of this conflict, many lies and tactics are being employed. I just finished a Christoforou video, went to comment and cannot. No comments showing as well. The talk about the west involving themselves in Lviv and making decisions from there might also give a clue as to where Russia will strike in retaliation for strikes on Russia proper. Putin has stated that Russia could target decision making centers. It seems these centers are in Lviv now, not Kiev. This could eliminate many western instructors/NATO officers. Good. As well, there is speculation on the training of pilots for gifted F-16s, while many are saying that to train these pilots, many directly from pilot school, is not feasible. That may not be, but they cannot really use active duty airmen either. The solution is mercenaries, just as in the ground war. No active duty western players, all’s good. What remains to be seen is where these planes will launch from. The tanks and whatnot are likely to be terminated while sitting on tracks, as they are going nowhere. Since the EU says they will foot this bill, are they going to also pay for equipment that is destroyed before they even reach the war? Why, of course. Also loved Christoforou’s take on the Ruble/oil BS…corruption. Say it isn’t so. Money laundering in the west? Shocked, simply shocked. Then there is Jolie doing her interpretation of an attack on Kuwait…I mean Lviv. Sirens, but no attack. Yay, Hollywierd.

  3. “We need to rethink who the real enemy is, and where the grifters are,..”
    May be something important omitted?
    1) “Chabad’s Long Faustian Bargain With Russia and Putin
    After centuries of Tsarist and Soviet repression, the Putin era was a reversal of fortunes for Russian Jews, particularly for Chabad. But Russia’s Ukraine war reveals the moral catastrophe of this cosy symbiosis between Putin and his Kremlin Hasidim”
    If somehing in conditions of a problem indicated wrong or omitted this problem cannot be resolved, or theorem cannot be proved, as german philosopher Iohann Fichte asserted.
    2) “A Jew most violantly storming bastion if there sits another Jew” (Igor Guberman, soviet Jew)

  4. There is a CNN interview today with the Azov comdr, about the desperate straights they are in with them begging Zelensky to safe them. He mentioned a 100 civilians, so if the 20 were released today they kept 80 as hostages. I saw the video where the UN has buses for them all. He claimed their hopital had been bombed, when ww know they have levels way down, safe from bombing. Adding to the consufion is they mix the terms bombing and shelling interchangeably. The Western coverage of the Azov crew never mentions their NeoNazi history, nor anything on the history of what they inflicted on the people of Mariupol with CNN spinning that the Russians had being killing the Mariupol folks. This is yellow journalism on steroids.

  5. i agree with Tommy, divert the Kalmius river in to that complex to flush those Rats out. and when they come to the surface in the open immobilize them with dog tranquilizers to capture them. sure there are some valuable foreign assets among them.

  6. The Azov Nazis are probably on some very powerful narcotics. To think that you are involved in a war and commit some many atrocities and then just walk out with your weapons and live to fight another day, tells me that they have a few loose screws upstairs.

  7. You take what you can get in a horrible situation like this. Now withthat 20 are out they can tell the authorities exactly how many are left and what the real conditions have been like to set the record straight. And if the 20 say no civilians are left then the Donbass troops can pump gas into the plant from below via angular drilling and spark it off and wrap up the plant saga and more on to the next battle field.

    • A better idea would be to divert the nearby Kalmius river into the tunnel complex. As it starts to fill with water the Nazis will rise to the occasion. Last I heard, gravity in not a WMD.

    • It’s probable that these souls also have pertinent info to divulge, since “Elenskyy” is thought to have been writing off his military assets like a TD banker, and the chances of anyone getting out alive depends on the Russians. It’s medieval, the Ruskies should hold the French, Canadian and other NATO brass in Azovisal for ransom. Cheers Jim, you’re a skeptic’s dream, I appreciate your work. May we teach our children to be skeptics too.

    • Two things here. RE: NATO people in the Steel plants. I think NATO would trade a lot, not only to get them out, but to do so quietly, hence ransoming them out. But if they pitched that favor being a ‘down the road event’ then the Russians would get suckered. I would hold them to trade later with a negotiated settlement. That is there they have maximum value, and NATO only has itself to blame. If they had not been there and participated in the Mariupol war crimes they would not have the problem. And in that case Russia might offer a conditional trade for them is they are not charged with having aided and abetted in the slaugther of Mariupol. There a many witnesses, and they have to be protected to tesify, and hence kept safely outside the country. When a settlement is made Zelensky will unleash the death squads.

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    the US obtains most of their Potash from Canada – Caymans (futures) and Potlatch in Idaho. However, this will B sold to the highest bidder – soo don’t hold Ur Breth, that the US will not see disruptions and decreased yeilds going into the fall of 2023…

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