JEA: US officials are already attacking Russian aircraft in Ukraine. As you are about to see, they are almost certainly looking for World War III.

By Dave DeCamp

Anonymous US officials claimed to NBC News that US intelligence helped Ukraine sink the Russian warship Moskva, the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

The officials said the Moskva sank on April 14 after Ukraine launched two Neptune anti-ship missiles at the vessel. For their part, the Russians insist the Moskva sank in rough seas after a fire that was caused by an ammunition explosion.

The officials said that Ukraine asked for information about a ship sailing in the Black Sea south of Odesa that the US identified as the Moskva. The US helped confirm the location of the Moskva, and then the Ukrainians fired on the ship.

According to the officials, the US didn’t know in advance that Ukraine was going to fire on the Moskva and said the US wasn’t involved in the decision-making. Since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, the US has expanded its intelligence sharing with Ukraine to help target Russian forces.

The NBC report is the second time in two days that US officials made specific claims on what US intelligence is enabling in the war between Ukraine and Russia. On Wednesday, The New York Times reported that US intelligence was helping Ukraine kill Russian generals.

The Pentagon downplayed the Times report and said the US wasn’t sharing intelligence with Ukraine on the location of Russian military leaders but wouldn’t deny details outlined in the report.

While the claims about the Russian generals and the Moskva aren’t confirmed, they signal an escalation in the US information war against Moscow. Previously, the US had been hesitant to share details of its intelligence sharing with Ukraine over fears of provoking Moscow.


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  1. I know the editor here doesn’t agree, but at the root of this is the corrupt, demented moron who was illicitly installed into the leadership of your government. What is needed now, given the lunatics behind the Biden Admin’ determination to engage the Ruskies in a Nuclear war is a good old fashioned coup.

    Let us pray that somewhere inside your military there are people who understand what is at issue and are prepared and able to do something about it.

  2. I can’t help but wonder as one after another small escelation, how long will the incremental ones continue before one side or another side decides to sever the Gordon knot by going nuclear or some mass invasion which could get a nuclear greeting? When Obama, Clinton and Nuland did the coup in 2014 that it would lead to such an event? And if so they have seen it as a great success or unwanted glitch?

  3. Could anyone explain why Russians fight a war with their hands tied behind their backs ? Ever the US War College site says the US dropped more bombs in Iraq in five days, than Russia used to date. They also commented Russia in Syria , knows how to fight a war. Puzzling to say the least ? Maybe they have a plan ?

    • They don’t consider it a war but a special military operation. They are reluctant to declare war against their brothers in Ukraine because they want to denazify and demilitarize not conquer. This was the plan at the start but Ukrainians are acting like a terrorist state so who knows what the future will bring.

    • Wall Street likes terrorist states. When they have their stooge in the White House finish asset stripping these shit hole countries, they will move on to new prey. But, Putin will win this “battle” because he won’t make a money deal in the backroom with these jackals. Shock and awe only works when you plan to escape the carnage. Russia seems to be in it for the long run.

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