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[ Editor’s Note: With this news, we see the continuing slow creeping by the West toward WW3. It does not take a genius to see through NATO’s thinly veiled attempt of pretending NATO had not been attacked and hence it has nothing to retaliate for.

So what it is doing moving a tripwire into Western Ukraine to recreate conditions for NATO troop deaths from Russian strikes on the movement of NATO weapons to Zelensky, the acting president of the oligarch controlled country that shelled its Russian speaking citizens in the Donbas region for 8 years with 14,000 killed, to prompt Russia coming to their rescue so that the narrative can fit the invasion story.

Can anyone at VT remember a time when the US moved into a country on a rescue mission, where it was deemed by American media as an ‘invasion’? I can’t, but I am getting old.

So what we are seeing here is exactly what the US Pentagon chief said was the goal, that the plan had been to bait Russia into eventually coming into the Donbass region to rescue the Russian people there, and then use the camel sticking its nose in his owner’s tent during the sandstorm until he took over the inside and threw the owner out.

Part two of this fiasco, leaving out the various possibilities that the disaster scenario could take, we can already see that the rest of the world is going to suffer a huge economic blow, and one that could continue for some years.

NATO is not the majority vote for the citizens of the world, yet it seems to have assumed that role to itself. Even the Baltic countries who could have sat it out have exposed themselves to going down the toilet after one NATO flush.

Some would view this as a rogue element doing this solely for its own benefit. I doubt we would find anything in the UN charter that would give such a grouping of countries the right to do this. So who is really the threat to us all here?

When all that is needed is for Ukraine to be a neutral country and all of this looming disaster would not be coming at us like a freight train with a stroked out engineer slumped over the controls.

For all of you out there in the public, if you just sit back watching all of this, and think it is not your problem, I can promise you that it is. Your butts are on the line, even if you can’t or don’t want to see it.

For those of us in the US, submersed in this tragi-comedy of stupidity and leadership failure, we will be enjoying our parallel political war meltdown at the same time. It looks to me like the perfect storm that some group organized so that when the smoke cleared, they would be running whatever was left of the situation, and a reduced world population.

Silly me, I view that as a really unnecessary and bad thing. America is morphing into something we might not recognize when this is over. We are already allied with the neo-Nazis in this, something that mass media pretends it does not see. For you younger people, you will be living with the fallout for a long time.

Let me know what you think in the comments. You might as well have some say in this while you still can… Jim W. Dean ]

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NATO is also arming the Russians via captured weapons. And Ukraine hustlers can be selling US Stingers to terrorist groups for $200K a pop, to use on airliners.

First published May 6, 2022

President Andrzej Duda has announced the common future for Poland and Ukraine, calling it not an occupation, but “the erasure of borders.”

“There will be no more border between our countries — Poland and Ukraine. There will be no such border! So that we live together on this earth, building and rebuilding together our common happiness and common strength, which will allow us to repel any danger or any possible threat,” Duda said.

However, the Polish president did not explain what exactly is meant by the elimination of borders. Ukraine welcomed such claims of the Polish leader. In his turn, President Zelensky did not comment on the Polish plans.

Mr. Zelensky has previously expressed a similar idea, meaning the increased Polish military support to Ukraine.  As for Kiev, the elimination of borders between the two countries means the unlimited supplies of weapons and military equipment to the Ukrainian Army.

In fact, the political leadership of Poland is preparing the population for the introduction of troops into Ukraine and the upcoming war with the Russian Federation on the Ukrainian soil.

Duda’s claims are the public declaration of the de facto annexation by Poland of the territories of Western Ukraine under the quise of the military support against the Russian aggression. In this case, the Ukrainian statehood is doomed.

According to various estimations, NATO forces may be deployed in Ukraine as a “peacekeeping” contingent in the coming weeks. They will attempt to avoid the direct battles with Russian forces. At the same time, such a maneuver will allow the transfer of additional units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from western Ukraine to the eastern front lines, where the Ukrainian army is suffering heavy losses.

Duda’s claims were made amid the large scale military exercises near the Ukrainian border.

Defender Europe and Swift Response maneuvers were launched on the territory of Poland and eight other countries on May 1. They will last until May 26. 18 thousand servicemen from more than 20 states are take involved. Defender Europe exercises are held under the command of the 5th Corps of the US Army.

The Polish Defense Ministry announced “intensive movement of columns with equipment in the north and east of the country” from May 1 until the end of the month. Military exercises are indicated as the official reason.


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  1. Those countries who are doing the lockdowns and the mandatory vaccines are the same countries attacking Russia.

  2. Anschluss par excellence, like when Deutschland took over Austria. NATO knows no limits/borders, because NATO is the new East-Indies Companies of: {Pursers (Soros, SchwabStaffel), Peddlers (Liz Truss, Nancy Pelosi) and Contractors (Mercenaries)} all over again.

  3. I have decried the mad rush to war this morning. The May 5 Axios article that said the Biden admin no longer worries about confronting Putin, now that the scale of “Russian atrocities” has been made clear, that pushed me over the edge. I plan to contact my US Rep and 2 US Senators, but I won’t hold my breath that they will care, even in this election year… My family is making plans to get even farther away from the big city than we are now – farther west, because the prevailing wind is from the west. I want to be upwind and not downwind.

  4. “Can anyone at VT remember a time when the US moved into a country on a rescue mission, where it was deemed by American media as an ‘invasion’?”


    Except the “rescue mission” was from a supposed mad-dog dictator (not) and it was not deemed an invasion, instead it was called a “civil war” which there never was.

    The actual invasion was 250,000 AlQueda mercenaries sent in to kill and terrorize the peaceful population of Libya,
    while the UN sanctioned “no fly zone” featuring tens of thousands of bombing raids flattened anything and everything.

  5. Problem, reaction, solution; what folks don’t realize is that those that offer a solution are the same that brought on the problem. I thought that the Ukaine would become the next Israel not the next Gaza. And certainly not the staging of the NWO.

    • Yup. Ukraine has been low hanging fruit for the Zionists for years. This whole thing has been well planned since Ronnie Ray Gun took credit for the Berlin Wall circus. There are many acts in this tragic play and we are approaching the finale. While the braindead American population sits in the audience watching the unfolding of their own demise. Really amazing to witness.

  6. If we survive that long, Biden and the democrats are going to be swept from power in the mid-terms. This isn’t any endorsement of republicans, but it’s become obvious that the decrepit Biden is being lead by the neoliberal branch of the neocons; Blinken, Nuland, Austin, and they are a disaster not only for the US, but Europe as well. Biden will be completely neutered by a republican controlled House and Senate. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s impeached, as a cherry on top.

  7. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians will have to defend the borders of Ukraine if Poland and other European countries continue to pursue a policy of “dismemberment”. The Telegram channel “Pool of the First” writes about this.
    In particular, Lukashenko noted that some Polish politicians are already “sharpening their sabers” and see Western Ukraine as part of their country. In the future, according to the Belarusian president, it is Moscow, Kiev and Minsk that will be forced to fight for these lands.

    “The dismemberment of Ukraine is already in their head. Even the current leadership of Ukraine cannot afford this (the surrender of the western regions),” Lukashenko said.

    • The US propaganda machine lies to the citizens of the country, “glorifying” the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky. This was told by The American Thinker columnist Terry Titcomb.
      “All Americans know that Russia is “Bad” and Zelensky is a “Hero,” the author writes.
      According to him, in real life, the Ukrainian leader is a comedian supported by the oligarchs, who won the elections thanks to a peaceful agenda, and then turned into a dictator.
      The journalist is sure that the United States arranges armed conflicts to replenish the treasury, and uses false theses to inform its actions. He recalled that Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby at his press conferences never spoke about the suffering of the residents of the DPR and LPR.
      “Where were the tears of this Kirby in the last eight years, when Ukrainian nationalists shot peaceful towns and villages of Donbass with cannons and killed thousands of civilians, including children?
      Where were his tears on May 2, 2014, when in Odessa a crowd of Ukrainians drove a small group of peaceful protesters against the Kiev regime into a building, and then set it on fire and burned these people alive?“ — the columnist wondered.
      As noted in the article, Americans for the most part do not know about these events. They don’t tell them about the deaths of civilians in Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan at the hands of US Air Force bombers, Titcomb complained.

    • Also last days there was a comment of Janis Slaydins a representative of the armed forces of Latvia talking in broadcast Latvian radio, that Ukraine has plans to strike with missiles the Crimean bridge on May 9

  8. It seems to me that we in the west, are behaving like rabbits caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. This is clearly a potentially lethal situation. Does anyone have any idea as to what any of us can realistically do about it?

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