Patrick Lancaster went into Avastol Steel Plant Territory

"Yesterday I spent the day on the Azovstal territory, and only heard one explosion." - Lancaster


DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian government funded media

First Look with First Western Journalist In Russia & DPR Controlled Azovstal Territory Mariupol (Special Report)

[ Editor’s Note: This is a different Lancaster video in two ways. There are no interviews, and there are no action scenes, as it was a quiet day at the Mariupol Steel plant, with what looked like a ceasefire after the alleged last of the civilians were released.

It’s a narrated tour of the portions of the plant in Donbass troops’ and Russian hands, so the views are of the damage incurred, the eerie quiet, and then you have some ‘down the barrel’ views of what the former troops were looking at when blasting away at each other.

There was no follow up on the one report yesterday of an Azov battalion surrender. Southfront news is light, with not much news on the Donbass front, or even the usual overnight missile strike on Ukraine facilities that have been so regular.

It seems like most of the Russian and Donbass military was given a day to rest, which is not a bad thing when units have been constantly attacking and defending… Jim W. Dean]

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Above: the Massive Steel Plant, oligarch owned and quite devalued now

First published May 7, 2022

After many months of intense fighting in Mariupol fighting has come to almost a standstill as of the newest ceasefire declared yesterday. 05/06/22.

A month ago we should you how there was intense street battles across the city but day by day as DPR and Russian forces have taken control of more and more parts of the city the fighting has winded down to just a very small pocket of the city with only some Ukraine forces being in part of the Azovstal plant underground with many civilians.

Yesterday I spent the day on the Azovstal territory a only heard one explosion. At least 12 civilians were released by the Azov. In this report I show you part of the territory of the Azovstol and talked to the Russian and DPR soldiers who are fighting for the Azovstal.

There are talks among the locals that the Russian and DPR forces are planning a May 9th Victory day celebration in Mariupol. Kids play freely in the streets in most of the city. Weeks ago Russia declared victory in Mariupol.

The city is being cleaned and already some areas starting to be rebuilt. Life is coming back to Mariupol. It seems it is just a matter of time before the Azovtstal plant and Mariupol no longer has any Ukrainian troops in it so there is no question that the major fighting is over.

Now it is time for our team to move forward to some of the other breaking news areas in Donbass and beyond


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  1. The REAL reason for Russia still not controlling ALL of the Ukraine, is because the Russian Military making every attempt, effort, trying to limit Civilian Casualties! What have the US and NATO allies done, when moving in on IRAQ? Compare the attacks, the casualties?

  2. Pat’s doing a great job on reporting on the war. I’m glad you post his videos since I rarely ever go to YouTube 😎👍

    • One of our key goals has always been to sift through the news to find good stuff for busy people to read so everybody does not have to do all the searching grunt work. Someone, once upon a time, who did not like us, called us ‘just a new aggregator’, to which we replied, “Thank you for showing us we have been successful’ and we never heard from him again. 🙂

  3. Last night I watched a recent Graham Phillips video.
    The subject was attacking Patrick, accusing him of fake reporting to increase his bank account!! He used the video above pointing out the faces of the soldiers behind Patrick & how they, like Graham wished Patrick would shut up & leave.
    Apparently, Graham is turning green and has his feelings hurt because Patrick’s work is being used around the world.
    Jim, thanks for this article. Patrick’s own family came under attack. He moved them to Russia . His wonderful wife got the children settled and now she is back delivering aid to the
    Victims in Ukraine.
    Shame on Graham

    • Yes I saw that too, really ridiculous by GP he lost all credibility.
      Maybe he is trying to egg PL on to get closer to action so an “informed” sniper can take him out.
      Sure seems like Ukrainian rocket attacks had targeted his family twice, as though they knew exactly where they were and missles landed within 100 meters – once in Donetsk and again in Russian territory.

    • There has always been a jealousy/envy faction in this business, and always will be. It’s really stupid to piss one someone else’s work. If you don’t like it, the best and most time efficient way to deal with it is to just ignore it, nad focus on your own work. Better work usually requires more time, hence we avoid time wasters at all costs.

  4. Thanks for posting the latest update from Patrick Lancaster! Always appreciate hearing from him. The Graham Phillips mentioned above is a Brit. That pretty much sums up his lack of credibility.

    Defense Politics Asia appears to be a decent source.

    • I found the interactive maps just wonderful, kudos on them doing it when MSM, with its mass of people and funding, have not.

  5. Another english speaking guy named Graham Phillips who has been reporting on the war in Ukraine, insulted Patrick pretty badly after Patrick put up this video. Very strange.
    Anyways I watch all of Patrick’s videos consider him a great person doing what he is doing.
    Also found a good YT channel by guy in Singapore named “Defense Politics Asia” does good daily analysis of what is really going on in Ukraine war, shows the frontlines wiht maps, looks at what Russians say, what Ukrainians say, tries to get the evidence of what is true….usually hard to say but usually Ukrainians full of shit however you cant believe everything the Russians say either this is a war dont expect the truth we have no “need to know”…..Anyways this guy makes some sense of it all, at least tries to do the best possible.

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