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Patrick Lancaster went into Avastol Steel Plant Territory

There was no follow up on the one report yesterday of an Azov battalion surrender.

Would you Believe the Ukraine War is all about Controlling Resources?

Cumulative conditions, from the situation on the front lines in Ukraine to the global economic and social situation, suggest that a full-scale war in Europe is almost inevitable.

Inside Mariupol Drama Theatre Where 300+ People Were Killed

There are conflicting stories about what happened, so I have gone to this theatre to investigate for myself. Watch this report and see what you think.

Invalid elderly are dying in Mariupol due to technical challenges moving...

Zelensky thinks that the more invested NATO is in supplying him, the more they are on the hook to not let him go under.

Patrick Lancaster at Ilicha

War report. Video of craters exposing Mariupol tunnels.

Hidden Gems: Finding the Missing of Mariupol under Fire – Lancaster...

The people in Odessa must be sweating it out hoping a repeat of what happened to Mariupol does not happen to them.

Lancaster in Mariupol frontlines…again

We will pray that the angels continue to watch over Mr. Lancaster, and all the survivors of Mariupol so they can rebuild their lives.

Mariupol City Center – Hell on Earth, Patrick Lancaster report (new...

Jim W. Dean - Notice how there is no UN commission on the scene interviewing any of these people for potential war crime trials as witnesses.

Kiev Artillery Strike Hits Central Donetsk in Russia – Lancaster report

Jim W. Dean - The big item left unmentioned with the US not being involved at this stage is the sanctions.

Patrick Lancaster interviews Mariupol mothers with children refugees

Jim W. Dean - The news broke today that Nationalist battalions are planning to do the same to Odessa that Mariupol got, already lining the civilians up as their human shields.