Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin as Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus, dictus etiam Cunctator (Latin: also called “The Delayer”)


By Claudio Resta for VT Italia

Nowadays in the present conflict in Ukraine the delaying strategy of a slow and gradual attack on the enemy, targeting its supply lines, and accepting only smaller engagements on the favorable ground, rather than a decisive attack, this strategy doesn’t seem to reveal itself as a very successful one on a battleground, I personally believe.

Yet, despite the fact that this strategy has been adopted mainly with the aim of minimizing the loss of civilian lives, I guess, what is most unfair is the western indifference and contempt toward this human lives saving strategy that isn’t appraised and rewarded at all by Western PR and mainstream media.

That on the opposite is unfairly everyday stigmatized by Western PR and on all Western mainstream media in bad faith ignoring any respect for Ukraine’s civil lives.

I believe that the reason for this prudent and cautious strategy may be found in a sort of inferiority complex that Russians have always had toward the West.

Peter the Great fought to turn Russia from a backward country into a European country.

He went to see how the Dutch built warships and the Prussians trained the army.

Alexander, I had an inferiority complex towards Napoleon, at the time at the height of power. He never wanted to go against him, but he was forced to do so by the Russian merchant class.

The aristocratic ruling class at the time of the Tsarist Empire spoke French even after the revolution to feel part of that part of Europe that appeared more advanced.

Just Lenin was indeed free from this complex but he represented a unique example of this exception rather than the rule due to all his wanderings abroad during his exile with an extremely independent, critical, and lucid mind. His exile: a forced “Grand Tour”.

I personally believe that even Stalin himself, who apparently does not seem to be affected by such a complex, in some way was partly in line with this complex. At least he was not so absolutely free from it as Lenin although he did not show it.

Concerning the present situation, I believe that the Russian people and their leader should get rid of this complex given the particular historical moment we are experiencing.

The lowest point in the history of the West, especially in its culture, of its values, and of its civilization.

Beyond the Hindu religion, also in a secular perspective something like the Kalyuga of Western Civilization.

Or if we want to remain in a Christian perspective: We have to go back to the Great Schism of 1054.

Also because the reigning Pope Frances (?) doesn’t seem to have good credentials.

Two Popes alive at the same time (?!) and the implications of this coexistence (Sedevacantism, Munus Petrinus, and Alia;

His illegal election against Canon Law due to Sankt Gallen Mafia;

A possible charge of heresy for Bergoglio that no catholic dares to denounce (the Dubia of 4 Cardinals);

But his Church financially relies upon his power in the total absence of all spirituality.

And other relevant reasons like the spontaneous closing of churches for prophylactic measures and the blackout of spiritual assistance to Christian souls during Covid 19 emergency…Something never heard in all history, I believe.

According to the Protocols, the Pope and the Tzar were the last two bastions against the Plot…

So Russia please be aware of your high duty of responsibility towards this harsh present in contemporary history and please rid again all the World of evil influences and if necessary get yourself rid of your inferiority complex towards a now decayed West.


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  1. Personally I believe Putin’s military strategy is brilliant. By minimizing civilian causatives he is bringing the Ukrainians onto their side especially the ones who were used as human shields by the NeoNazis who will look upon the Russians as saviors. Making an indigenous insurgency unlikely. As psyops pros say winning hearts and minds something they were never able to achieve.

  2. Cardinal Godfried Maria Jules Danneels Belgium Primate in his autobiography write that he was among other Cardinals member of a lobby Called Sankt Gallen Mafia from the name of the Swiss Canton where its meeting were held whose purpose was to elce a progressive Pope. They tried even before the Conclave that elected Ratzinger but they didn’t succed, finally they achieved their goal with the election of Bergoglio. That was also a Jesuit which belonging is very irritual too.
    The problem is that lobbying was illegal since the choice of the candidate Pope is allowed by the Canon Law just inside Conclave never out and before it because just in Conclave the Holy Spirit is enlightening all the Cardinals. And sanctions against these plotters are extremely severe: their excommunication and the nullification of the election.
    Was Danneels a liar?
    I don’t think so, on the opposite I think that his auto denouncing of this sin was necessary to get the Lord’s pardon.

  3. Its not so much an inferiority complex from Russia (they first in space, etc, and they won WW2 and will win WW3 too if there is one, athletes best in world, women most beautiful I can say that married to Belarusian)

    Its the goddamm superiority complex of the west is the problem.
    Very NAZI is what it is…..

  4. While Putin may, in his methodical approach, clear fascist militants from his Southern border I dont think that is fair to task him with fixing the Catholics.

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