…by Jonas E. Alexis, VT Editor

The late Stephen F. Cohen of Princeton and New York University was one of the leading scholars who had the intellectual courage to say uncomfortable things—things that the mass social media didn’t want to hear about Russia and Vladimir Putin. Without a doubt, Cohen was one of the finest minds when it comes to issues related to Russia and the United States.

Cohen also was not the type of academic who would perpetuate nonsense about Russia without checking his sources and without serious scholarly examination. That’s why the Neocons in America didn’t like him. Cohen was a contrarian. As such, he doesn’t care about what the mass media establishment and puppets of the New World Order establishment.

Cohen was a tenured professor at Princeton and New York University, and what seemed to matter to him was an accurate description of what was taking place in the political landscape. That was one reason why he took on flaming Neocon Max Boot and put him on a frying pan.

Cohen had my respect. He declared in 2016 during an interview with Tavis Smiley:

“The orthodox, consensual, political media establishment view is that only Putin is to blame. We are completely innocent. We never did a single thing in the 25 years since the end of the Soviet Union to bring about a cold war. That isn’t true. But if we try to discuss it…then comes the cries, ‘Puppet of the Kremlin, agent of Putin.’”

Cohen again declared: “This guy [Putin] gives more interviews, more speeches, it’s all available in English” and “no one paid any attention to what Putin said.” Absolutely correct. John J. Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago said almost the same thing back in 2014. Mearsheimer even argued that “the Ukraine crisis” is actually “the West’s fault.”[1]

Cohen destroyed the Neocon and Ukraine narrative in a lecture he gave in 2015. It is worth your time and energy.

[1] John J. Mearsheimer, “Why the Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s Fault,” Foreign Affairs, September/October 2014.



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  1. Did you catch what he said in minute 34:00 ?
    John Kerry went to Sochi and came out with certain breakthroughs but BIDEN’S OFFICE CUT HIM TO PIECES THE NEXT DAY ….

  2. Same problems of many “influential” intellectuals that can never be discussed or admitted to that really is heart of problems:

    who really “did” 911,

    who supports ISIS and ALQUEDA arms them trains them uses them as mercenaries.

    He never once mentioned nazis in Ukraine and who trains them arms them kills Russians using them as assasisns.

    Russian intelligence, both KGB and regular people there know the answers to all this.

    Cohen really good guy however… more people should of listened to him instead of attacking him.

    But it has gone way deeper than what he projects and argued in 2014.

    • Also he confuses civil war with what it really was and still is, in E Ukraine: an ethnic cleansing campaign.

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