US Attempts to revive terrorists in different parts of Syria.


Damir Nazarov for VT Russian Federation

In early May, an “unidentified” bomber committed aggression against a bridge on an island near Deir Zor (Eastern Syria). The air aggression of the American-Zionist alliance was directed against the efforts of Iran’s local allies in the form of Syrian militias. This is how Washington prepares its local allies for the battle for the Euphrates.

Recently, the administration of the self-proclaimed “Rojava” has big problems, representatives of the Islamic Resistance of Iraq associated with the IRGC are increasing the number of missile attacks on American bases in the province of Deir Zor, which automatically negatively affects the situation of Kurdish separatists from the SDF (they are in the form of a party – PYD, and their military wing – YPG). Moreover, the local Arab population, dissatisfied with the dictatorship of the Kurds and the American presence, is gathering forces for an uprising. However, do not forget about the Turkish interventionists entrenched in the Qamishli region, negative influence of Barzani and the remnants of Takfiri from ISIS. Therefore, the inevitable collapse of the SDF project will make life easier in the Northeast of Syria, only for a certain moment. It can be concluded that periodic attacks by American aircraft on the positions of the Syrian army or “pro-Iranian” militias are attempts to “inspire confidence” to all the enemies of Syria stationed in the Northeast of the country.

It is important to note that against the background of the imperialist air aggression against Syria, it became known that the King of Jordan, while in Florida, met with the leaders of the “American Central Command”. The sides discussed “military cooperation and the common fight against terrorism.” It is important to note that against the background of the imperialist air aggression against Syria, it became known that the King of Jordan, while in Florida, met with the leaders of the “American Central Command”. The sides discussed “military cooperation and the common fight against terrorism.”

It is absolutely no coincidence that the raid on the Syrian militias took place in the midst of the visit of the Jordanian autocrat to the States. In many ways, the “ritual” air strike is intended to assure the “official” Amman that the common anti-Iranian and anti-Syrian strategy continues to dominate American foreign policy. Surely many people remember that Jordan plays a significant role in Washington’s anti-Syrian strategy, support for the southern insurgency (the MOC headquarters still operates on the territory of the kingdom), close communication with militants at the American occupation base At-Tanf located in southeastern Syria) and blocking crossings located on the border between Syria and Jordan.

With the support of terrorists, everything is clear, a typical tactic of the imperialists and their regional puppets. But what is the meaning of blocking border crossings? The fact is that Zionism discovered how the Palestinians in the West Bank began to actively arm themselves. Jordan is the closest ally of Zionism, respectively, the autocracy opposes the armed resistance of the Palestinians, as Amman has repeatedly reported. So who is the main supplier of firearms to the West Bank? Iran and Syria. Actually, in the current conditions of the pre-revolutionary situation near the al-Aqsa Mosque, Zionism and King Abdullah believe that first of all it is necessary to “cut off” any support from outside. That is why a number of tactical steps were taken against Syria (air aggression, resumption of militant activity in the south).

For their part, the Syrians and Iranians have demonstrated that they are ready for any developments, and Syria will continue to play a major role in supporting the Palestinians.




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  1. Likud may indeed not be Russia’s babushka anymore, but US so-called Christian Zionism is Likud’s organ grinder’s monkey. Each year it dances around with their little tin cup bringing in millions of dollars for Israel’s domination of the West Bank. Don’t they know that when their Jesus comes back to Earth, riding in on an ICBM, that the Ashkenazim will be turned to cinder cakes with the rest of us?

    • Democrats are better than the asshole Republicans but zionism is a cancer that doesn’t discriminate.

    • I said nothing about Democrats vs. Republicans. It’s insightful though that 80% of US Christian Zionists voted for Trump in 2020. Make of that what you will, Irani.

    • I was going to say exactly that Tommy that you never said anything about a Democrat or Republican but when I use the word Likud Irani knows well that I mean right wing Republican asshole.
      If I’m right his post above was meant for me.

    • This is very interesting that you think democrats are really any better than the evangelist Republicans, they are both ‘Zionist’, do you remember Biden said quote “My father pointed out to me that I don’t need to be a Jew to be a Zionist, and I am”, a lot of your politicians are neoconservative (new name for the Zionists) there’s literally no difference, even if they pretend to be different, they are all working for “one” system.

    • Irani I’ve been around for a few generations to know that historically democrats were all Blue Dog or Southern as they call them and a lot of them are still around as a sorry excuse for the Democratic Party of today which consists of many progressives who are not corrupted by Likud but they are in the minority. Sinema and Manchin in the US Congress are two fine examples of these filthy corrupted congresspersons who will take corporate or Likud money anytime they are offered.

      Republican assholes on the other hand, just as you rightfully pointed out that they are clear about their intentions, pursue corporate greed, wars and oligarchy as they have never represented the average Joe.

      In short Republicans are wholesalers whereas Democrats are still doing retail in corruption.

      People like Sinema and Manchin have the same agenda as any right wing pro war

    • I remember a picture with a good comparison, the left was the picture of a sea and the dorsal fin of a shark was in it, and the right one was a calm sea without “ostensibly” any shark, and there’s been written on the left picture “scary” and on the right one “scarier”!
      The democrats are like that, at least those a$$hole Republicans show their being a$$hole, but democrats hide it by their hypocrisy.

    • Not really, when you say Likud both of them come to my mind, how can I remember Trump and Bush but forget about Obama and Clinton?
      Yest, you didn’t talk about Democrats vs Republicans, but when you say Republicans are a$$hole but don’t say anything about democrats, I automatically think that the guy thinks Democrats are better than the Republicans, however I could be wrong.

  2. After Ukraine, next step for Russia is Syria. US Christian Zionists pray for WWIII each and every day.

    • The long game that is being played by Likud is that Ukraine was to make Russia hemorrhage from a major artery so Israel can penetrate Syria. Think of Maidan to now as the sanctions that they imposed on Iraq from 1990 until they raped it in 2003. The timings of “Syrian civil war” and “Euromaïdan” should tell you.

      Putin knows how to hit hard, make his intentions clear, and leave his signature everywhere so no one touches it anymore.

      Likud is just learning how to dance around it with the caveat that Likud is not Russian’s babushka anymore like I think your post insinuates.

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