Russia Begins Withdrawing Troops Stationed In Syria; Likely To Transfer Some To Ukraine

[ Editor’s Note: The Russian forces in Syria are ‘officer heavy’ due to the demands for more of them to manage a wide array of threats, combat activity, and logisitics there.

Moving some of these highly experienced people to the Ukraine front will provide better control over Russia’s effort to protect the Russian heritage people in Ukraine who have been under assault by the US backed Neo-Nazi factions for over a decade now.

It was part of the West’s shifting into using proxy terrorist and military forces in an ongoing debstablization conflict campaign, partly to justify the former’s military command budget but also to show their respective publics that they are ‘being defended over there’.

Of course it brought terrorism to Europe, but not so much to the US, where the hunt for them after 9-11 was so unfruitful that many today look at the FBI sting efforts of enticing people to engage in an act was an effort to protect the huge increased funding being pushed out at that time.

Remember when even smaller cities were getting those million dollar ‘command centers’, via the ‘take it or someone else will get it them’ rational ?

VT wrote about this in real time because MSM would not touch the con with a ten foot pole. The first exposure of the scandal was with the partially retarded youg black teen in Miami that was seduced into an act by a ruthless informant, and then busted.

Yes I know that was long ago, but we need to not forget how we got here from there. We are better prepared now than we were back then, but that unfortunately has attracted more enemies, including the domestic kind. That’s a shitty reward, but that is the world we live in now, where the ‘good guys’ are sometimes the ‘bad guys’. …Jim W. Dean ]

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Hunting Nazis should be something NATO should be doing, but in Ukraine it is allied with them.

…from Republic World – India

As the ongoing war in Eastern Europe is at a critical juncture with Russia looking to ‘liberate’ the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine, it has now decided to pull out its armed forces from Syria.

An Israeli news outlet reported that Russia has commenced the process of withdrawing its troops from Syria, consolidating them at three airports before transferring some of them to Ukraine to have a stronger presence in the neighbouring country, which Kremlin is currently invading.

Russian Ministry of Defence suggests that 63,000 military troops were stationed in Syria between 2015 and 2018, with nearly half of them being officers. The abandoned Russian Federation airbases have been transferred to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, an Iranian military-political organisation, and Hezbollah, a Lebanese group.

The Revolutionary Guards took over the Mahin base – which is one of Syria’s largest and is home to 25 weapons and ammunition storage facilities. This comes as Ukraine has shown strong resistance and thwarted Russia’s plans to lay siege in areas of strategic and geopolitical significance.

A Pentagon official earlier this week stated that the Russian army has made “limited” progress in the second phase of the conflict. The official also stated that the Russian troops have weak command, low morale, and bad logistics, which has caused the operation to fall behind schedule.

During the onset of the ongoing war, Penatagan stated that Russia is recruiting Syrians and other foreign nationals to fight for Russia in Ukraine.

Also, from Republic World

‘Russia Will Stay in Ukraine Forever, There’ll be no Return to the Past’: Kremlin Official

Russia will remain in southern Ukraine “forever”, a politician affiliated with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s United Russia Party claimed on Friday. Senior leader Andrey Turchak, who was touring the Moscow-occupied Kherson region said that both Russians and Ukrainians will live and prosper together in the southern oblast.

This is the first time that any Russian leader has made an open claim about Russia’s alleged ambition to annex Ukraine. Also, it is important to note that Turchak’s party has been in majority since 2007 and has a considerable say in the Kremlin’s decisions.

“Russia is here forever. There should be no doubt about this. There will be no return to the past,” Andrey Turchak said, according to a statement from the ruling United Russia Party.

He added, “We will live together, develop this rich region, rich in historical heritage, and rich in the people who live here.”

Kherson was one of the first cities to be captured by Russian troops in its all-out war. The Southern city is currently suffering from a shortage of medicines, food, and other essentials. However, Turchak said that after the war gets over, Moscow would open a humanitarian centre in the city for the delivery of food, medicine, and essentials.


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  1. The Israeli firsters of the Russian army in Syria are sent to defend their own in Ukraine.
    Soleimani would have welcomed this move. He brought Russia to Syria for its air superiority and the job was done in 2017.

  2. Nothing worthwhile and relevant comes out of the Pentagon – a money pit rather than a centre of military excellence.

  3. I think the return of the southern territories of Ukraine is fair. Ukraine does not deserve access to the sea, either. And it will be done. Playing with fire always ends badly.

  4. Hi, J.W.D.
    You yourself write in your notes that «Moving some of these highly experencied people to the UKR front will provide better control over Russia’s effort to protect the Russian heritage people UKR who have been under assault by the US backed Neo- Nazi factions for over a decade now».
    Question, who is it that supports this new phase from the United States?
    Your answer will always be: TRUMP, TRUMP and TRUMP. But never Obama, H. Clinton and Biden, Obama, H. Clinton and Biden.
    This is because it is written in the “Talmud” of US Imperialism. The rest he writes is the “Talmud” above. Sincerely.
    Finally, Democracy was born in Sparta and not in imperialist Athens (read Thucydites and, it seemed licet, the supreme Erasmus, whose Adage from the time of the Greeks, reports: “did you get Sparta (in the votes)? Why, instead of honoring her, do you destroy it?” And it is your dishonored democracy that like the plague has dishonored all democracies, minus, hoibò!, Russia.

    • I´m a huge Erasmus fan, specially the book praise to the madness. Can you help me with other titles of him, please? Here in Portugal it´s hard to find he´s work. Is the title Adagio correct? Thank´s.

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