Why Russia and Ukraine? Are we forgetting the West and Libya and Iraq?


Double standards, genocidal, racism, crusaders, and forgetful consciousness of the West towards Russia in the Ukraine war as it was towards Iraq in the Gulf war

By Claudio Resta for VT Italia

Double standards consciousness of the West in the sense of judging the actions of others according to very different criteria which guided in the recent past its own actions.

To give just one example, I would mention the Gulf War, but other examples could also be mentioned, in which the West has behaved in the recent past in a far more aggressive, arbitrary, and far less respectful way of human rights than Russia, as in Libyan war too.

Let me remember that the Gulf War was an armed campaign waged by a US-led coalition of 35 countries against Iraq in response to the Iraq invasion and successive annexation of Kuwait.

There is a double opposite analogy between the Gulf war and Ukraine war, from one point of view Russian attempted annexation of Ukraine is in some way analogous to the annexation of Kuwait by Saddam’s Iraq.

From the opposite point of view a mixed strategy of providing arms to Ukraine and sanctions against Russia campaign waged by a US-led coalition of many countries.

The main difference between these two wars is that the Armed Forces of the coalition of the willing were directly involved in the Gulf war while they are involved mainly (?!) indirectly as weapons purveyors in the Ukraine war, supported by strong anti-Russia propaganda and fake news on mainstream and social media.

And the claimed indirect nature of this war sound just like a trick! Sabotage.

And also let’s point out the fact that this war seems also to be an economic hit war. Among whose purposes are famine in undeveloped countries, and the collapse of the economies of the willing coalition, mainly European ones.

Just like anti-Covid 19 measures’ effects, look how strange! Look at the coincidence!

However, back to the Gulf war, it consisted of two campaigns: the first one in 1991, and the second one in 2003 this happened in ways that were extremely violent and cruel (Bulldozer assault, Highway of Death among others) as I have already occasion to recall in another piece of mine and that I think would certainly have been sanctioned by a Geneva Convention in their spirit if only such a Convention at that old times had been able to foresee these new contemporary offensive techniques.

And unfortunately, it’s not any more time of chivalrous warfare and honor code but of Fordist industrial destruction of enemy forces and weapon systems.

In a careful manipulative strategy of PR and media control as in the motion pictures Wag the Dog…

These campaigns of the Gulf war were accompanied by severe sanctions that caused, among other things, a long and protracted massacre of children who could not receive the necessary care

The former US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, at the time of Gulf war and sanctions publicly admitted that she thinks the deaths of half a million Iraqi children consequence of sanctions against Iraq were ‘worth it’, in the most absolute indifference and hypocrisy of the West for ‘democracy and human rights’.

These sanctions that it is good to emphasize lasted about twelve years so their effects were well-seen a longtime were and determined by a genocidal, racist, and crusader attitude of the West.

Racist and crusader attitude against those Muslim and not western neither jew Iraqi kids.

As racist and crusader attitude as the present one against Russian Orthodox people.

Whose religion is neither as approved in the USA as the Jewish one, nor as Catholic and Protestant ones that all are the favorites, elected religions of Uncle Sam and they are all rivals of Orthodoxy?

Which is in some way Heterodox in America…An oxymoron.

Despite the fact that Orthodoxy is the religion of an Ancien Regime of Central Europe against which the American Revolution was made. Nevertheless with religion, any religion you hit a nerve in America, yet.

A little detail at the end: I think that the sanctions against Patriarch Kirill are particularly inappropriate.

For good or evil, he is the Primate of a Church, in the World, on the Earth.

Would you ever sanction the Pope? Aren’t you afraid of offending American Catholics?


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  1. Congratulations on the comparison between the war in Ukraine and the war in Iraq. But the reference to the American Revolution against Orthodox Christians is a conjecture devoid of any historical and geopolitical sense.
    In the first place the Ancien Regime of Central Europe was dominated by the Habsburg Empire fervent Christian Catholics and not by the Oryodossi who experienced a revival in the countries of the former Soviet Union of Central Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Atheist Commuism.
    Before, the Orthodox Church was split into two sections: that of the Patriarchate of Moscow and that of Constantinople.
    The attacks of Anglo-American Freemasonry, whose rules a Protestant pastor wrote, have been well coordinated against Catholics since the breach of Porta Pia in Rome in 1970, following the Expedition of the Thousand and the American Civil War, coordinated by London by Giuseppe Mazzini and from the USA by Albert Pike who used all his influence to kill Abraham Lincoln.
    Finally, in 2019 if I am not mistaken, the Greek Orthodox Church legitimized the autocephaly of the Orthodox Church of Kiev which has thus become an instrument of religious propaganda in the hands of NATO and the Catholic-Freemason Biden.
    Joke with the infantrymen but leave the Saints alone. If you are not familiar with the history of religions

    • My mistake it was writing Central Europe instead of Eastern Europe as it was in my mind. I thought that Central Europe could include Russia too, in an historical sense, since they use to say Central Empires meaning both Austria and Tzarist Russia.
      In fact in my piece I was meaning Hortodox Russia… that of Patriarchate of Moscow as you can see by my final reference at Kirill.
      Hortodoxy that I think is pretty neglected as a religion in America maybe because there are some Russian Jews in the States but not as many Christian Hortodox, I guess. At least you don’t see them.
      At the end I still think that Hortodox Christianity in the States is maybe seen as the religion of Tzarist Absolutism something too much un-American…
      Something irreconcilable with the values and principles of American Revolution.
      But how can Americans discriminate between religions, moreover of Christian roots?
      Then maybe I am not as familiar as you are with the history of the religions but I would appreciate if you will not raise your finger at me like a master anymore. I find it disrespectful. Thank you

    • US was made on the roots of Pike’s Masonic absolutism. He’s the only southern general with a monument

      So I think the problem is not the Christian Tzars Absolutism instead just the authentic Christianity. As I wrote in other comments the American Christian Kazharians are an oxymoron.
      Maybe, first, it was disrespectful before the Americans, Christians, Orthodox write three fast sentences on their very complex relationships using “maybe”, “I think”, “I guess” that show a few will to deepen the great problem of human conscience and that of a nation.
      I will not be a master anymore. But please learn to write Ortodox whitout “h”. Thanks

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