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[ Editor’s Note: Today was good news, as the Ukrainian neo-Nazis can continue their Yellow Brick Road tour and not die in the caverns of the Mariupol steel mill.

Mariupol can continue clearing rubble and repairing basic utilities, so the city can slowly come back to life. For senior citizens with health issues, it might be better to send them to Russia until the war is over, where they will get good care.

The most urgent task will be getting the port functioning properly, although it could become a target by Kiev missiles or one of the NATO countries.

A prisoner exchange of regular military soldiers was mentioned. Those on both sides could find themselves on the front lines again. NATO has shown no interest in a negotiated settlement to keep Ukraine as a neutral buffer country.

With Finland and Sweden wanting to join NATO, NATO will want to push harder for this war it has always wanted, using the well practiced proxy soldiers that include regular troops, along with the neo-Nazis, and Mideast terrorists… Jim W. Dean ]

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Hunting Nazis should be something NATO should be doing, but in Ukraine, NATO is allied with them

First published May 17, 2022

On May 17, the Russian Ministry of Defence confirmed that the surrender of the militants of the nationalist Azov regiment and Ukrainian servicemen, who were blocked at the Azovstal plant in Mariupol began.

Over the past day, 265 militants have laid down their arms and surrendered, including 51 seriously wounded. All those in need of medical care were sent for treatment to the hospital in Novoazovsk, Donetsk People’s Republic. The other were transferred to the village of Elenovka in the Donetsk People’s republic.

The surrender of the “garrison of Mariupol” continues. The Ukrainian fighters are disarmed, then they are sent to Novoazovsk or Elenovka.

On May 17, a Russian military reporter in Mariupol claimed that as of May 16, there were over 2.5 thousand AFU servicemen in the industrial zone, 404 of them were wounded. 55 servicemen were seriously injured. 200 corpses of dead fighters were frozen in refrigerators.

There were also three Russian prisoners, including an officer and two soldiers.

In total, 804 members of the Azov nationalist regiment were hiding in Azovstal. The others were servicemen of the 53rd, 54th, 56th separate brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the 36th separate brigade of Marines, 501st and 503 separate battalions of marines and 12 brigade The National Guard, which included “Azov”.

The military reporter added that the decision was made not to comment on the situation in Azovstal. The officials claims will be made by the Russian Ministry of Defence.

In an attempt to justify the fall of the Ukrainian fortress, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine called the surrender of the AFU remnants from Azovstal a “delicate situation.”

The Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine stated that the GUR, the AFU, the border service, the National Guard, the SBU, the National Police and Azov are carrying out a special operation to rescue defenders of Mariupol blocked on the territory of the Azovstal plant. If the operation was aimed at the transfer of the nazi fighters to the Russian military, it likely succeeded.

The Kiev regime continuesly claims that all the Ukrainian militants should be exchanged for the Russian prisoners of war. The Russian military officials have not confirmed any exchange so far.

Moreover, on May 17, State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin ordered to work on the proposal of the members of the State Duma to prohibit the exchange of all Ukrainian Nazis to Ukraine. He added that this issue should be worked out jointly with the Defense and Security Committee.

“You are making the right offer. Nazi criminals should not be exchanged. These are war criminals. We must do everything to ensure that they face trial” Volodin summed up.


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  1. Defense and Security Committee !

    another AKA Checka / NKVD slammer N Russia / got’ their first batch..

    Nasties R still in the basement of that plant – :: fite it out like the stalingrad rail station” !

    • This is going to be very good care for all banderists and Azow neo-nazis. Rope or lifetime cleaning North Siberian uranium mines. You are welcomed there, as well.

  2. Why Russia was silent for years if Ukrainians were Nazis? They suddenly realized it just when Ukraine wanted to join NATO?
    If Russia wants to continue this way, and threatens more and more countries about joining NATO, it’ll soon become America 2.0!
    The idiot Helensly sacrificed his own people for the benefit of the Zionists and America and played the role of a patsy for the Zionists, but Russia put itself into a trap too, this war has no real winner.

    • We were not silent. we talked to the whole world. They didn’t hear us. Did you personally know that in Ukraine the Nazis merged with the government?

    • Of course, it is wrong to call all the people Nazis. But there are also articles and videos on the web from the BBC and DW, other information channels, which describe the emergence of Nazism in Ukraine since 2014 and their gradual merging with the country’s authorities.

    • Andrew, I have read the Russian state medias for several years, and I’ve never seen anything like that, I’d be happy if you can mention one article.
      They can’t simply call a nation “nazi”, cause they don’t like them, they have to have evidence, by just talking they can’t prove anything.

  3. This can only be construed as unconditional surrender by NATO. Our Zionist-controlled MSM has completely lost control of the narrative. After this major loss of prestige, expect a doozy of a false flag.

    • Like a fake assassination of Zelensky so he slip out the back door to Zionist heaven in Miami? Shouldn’t be too hard to find a double for him and put a few rounds through his cranium. Now, that would really draw more crocodile tears from Uncle Joe. What a total farce this has become.

  4. I read some time ago that a very saintly Orthodox Priest stated that Russia would completely destroy Turkey.

  5. Looks like Freemason Turkey has whoreheatedly agreed to let Sweden and Finland join NATO as long as sanctions against Turkey for buying a Russian missile defense system are lifted. Erdogan loves the PKK in Sweden and Finland because he’s a fake Turk. Every about Erdogan is fake. Whether it’s buying oil from the PKK Kurdish Barzanis to sell to Israel at the port of Ceyhan, or getting down on his knees at Freemason parties, he plays all sides like a whore.

    I don’t see an end to Russia’s problems any time soon. It seems problems are really just beginning. Russia needs to actually realize they are at war with Satanism. All the West is ruled by Milabs.

    It would be nice if VT actually realized at some point Reptilian entities with advanced tech and shapeshifting abilities run the west through Milabs. However, VT has been doing good the last few weeks. Gordon has been focused on how screwed up Ukraine has been instead of trying to force vaccinate every man, woman, and kid in America and the usual Fauci and Biden worship. That’s a step in the right direction.

  6. I believe the few that surrender so far that a whole lot of the Nazi and Foreign fighters are still in the steel factory. Russia should keep troops around it for some time because I think that sooner then latter those hiding will try to sneak out and run to the port and try to grab a ship and the Ukies will try another helo operation to get the Nato General and other high up officers forces out.

  7. Article makes no mention of the number of mercenaries and foreign governments with fighters in the plant. Like wasn’t there a Canadian General that is into weaponizing bioagents, that Canada has tried to distance themselves from? He can’t be the only one.

    • Toby, soon it will be clear. They all have to be identified and interrogated.

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