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Is Russia to blame for the global food crisis?

…from Southfront

[ Editor’s Note: My, my…NATO and the West, who have been warring on the Russian people inside Ukraine, now want to blame Putin for wanting to save/protect 5 million Russians in Ukraine who had been targeted for ‘livlihood extermination’, by turning the Neo-Nazi battalions loose on them.

All entreaties to stop the carnage were rejected out of hand by the NATO and the West, who decided to force Putin to save Donbass, so NATO could crank up the proxy war that it wanted there, thinking it would win a war of attrition.

Despite the huge modeling technology we have, none of the key war instigator countries seemed concerned about the economic ripple effect in food and energy production that would affect all countries.

Now we see why. They had planned all along to blame the economic chaos on Moscow to escape any responsibility. Key to getting away with that required having Western mass media join in blaming Russia, in lockstep with the politicians.

The competency of Western leadership is either in a sharp decline, or has been bought off by the huge financial powers behind the curtain.

If anyone has any idea on how to reverse this trend, that hero slot is open to all comers, races and religions. If we don’t beat this down, we will have front row seats watching humanity ‘devolving’, something I do not want a ticket to, but is being forced upon us.

Let me know what you think in the comments… Jim W. Dean ]

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Maria Zakharova

First published … May 18, 2022

Western leaders, headed by U.S. President Joe Biden, claim that Russia’s actions in Ukraine have blocked food sources needed for worldwide supplies. In particular, Africa will not be able to survive without Ukrainian grain.

As the threat of a food crisis grows, Europe and the United States are seeking Ukrainian grain to replenish their strategic reserves. Earlier, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his desire to help Kiev with the export of grain abroad.

On May 17, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrel claimed that the European Union will help Ukraine to empty the granaries.

“Ukraine’s vaults are now full. They need to be emptied to get a place for a new crop. We are working to export this grain,” Borrel said.

Europe is transferring millions of tons of grain out of Ukraine at the moment when grain prices in Europe have reached a historical record, exceeding 438 euros per ton.

Western politicians linked the sharp rise in world food prices has arisen due to the fact that about 25 million tons of grain remain blocked in Ukrainian ports. This led to a reduction in supply on the global market and caused prices to rise. Western countries accuse Russia of undermining food security.

Maria Zakharova, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, commented on the situation and shared her thoughts on the matter. She stated that agricultural production has been in crisis for more than 2 years.

In 2021, the growth rate for wheat was up to 25%. By February 2022, prices were up 62% from 2017. For example, the cost of corn rose to 162% and rapeseed to 175%. Maria Zakharova explained why grain prices are rising.

  • COVID-19 disrupted supply chains, and the transportation process itself became more expensive. Many states took anti-crisis measures and poured a lot of money into their economies, which led to inflation. Prices on agricultural markets became unregulated. Food stocks have almost run out in the last 5 years, so the price of grain has doubled.
  • Transition of Western countries to “green energy” also affected the prices. The development of alternative energy sources has raised energy prices. Oil quotes from 2020 to 2022 increased by 22%. Fertilizer prices have also risen (4 times for carbide, 3 times for the rest), and therefore grain prices have risen as well.
  • The selfish and short-sighted policies of Western countries have led to a crisis in other regions of the world. During the coronavirus outbreak, the U.S. and Europe took over almost all of the goods and food flows they did not need. As a consequence, Africa and some Asian countries were under-supplied. Farmers used less fertilizer and planted fewer plants, and agricultural production declined.
  • Sanctions against Russia have exacerbated negative trends in the global food market. Agro-producers became hesitant to expand business. The sanctions affected all production, economic and logistics prices. A huge number of logistics and financial chains were broken.

Zakharova added that in its turn, Russia is ready to fulfill all contractual arrangements and fulfill its obligations regarding the export of agricultural goods, fertilizers, and other products.


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  1. Maybe Europeans will eventually understand that the massive use of sanctions against Russia is a weapon directed at them, not Russia. All of this is to stop the integration of Germany into the new Belt and Road Initiative. Without Nord Stream II, Germany faces a catastrophic energy shortfall this winter. Victoria Nuland explained back in January: “If Russia invades Ukraine one way or another Nord Stream 2 will not move forward.” The task will be to create a suitably offensive incident and depict Russia as the aggressor. Uncle $hemuel is cooking up something BIG, maybe involving the carrier USS Sitting Duck. May Heaven preserve us all from the wrath of the chosenites.

    • The so called European leaders are just too stupid to understand consequences. Kissing US asshole is much easier to perform then thinking.

    • I don’t know where or what country you are from, but seen from France, I support exactly the same opinion concerning Ukraine, the aggression against Russia, this Judeocratic pandemic which has already knitted us a WW (The Nr 1 and Nr 2 § of the last WW) and the rotten cowardice of the submission touching the political leaders of Europe.
      Thanks to VT, there are now few cracks in the wall of lies built by Zionism, but there is so much more to do!
      This fight of the jewish hidden face , is aiming at the total destruction of human peacefull societies . Nothing less ! They already attempted the same goals ( destroy western states after Russia’s vernichtung ) in 1914 with the blackmail they waged over Pdt Wilson . ( Rothschild via Jacob Schiff & Dembitz Brandeïs for the war prolongation = peace one year postponed in 1917)
      It’s our job to stop those blood suckers now ! The whole of mankind is at stake !

  2. What is the interest in grain? Ukraine is facing a famine this year. And the grain is being exported! Who will feed these Nazi collaborators? That’s right – Russia. But as soon as we regain all the lands that belonged to the Russian Empire, the number one grain producer in the world will be my country. In the West, they can start training to gnaw iPhones.

    • Good reason for people to go gluten free. Seriously, we may have rationing throughout the “modern” world. But, everyone will still have a cell phone. Like all the immigrants that walked thousands of miles without food to the Texas border. All bullshit planned to eliminate millions of useless eaters. Russia should build a “no entry” wall on their borders and tell everyone else to screw off.

    • Excellent point Andrew, the saking of the grains by the E.U shows realy the villany of the european leaders. The entire country will fuffer.

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