John Eastman Sinking Lower into Trump’s Insurrection Swamp

Eastman is also urging U.S. District Court Judge David Carter to shield dozens of contacts with state legislators


Attorney John Eastman tries to hide two Trump handwritten insurrection notes from the J6 committee.

…from Glenn Kirschner, with Justice Matters

[ Editor’s Note: Wow, I knew Glenn was not pulling any punches with the ‘Treasonous lawyer’ lead in with Eastman, obviously not worried about a slander lawsuit.

Trump’s gang of rogue lawyers, including his own attorney general will be remembered in American history as ‘what not to do’ when working for political gangsters, with Trump maybe at the top of that list.

The same judge that ruled Eastman ‘more likely than not’ was engaged in a conspiracy with Trump to steal the 2020 election, with not just one Rube Goldberg plot, but layers of them.

It’s going to be very messy to live through, but when we come out the end of this political car wash, we might have the Trump mob stench washed off of American democracy.

Eastman also wants the Judge to block access to his communications with state legislators about replacing state elector lists to steal the election, as they could target those legislators with criminal charges themselves… Jim W. Dean ]

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John Eastman at his Jan6 address that might change his life

First aired May 22, 2022

Treasonous lawyer and architect of the insurrection John Eastman is attempting to hide from the House select committee investigating the Capitol attack two notes handwritten by Donald Trump.

They contain information Trump “thought might be useful for the anticipated litigation” regarding his efforts to overturn the election results, according to an article in Politico authored by Kyle Cheney.

Here is why Eastman’s claim of executive privilege will fail and we will see the contest of those notes during the public hearings scheduled to begin on June 9.


Here is an excerpt from Kyle Cheney’s Politico article, worth a full read itself.

John Eastman, the attorney who architected Donald Trump’s last-ditch legal strategy to overturn the 2020 election, revealed Friday that he routinely communicated with Trump either directly or via “six conduits” during the chaotic weeks that preceded the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.

…John Eastman is also urging U.S. District Court Judge David Carter to shield dozens of contacts with state legislators, some of whom he advised to appoint slates of pro-Trump electors, overriding the certified results of the popular vote in their states. | Susan Walsh/AP Photo


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  1. Team Trump has mastered the art of psychological projection. When they repetitiously claim that the election was stolen, the truth is it is that they [Trump] tried to steal the election yet failed to do so. Trump has 7 hours of missing phone calls from Jan.6th. He has removed classified materials and brought them to Mar A Lago. He is destroying as much evidence as possible just like he said Hillary did with 30,000 missing emails. Is he the pot or the kettle? No election is perfect, but there were 86 challenges filed by President Trump and his allies in court. All were dismissed. Every state certified the results … after investigations, counts and recounts. The Department of Justice — led by William Barr — said there’s no widespread evidence of fraud. Now Georgia is coming after Trump for possibly breaking the law in that state by attempting to overturn the results. SCOTUS Clarence Thomas wife’s emails urged a state to throw out the results and appoint pro-Trump electors. Cyber Ninjas ‘Fraudit” in Arizona backfired on the Trump team and they were forced to commit hara-kiri. 17 states passed laws that would not prevent voter fraud but instead just make it hard and so miserable to vote that they are hoping that people will just give up and surrender to a republican one-party state. And yet they still are saying the election was stolen by projecting. Reverse projection is the signature operation of the Trump cult.

  2. Insurrection 😂 The only thing that happened was a coup by the globalists/communists who are now destroying our country

    • I think the courts will decide that, rather than internet comment boards. People died. The evidence of trying to steal the election is mountain size now. The 1000+ witness transcripts are already in the hopper and June is not far away. It’s going to be a long summer with lots of fireworks before the 4th of July.

    • There has not been a communist party in the US for a long long time. That the Repubs invent one out of thin air is something they picked up from Brother Trump, ‘the knower of all things’, because he knew they would lap it up. When you have low self esteem historically people jump onto any wagon they feel might give them some. One thing you can’t take away from Trump is he saw that audience and road them into power. But we are still a nation of laws, for a while anyway. The Trump mob took their shot at taking the capitol, even with the National Guard compromised, that act not being investigated well yet. It was a three ring circus and will bring Trump down, taking a lot of them with him, which they all earned. June will be the turning point month. Miles Taylor left the Republican party today as being not redeemable in willing to ride mobs into power. Buffalo was the last straw for him, as Repub political rhetoric set that kid off, and we had another mass elementary school slaughter today in rural Texas, 19 kids and two adults. I bet a dollar it was not a communist. Anyway, he is dead so we won’t be hearing his story.

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