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[ Editor’s Note: On the Donbas front, we have the three missile strikes west of Popasyana, an indication of pummeling the remaining supplies of the Ukraine troops holding the line there. Seeing your ammo dumps go up in smoke is a great incentive to pull back to where you know you have the resources to fight.

The Donbas and Russian forces have to push the Ukies west so they cannot shell the former’s positions when they begin to close the pocket on Serverodonetsk. Kiev’s goal is to use its troops, to the last man if needed, to hold up the Russian advance there, praying that a miracle Western cavalry might appear to save Zelensky.

Note the ‘multiple missile strikes on the Denipro National Guard base, which appear to have been far away enough from the front to pose no threat.

But that is the war station, where the two Polish battalions of artillery were supposed to have staged at, but we have heard nothing more about them, maybe due to earlier missile strikes.

The Russians have shown that they have had good Intel on the routes these Western arms shipments are taking, and Moscow is saving its missiles for those kinds of targets, as it saves a lot of its combat troops… Jim W. Dean ]

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First published May 28, 2022

Below, Lyman was cleared with minor Russian losses. The question now is will the Ukraine troops retreat toward the growing cauldron of Severodonetsk or in the Slavyansk direction to build a new front line there. The western road there will be blocked out of Severodonetsk, as is the one going southwest.

The Russian forces coming south from Izyum are moving slowly. The longer their line south is extended, the more exposed their western flank will be for Ukie counterattack. Garrisoning all the territory in the advance would dull its offensive power.

But eventually it has to get west of Slavyansk and Kramotorsk to lay siege to them. I expect the Russians would prefer to attempt a surrender, versus a multi month battle to take them with artillery and street fighting and have two more destroyed cities to add to the list.

That said, Zelensky may prefer the larger destruction option to incite NATO to come in to save him and his TV show crew that he has running the government, and it clearly has shown they are in over their heads… JD



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  1. Peace in Europe! Ukraine must be fragmented along lines of Nationalities, just like what was done to Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia! What are we waiting for??

  2. The deputies of the Rada propose to shoot without trial for desertion. This sounds very similar to what I have read about the Khazarians of more than a thousand years ago. I have read that if they didn’t win a battle they needn’t come back alive because they would get worse from the Kagan.

  3. The Washington Post: Mercenaries who escaped from Ukraine don’t advise to fight against the Russian army.
    Foreign mercenaries are fleeing Ukraine en masse and do not advise others to go there and fight with the Russian army. As it turned out, the expectations from the fighting in the ranks of the Ukrainian army are very different from reality.
    The Washington Post reports on the “blatant discrepancy” of expectations with reality, referring to American mercenaries who have already escaped from Ukraine. The main reasons that forced them to leave the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are called poor equipment, which Kiev provides them with, in particular, the lack of normal communication, lack of ammunition and normal weapons. Another and the most important factor was the heavy losses among the mercenaries.
    They went into battle with insufficient equipment and weapons (…) some have seen friends die and decided they’ve had enough
    – writes the publication.
    It is unknown what foreigners expected to see in Ukraine, but clearly not the work of Russian artillery, aviation and precision missiles. According to one of the former American Marines who visited Ukraine, he was most horrified by Russian helicopter gunships that destroyed the positions of his group. After one of these episodes, he and a “group of comrades” decided to leave Ukraine forever and fled to the States. It’s better to stay at home and make up stories about the “war with the Russians” than to stay in Ukraine forever.
    Mercenaries who have visited Ukraine urge those who want to go to Ukraine to “fight with the Russians” not to do this in any case, stating that their expectations will not be met, and the Russian army is indeed one of the strongest in the world. Note that we should not forget that mercenaries do not fall under the Geneva Convention and are not considered prisoners of war. Two British and one Moroccan mercenaries awaiting sentencing in Donetsk could tell about this in more detail, but they are in jail.

  4. Kadyrov announced the complete liberation of Severodonetsk

    Kadyrov announced the capture of Severodonetsk under the full control of Russian troops and forces of the LNR
    Soldiers of the People’s Militia of the LPR near Severodonetsk – RIA Novosti, 1920, 05/28/2022

    MOSCOW, May 27 – RIA Novosti. Severodonetsk in the LPR has been completely liberated, the city is under the control of Russian troops and the forces of the republic, the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov said on his Telegram channel.

    “The Nazis have been defeated. All their positions have been destroyed. The city has been liberated. Residents can breathe easy. From now on, they are no longer in danger,” he wrote.

    The head of Chechnya noted that initially it was planned to liberate Severodonetsk in a week, but today he “made adjustments and set the task of taking the city under control in three days.” As a result, according to Kadyrov, “the fighters coped even faster – in three hours.”

    • This seems to be a translation error. TASS is saying – Chechnya head says control has been seized of entire line of contact in Severodonetsk. The first neighborhoods of the well-fortified city have already been cleared, Ramzan Kadyrov said. We shall know soon enough.

    • sounds like they will take around 15,000 ++ POW’s ?

      fully boxed N -w- Death N The Dark Ninja’s

    • The reports that appeared the night before that Severodonetsk was taken are not entirely accurate, fighting continues in the city. However, the advance of Russian troops in the city is quite active, units of the Chechen special forces and the LPR occupied residential buildings of the city and reached the industrial zone.
      On Saturday evening, May 28, the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov announced on his TG channel that the residential area of Severodonetsk is controlled by Russian troops, houses are being cleaned from hiding Ukrainian nationalists. At the same time, the industrial zone of the city is under the control of the AFU, it is already being compared with the second “Azovstal”. If the command of the Ukrainian group does not decide to retreat from the city, then heavy fighting is expected in the industrial zone.

      Information from the field is also confirmed by military commanders, saying that it is premature to talk about taking Severodonetsk under full control, but the successes of our forces are undeniable. According to the information available on Saturday evening, the fighters of the Akhmat detachment and the LPR NM occupied the north of the city, Russian special forces units entered from the east, the offensive is coming from three sides. The fighting is taking place in the city itself. In Lugansk, it is reported that the city is being taken into the ring, enemy units have been requesting evacuation for many days.

    • The head of the office of the President of Ukraine, Alexey Arestovich, admitted that the successes of the Russian army strengthen the split in Ukrainian society. According to him, the AFU lost to the Russian army in terms of the rate of accumulation of reserves.

      This makes the situation for the Ukrainian army “extremely difficult”. The politician also said that Ukrainians are tired of military operations in their country and “are hysterical at each other.” All right. The psychological turning point in the special operation came after the fall of Azovstal. She became the pebble that, rolling down the mountain, caused a rockfall. Ter defense fighters refuse to go to the front line. The number of prisoners of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the alarm bells has reached eight thousand people and is growing literally every day. For desertion, the deputies of the Rada propose to shoot without trial.

      The situation is aggravated by the fact that Ukrainian troops constantly surrender settlements and end up in the encircled “pots”.

    • Thanks for the update Andrew. I am thinking that Kiev had really thought the NATO would come in and win the war for them, but trying to make seem Kiev did it. if as the Pentagon chief said, the goal it to degrade the Russian military to a level that would increase it vulnerablity to a NATO conflict. (Not the exact words but that’s the drift)

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