Germar Rudolf: “Free Speech in Russia Could Have Stopped the War”

I respectfully disagree...


By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

Germar Rudolf, chemist, publisher, and free speech hero, recently published “Give Me Freedom of Speech or the World Will End.” It’s a preface to his book “The Day Amazon Murdered Free Speech.

I emailed Germar to congratulate him: “As far as I can tell, you’re the first Ukraine supporter who’s written anything original or thoughtful on the war.”

He pushes back against those of us who have been dissing the UkroNazis::

“Ever since the end of the Second World War, the term ‘Nazi’ has been used by every regime on the face of the earth to de-humanize individuals that they have targeted for annihilation, if not physical destruction, then at least economical and social ruin.” Point taken.

“Whether it is Russia or the ‘West’ – they are all doing the same thing. They differ only by degree, not by principle.” Another valid point.

But: “It is safe to say that Russia’s government would not be able to do what it is doing if Russians had full access to all information, the unfettered right to speak their minds publicly, and to assemble in public to voice their views.”

I’m not so sure about that, as you’ll discover if you watch the interview.

Watch the video on Rumble


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  1. Free speech did not stop the USA from starting wars in Korea, Vietnam and the Middle East. Didn’t stop them in Israhell or any other place. Your Masters profit and plot these policies. Germany as a democratic Nation is now jailing war protesters. Canada jailed covid protesters and removed their bank accounts.

  2. There is more freedom of speech in Russia only because if you have a different opinion that you voice in your circle, your neighbors or acquaintances will not call the FBI. They’ll call you crazy, but they won’t go to the authorities. Of course, unless you voice something terrible or threatening.

    • I can testify that there is more freedom and freedom of speech in Russia than is many E.U countries, at least in Portugal i can assure you all about it! I have saw many protest in Russia wiothout the police violence over them, try tha in the E.U specially in Issues like the Ukranian one where they have an agenda to pass. Try to make a protest with africans complainig in Portugal about being the working force without benneficting from the wealth created.

  3. ““Ever since the end of the Second World War, the term ‘Nazi’ has been used by every regime on the face of the earth to de-humanize individuals that they have targeted for annihilation, if not physical destruction, then at least economical and social ruin.” Point taken.” This is true throughout the west, especially when describing those who might oppose US/Western/Israeli policy, regardless their actual beliefs or actions…for the exact reasons stated. However, when you have those who sport swastikas and various other insignias of the Nazi movement, what else do you call them? Sometimes a spade is a spade. My only ‘but’ would be that these Nazis were created and supported for the very reasons mentioned, for a universal enemy and PR reasons…such are the reasons for the SMO in Ukr. As such, it seems the multi-polar NWO is proceeding as planned…with the de-militarizing of the EU, destruction of the old economic/power paradigm, giving rise to the new ‘reality’. Throw in the plandemic, authoritarian vaccinations, overt corruption and controversial elections world-wide…then you have a world ready for change…especially when you provide a ‘hero’. Does anyone really believe the west is this stupid and suicidal? I see it as manipulation to engender a massive change.

  4. As a follow-up. An old friend of mine is eyeing a seat in the local legislature as an opposition candidate and he is making me freak out by tons of anti-government and anti-president video clips via Whatsapp and on social media. This is quite normal on tens of thousands of websites in Russia, both news and social media.
    Another thing Westerners do not realise is that we are a post-Soviet society where ethnicity was becoming as unimportant as an eye-colour when it comes to evaluating / accepting a person. Mixed marriages were plentiful in the USSR. My sister is married to a Ukrainian from Kherson, his mom and sister still live there, and they have always been in touch with my sister and her husband. So we have first-hand information on the ground, things you will never read about in the media. By the way, his cousin with his family came to stay with us from Mariupol, shocked and with shocking stories.
    And yes, I can compare freedom of speech in Russia and the US where I lived for about a year. Once a local told me a joke about a Jew or a Black, don’t remember exactly. What I do remember is the way he lowered his voice and looked around before telling this joke in an absolutely empty building late at night.
    I just know that Russians are much more free than most westerners who still look down on the rest of the world in the old patronizing way. Pity they do not realise the world looks back at them but not down, but rather with an empathy you look at a gravely mentally-challenged

  5. We are all unable of making correct conclusions due to lack of info on the ground. You have to live in the country and be exposed to its information environment, both MSM and the web. In Russia, freedom of speech is something most Americans can’t even dream of. Before the hostilities in Ukraine began, you could read and hear all sorts of criticism of the president, the government and local officials both in the internet and in everyday communication. However, on February 24, the nation woke up stern and divided. According to public opinion polls and my personal impressions from talking to people, about a fifth of the population were shocked and indignant, with many West-adoring influencers, pop stars, actors and comedians immediately leaving the country (mostly for Israel). The majority of the nation, however, felt kind of sticking together. You see, the memories of the previous West’s assault on Russia are still alive among our people. I remember my parents, both WWII veterans, and my grandma’s war tales. With practically every single family having lost someone in the Germany-led onslaught of the European nations on Russia, we feel history is about to repeat itself. That’s why the level of criticism of the president and the government has greatly decreased. We just know there will be none us if we let the Fourth Reich aka the EU stand on our borders (by the way, check the maps of the Third Reich and the EU, you will be delighted to see the likeness).

  6. Does the United States get the full reports of Russia’s success in Ukraine? I would suggest that neither does the people in Russia, or anywhere else. Who would be behind that news blackout? Do a check on who has made it a point to get control of all kinds of publishing and the news media. While you are at it check who has been the biggest publishers of Christian Bibles and then do a check on what the Talmud teaches.

  7. How ‘bout free speech in America? 🤣 I remember anybody who didn’t toe the party line about Covid, the election or Q or anything that didn’t align with the mockingbird mainstream narrative being thrown off social media which included yours truly or had their accounts banned on YouTube. IMHO the Russians seem to care about the 1st Amendment more than they do in America.That said I’m sure if they had a referendum like they did in Crimea that most Russians would have supported kicking some NeoNazi ass. Especially of those who were lobbing artillery round and missiles into the Donbas in fact Putin’s approval rating proves this out.

  8. Free Speech is available in America. The main problem in America is that most of the population has been incredibly dumbed down and is so detached from reality at this point in time, that they don’t even have enough sense to form their own opinions. This really began in earnest when the U.S. school system adopted the Prussian Model. This model was predicated on the need to create unthinking working-class and military boys whose only objective in life is to obey strict orders. Critical thinking and original thought were not to be taught in rich schools, only to the Prussian ruling elite.

    Now, Russia, on the other hand, doesn’t have the 1st amendment as we have. You can’t criticize the government without prison time or severe repercussions. Putin is basically an oligarch, and everyone in power is connected to each other. However, Putin isn’t into adrenochrome, harming kids, running every kind of drug imaginable, etc. like leaders in the west are. He doesn’t have a price, and he has improved Russia through his own ethical conduct. There is no ethics in Washington DC.

    So, on one hand, there is less freedom of speech in Russia, but they are becoming a more ethical society than America is. Talk about irony.

    • Mihail I usually love your comments, but after having the shit kicked out of me for the last eight years, I can’t bite my tongue here. The Day Amazon Murdered Free Speech is past tense, it’s been murdered. Amazon did everything it could to murder my book short of murdering me. And that’s just Amazon. Both Dr. Barrett and I were thrown off our platform’s on Patreon costing us thousands of dollars in revenue, Dr. Barrett for saying what is now all over the internet and myself, well they couldn’t even give me a reason, never even warned me. Yea we can talk right now on Substack but for how long? The current administration is chomping at the bit to close every venue down and it did not just get that way either. Say something they don’t want people to know, and the entire system will go into overdrive to marginalize you as they did to Immanuel Velikovsky almost seventy-five years ago and they did to Richard Shaver even before that.

    • No, my friend, America only grants you the illusion of free speech, that’s why you got the hacks that write for CIA rags like the New York Times, can’t write a sentence won’t put you to sleep, running around with million-dollar book deals and the real writers on Substack where their struggling to make a living. That’s why you got three or four generations, that aside for one brief period in the sixties, are incapable of critical thinking. That’s why you get what we have here now with over a hundred million people applauding the brave neo-Nazis who are gallantly protecting the biolabs that are perfecting ways of killing them and their children. America actually imprisoned the greatest living writer of his times Ezra Pound for daring to say what is now obvious, we backed the wrong side in WW II. No in America nothing is free, particularly not speech.

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