By Mark Dankof

Let the criminal Henry Kissinger live long enough to see the death of the evil System he served throughout his miserable career.

Alexander Mercouris of The Duran recounts as only he can what is really going on at Davos with Henry Kissinger’s statements on Ukraine and Russia. It is clear that Joe Biden, Zelensky, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, the governments of the UK and the EU, and the Zio-Cons are close to being on the ropes in their panicked attempts to bring Russia into GloboHomo and the New World Order. Kissinger now urges Ukraine to “negotiate” with Russia, especially since “the stability of Europe” is at stake.

In Kissinger-speak, this really means that the survivability of the New World Order and GloboHomo is at stake.

For the record, the time for talking should be over. Putin and Russia should deal the knock-out blow to this Satanic system and all of its advocates in both the United States and the West generally. Kissinger knows that the jig is up if President Putin presses on as he should. A Russian victory would also free up the American, British, and European nationalists to run the table on these career criminals by expunging them from their respective countries governments and media in a backlash of mass rage at a global political elite playing around with the lives of millions of people in their insatiable desire for a supernatural power lust.

For the Record: Kissinger’s fellow Tribesman is invited to Davos as a representative of an illegitimate Kiev government installed by coup d’etat in February of 2014. This coup d’etat is a strictly Tribal Affair, as is the New World Order itself.

14,000 ethnic Russians in the Donbass have been killed by that government in 8 years.

NATO continues its encirclement and recruitment policies in contravention of the Bush-Baker promise to Gorbachev when the Berlin Wall came down. As David Stockman points out, this fact and the February 2014 coup d’etat explain Putin’s actions and demonstrate the absolute recklessness of the American and European political elite.

Zelensky reneged on the Minsk accords and in the terms later reached in Istanbul that would have ended this tragedy well before now.

Zelensky talked openly of installing nuclear weapons in Ukraine. The United States has had 30 bio-weapons laboratories in Ukraine. The United States and NATO continue pouring weaponry and mercenaries into the conflict and are working through Poland and Moldova to provoke incidents in Ukraine that would be used to justify possible NATO intervention on Zelensky’s behalf.

coup d’etat in Kiev is AOK for American and European “Democracy” but Crimeans cannot be allowed to overwhelmingly vote in a fair referendum to return to Russia and avoid being ruled by a government installed by a CIA coup.

The United States-EU-NATO cabal is deliberately using LGBTQ perversion and subversion in Ukraine, George Soros-style, to subvert the Orthodox Church and to divorce the Ukrainian Orthodox from its historic relationship with the Moscow Patriarch and the Russian Orthodox Church. $$$ was paid to Bartholomew II in Istanbul to interfere in Ukraine in what is not his ecclesiastical jurisdiction. Take a look at what James Jatras proves on this via Chronicles Magazine. Or glance at Magic Mike Pompeo’s promotion of Gay Pride on the official American consular site in Kiev.

This is all going on with rising gas and energy prices in the West, a $32 trillion dollar national debt and rising for the United States, and a tanking economy for average Americans and Europeans. There are billions for global arms manufacturers and the American Military Industrial Complex in the latest Zio-Con project, but no infant formula to buy and no money to rebuild the domestic infrastructure of this country. Biden and Soros have opened the American southern border with Mexico to a wholesale foreign invasion. We are on the edge of World War III with this lunacy in Ukraine, Biden’s latest public military threats to the Chinese over Taiwan, and Israel’s continuing threats to attack Iran.

I say the time for talking is over. The Russians need to attack the Command and Control Center in Kiev, finish the job in Donbass, and slap a complete embargo on Europe on all Russian commodities. Strategies with China and Iran should be secretly put together in anticipation of the worst if they have not been already.

The Israelis should be informed that their support of Zelensky in Ukraine and ISIS-Al-Qaeda in Syria is going to have them pay through the nose as well. Russia will take a major lead in the Information War as it relates to Israeli crimes in Palestine and Gaza. Israel should be informed that an attack on Iran will reduce Israel to radioactive glass.

Remember the “Chicago Way.” It is the only way to deal with NATO, George Soros, Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, the LGBTQ movement globally, and the Obama-Clinton-Nuland-Biden Cabal along with the Zio-Cons in the Republican Party who work with them. Zelensky should be run out of Kiev for Tel Aviv or Miami with the comfort of his personal fortune in offshore accounts.

First published on May 29, 2022.


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  1. A keresztény ukránoknak fel kell ismerni, hogy a zsidók hozták rájuk a halált.
    Mennyi fiatal, fehér ember veszett oda ?
    Ezért a zsidók által megbízott Zelenszkij és csoportja a felelős.
    El kell őket hajtani arról a földről, mert, íme a kazár zsidók a halált hozták rájuk.
    Meddig tűrik még az USA által oda rakott hamis kormány uralkodását ?
    Meddig hagyják még a nők, hogy férjeik, fiaik meghaljanak a zsidók által uralt, megbolondult USA-ért ???
    Fogdossátok össze a Zelenszkij bandát és végezzetek velük !!!

  2. Amíg a zsidók léteznek, addig a Sátán uralkodik a földön.
    Ők a tagadás, az ellenkezés és a rend ellenzői.
    A káosz az ő birodalmuk.
    Ők a rombolás, a gyilkolás végrehajtói.
    A kabala kapaszkodott fel az értelem fölé.
    Minden bűn, rossz tőlük ered.

  3. There are a lot of families involved in running the bank of international settlements in Basel Switzerland and the IMF banks. Schiffs, Bilderbergers, Duponts, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Kuhn Loeb family, Warburgs, Israel Moses Seif, House of Morgan, Vanderbilts, Lazards, Zionist Lehmans, etc.

    You do enough research and you realize that many global elitists attend child sacrifice satanic gatherings, and everyone at these gatherings is extensively filmed on video as blackmail. Same with Epstein-level circuits using kids as pawns. Go a bit further up the chain to the MILAB level, and you realize the UN in New York City, and many major US bases, Langley, etc. are connected by underground transit systems built with nuclear tunnel borers made in Los Alamos and by Krupp. Go even further, and you realize that the major IMF shareholders, like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, have orders handed down to them on how to control humanity by big nose Greys who control the UN. They are a hostile insectoid EBE race with long noses. Khazarians are insectoid/human/big nose grey hybrids.

    • Pontosan és jól felismerted a helyzetet !
      Ezek azok, akik a nem-zsidók életére törnek, rabszolgákká akarják tenni.
      Ébredj világ, hogy tudd meg, hogy kik az igazi ellenség !
      Népeket, országokat semmisítenek meg a saját gazdagodásuk érdekében.
      Semmitől sem riadnak vissza.
      Végre meg kell őket állítani !
      Ők a földi pokol fenntartói.
      Hány kereszténynek kell még meghalnia, fiataloknak, középkorúaknak és keresztény gyermekeknek ?
      Ébredj világ !!!

  4. Kiss … choć nie płacze….
    Łzy spływają mi po policzkach bo widziałem co was czeka.. . . Śmieszne co?
    Na zdrowie.
    KonSekwenja którą Jam jest.

  5. The New World Order and the GloboHomo movement should not be termed the Satanic System.
    The Apostle Paul told the Roman Christians that ”The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.” (Rom. 16:20) He WAS NOT addressing people 1,000’s of years into the future. There are other verses in the New Testament that the Judaizers have managed to convince Christianity over the centuries that Satan is still tempting peoples and nations worldwide when Scripture plainly states that Satan was cast into the lake of fire in the 1st century- specifically when Jerusalem and her temple were destroyed in AD 70.
    Satan IS NOT at the top of the New World Order GloboHomo pyramid. The JudeoZionist Global Rothschild banking and loan shark empire is. And they have all their underlings under their tyrannical control. Unfortunately the USSA is one of many nations they have conquered. And mostly all of their politicians in their USSA and worldwide are under their control.

  6. Simple fact: Most Americans don’t give a fig about the Ukraine or Russia. They are countries far far away from our shores that we should have no business with whatsoever. Earlier this year we were in the same place that Americans were in August of 2001. Most Americans didn’t give a fig about Afghanistan and couldn’t even find it on a map. By the end of September 2001 80% of Americans were all for invading Afghanistan to capture Osama bin Laden. What happened in that one-month period? The false-flag attack on the USA on 9/11 and the official narrative that the attacks were carried out by Moslems when in fact, Israel attacked us on that horrible day and got away with it. The Zionist cabal that runs everything in the USA is now pushing us into a catastrophic war with Russia that will be the end of the USA as we know it. Most Americans are solidly against that happening.

  7. Maybe Zelinsky would like have right-of-return offered in Turkey…a welcome back to the Khazarians…..heh. along with some troublemakers in the Levant…

  8. Ukraine must be split UP, along Nationalities! Polish, Moldovan, Russian, Rumanian, Hungarian, that IS the Only Way, that we will have PEACE in Europe, if not the Whole World, the way we are moving toward WWIII, because of the ongoing increasingly provocative Demonic Political Provocations!

  9. “backlash of mass rage at a global political elite playing around with the lives of millions of people in their insatiable desire for a supernatural power lust.”
    Yes indeed –
    The Queen of England will soon confer a knighthood on the master war criminal Tony Blair & President Biden’s limitless $$ to save his neck & US biolabs all over the world in their quest for the Armageddon for Jesus ?


  11. South Thunder, you sound like a sort of conservative Jew or Mason to me. You say a lot of things that sound good but you still put your boot on Christianity primarily. I don’t trust you.

    • That’s fair. My prefrontal lobe is not my strong suite. Born and raised Catholic, I am not expert of the cult but I did attend Catholic elementary and high school(s) one a prep school. My dad was a deacon, taught Sunday school, I had an Great aunt who was a nun. I stopped attending church around 14 when my brother and I convinced my dad we weren’t gaining anything. I think my brother said something about how the gospel is always the same usually about some guy named Zachais who climbs a tree to get over on the other gawkers to see Jesus. And that the primary interest of the priest was to get the parishioners to give more money. After church let out in the rain or snow when we would try to hitch hike home nobody from church would stop. It’s actually worse than that the hypocrisy of the ‘flock’ was unbearable. My ‘old man’ had a sense of humor and after years of us whining about church he relented and said he would leave it up to us as to weather we would go to church. I haven’t looked back since. But I have done a lot of reading about christianity and the bible and I was mind-controlled (indoctrinated) into Catholicism in my formative years.


  12. Being apposed to the theories of evolution based on the idea of “logos” is fine. to date and probably for eternity no one is or has defined the origin of life. To defend the idea that species do not evolve naturally defies logic. Man and the 30 defective biolabs in Ukraine are examples of humans attempting to hasten what nature does on its own. Spend time in a fishery or flower shop or AG. lab to see the wounderful and atrocious things we have come up with. Strawberries seem to be the best accidental mess we have made. If we do not “evolve” out of the current paradigm we are bound to the religious idea of Armageddon is looking very near. To say the elite are scared and on the ropes is nonsense. Wealth in recent times has never been so consolidated. And you know very well ‘Money Rules’…, Untill Mother Nature steps in.

  13. A very telling term used in this piece. GloboHomo. I can not help but believe the outcome this article deems virtuous the one where Orthodox Christianity wins. Certainly Gay rights confounds all Abrahamic religions and promoting such lifestyles is a threat. An interesting claim by some is that the reason it is obviously wrong is that it does not promote the survival of the spieces. Kind of rich coming from cults that refute any ideas of evolution. My point is that evil exist in the higher realms of these religions promoted in this article as the savior for ‘humanity’. Putin slyly has aliened himself with the orthodox religion. Weather he truly belives the BS is another story.

    • He would be stupid, to say otherwise, considering that it has been tried so many times with no avail!

    • I doubt he believes much although Russians have a long history of spiritual “re-births”. But, probably more than Biden and Trump, two obvious hypocrites.

    • Ferdinand Trump is the one who paraded religion every chance he got to use it on his stupid base. He even got a clean bill on the ho he paid from the evangelicals right before being selected.
      Biden doesn’t get any mileage out of religion.

      And the real hypocrite is the western church just like the western anything. They are there when need be for a lousy shekel. Ask the Vatican how many shit show regime changes they have assisted in.

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