JEA: Well, well, well. It seems that much of the world, including some media outlets, can no longer stand the essentially Satanic activities that the New World Order and its agents have unleashed upon the West, and Politico’s recent article seems to be an example of that. A few months ago, almost every Zionist outlet was saying that “We are all Ukrainians now.” Now the political pendulum is changing.

By Patrick Porter

Insisting that the United States and its NATO allies should want exactly what Ukraine does is understandable politics — but it’s also dangerous policy.

Such insistence not only risks dragging us potentially into a nuclear war, it also risks giving Ukraine false hope and delaying a settlement. And our natural sympathy for Ukraine shouldn’t be confused for fully aligned interests.

Throughout the West, Russia’s invasion has prompted a widespread outpouring of support and solidarity. NATO members have helped frustrate Russia and have enabled Ukraine to mount an effective resistance with arms transfers, intelligence sharing and economic sanctions. And civil society has mobilized aid, making the Ukrainian flag a popular symbol of heroic defiance, internationalism and the survival of sovereign liberty.

For British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, “one of the proudest boasts in the free world is, ‘Ya Ukrainets’ — ‘I am a Ukrainian’.” According to U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, “our job is to support the Ukrainians. They’ll set the military objectives, the objectives at the bargaining table . . . we’re not going to define the outcome of this for them. That is up for them to define and us to support them in.” Even President Joe Biden argues Ukraine is not just a humanitarian cause for the U.S. but a frontline state in a global war between freedom and autocracy.

At the same time, however, the British and U.S. governments have also made it clear that they will not give Ukraine all the weapons it wants or directly enter the conflict by imposing a no-fly zone or deploying troops. That reluctance reflects an obvious divergence of interests between the West’s and Kyiv’s.

Ukraine, with its independence on the line, wants all the NATO help it can get — escalation serves its interests. NATO countries on the other hand, sensibly wary of Russia and its nuclear arsenal, rightly resist.

So, a gap has opened in Western capitals between deeds that suggest an outer limit of involvement and words that suggest a harmony of interests.

In large part, this is just politics. Leaders of democracies tend to oversell the stakes to promote policies that entail great risk. But such a gap is dangerous.

For one, it attracts domestic calls for escalation, including demands for maximal war aims, from the restoration of Crimea to direct military intervention. Secondly, the White House’s rhetoric also undermines its own refusal to comply with Ukraine’s demands for high-risk assistance in the form of no-fly zones, the complete economic shutdown of Russia or actual troop deployments, undercutting its own restraint.

But if Western stakes were indeed as dire as Ukraine’s, if the future of the world order hung on the course of this conflict and our democracy was at stake along with Ukraine’s, then why wouldn’t NATO be willing to join the fight for it?

Crucially, this rhetoric-policy gap could also raise excessive Ukrainian expectations of support. But those insisting the West should give Ukraine whatever it wants ignore that what Ukraine wants partly depends on what the West will give them — or at least what it says it will. And claims of fully aligned interests may fuel Ukrainian dreams of total victory that are probably untenable and only conducive to prolonging war.

Though peace talks are now at a standstill, they may revive when Russia’s Donbas push either succeeds or ends in stalemate, and Ukraine may again be presented with an unpleasant peace offering — lose Crimea, accept more autonomy for much of the Donbas, commit to neutrality. If Kyiv thinks Western support is endless, or likely to grow more direct, it may end up rejecting a deal it should have taken and suffer for it when the help it banked on doesn’t materialize.

The problem here isn’t helping Ukraine, it’s pretending the help is unconditional.

This conflict itself was partly precipitated by a series of false but beguiling assurances from Washington to Kyiv, which gave the impression of an alignment of interests.

The fatal dalliance included promises of “ironclad” support, the hollow suggestion of eventual NATO membership and the establishment of a security partnership backed by increased material and military assistance that fell short of a guarantee. That all left Ukraine in a vulnerable no-man’s land: without the shield of actual Western commitment yet emboldened to take measures that accelerated Russia’s determination to stop it from joining the West, like rejecting neutrality.

The idea that nations can heavily contribute to a war effort without any say in its execution is offensive. Those arming Ukraine may not be risking enough to suit Ukraine, but they aren’t risking nothing — the danger of Russian retaliation remains. And sanctions entail economic pain for those sanctioning as well as the sanctioned.

Moreover, the terms and timing of war-termination will affect NATO countries too, determining the extent and severity of economic blowback, as well as the likelihood of another invasion and resulting crisis. Surely Western leaders have a right — even a responsibility to their constituents — to determine how to use their military aid and economic sanctions in ways that also serve their interests, not just Ukraine’s.

The normally banal observation that Ukraine has different interests than the U.S. or U.K. has now become essential to sound policy choice, and pretending there is no difference risks war escalation with potentially horrific consequences.

Reasonable people can disagree about precisely where Western interests lie in the terms of the war’s end. But they should not disagree that this interest is not identical to Ukraine’s.


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  1. ” But they should not disagree that this interest is not identical to Ukraine’s.” They have exactly the same interest´s, the issue here is that they never thought that this war wouldn´t endure so by Russia and that by giving money and weapons to the nazi´s that they trained, it would be enough to create a havoc in russian economy and armed forces without having to enter the war or be drag by it. Their plan have gone wrong and new Ukraine want´s more commitment but exceeptionals as always, have the talk but never do the walk.

  2. I certainly miss Jim and Gordon chiming in on the comments section. As it has now become with US politics, any outlandish thing can be put out there with no evidence or facts to back it up whatsoever. There used be be… Heaven forbid, moderators! Other sites, like The Saker for instance, allow a variety of comments but once they cross the line into invective and ad hominem attacks that commenter is banished to the outer darkness. What’s happened to VT? Oh, that’s right, Jim and Gordon, where are you?

    • What are you talking about Mr. Apeiron?

      Imagine spending over two years of your life idolizing and praising Joe Biden 24/7. Imagine spending that entire time running at the mouth non-stop bashing Trump, calling anyone who doesn’t agree with you a ‘Trumpster’, a ‘Russian agent’, or even… a ‘desi housewife.’

      Then imagine going further and intentionally deleting user-profiles and modifying and twisting comments to change their meanings.

      Then, on top of all that, imagine saying the entire time that as soon as Joe Biden was elected, U.S. foreign policy would dramatically change, we would leave all foreign conflict zones, and we would certainly start arming no new foreign nations. Everything would be great after Joe was elected…

      Now, imagine being far too proud to ever ‘eat crow.’ Imagine still denying Joe Biden sent half the U.S. reserve arsenal to Ukrainian organ traffickers. Imagine refusing to admit Joe Biden is directly responsible for supplying Ukraine with MLRS Himars, Harpoon anti-ship missiles, advanced M777 systems with Excaliber rounds, etc. All this is done so Joe can get more child organs extracted in Ukraine.

      Imaging still being… ‘pro-Joe’

    • Mihail. Sounds like the same wonderful treatment afforded here to The Great Fake Obama. And, still no retrenchment after his doleful performance for 8 years. Such short memories.

  3. Journalist´s and opinon makers must stop taking people as fool! This peace speak´s as if Ukraine is the only one to blame for this, as if the western countrys or even the journalist didn´t know about Victoria Nuland and the cookis´s, the continuos arming of Ukraine in the last 8 years and all the crimes commited. The west is on thi´s as Ukraine is and have as much blame as Ukraine does.

    • I wholeheartedly agree with you.
      The triggers for this war were fashioned in Washington London and Brussels (EUNATO) and then handed to deranged and depraved Ukrazed ethno-Nationalists who were and are only too happy to destroy their country in the vain and forlorn hope of toppling Russia. When what remains of the UkraNazis realize how they were taken for fools by EUUSUK-NATO, they will form a highly dangerous group of heavily-armed terrorists clustered around Lvov-Limberg in the far west of Ukraine, on the borders of Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Liithuania. Those who wield power in those countries need to prepare for them.

  4. On May 29, 2022, Sputnik reported that the Russian Investigative Committee will study the video footage from the Red Cross Base in Mariupol, Ukraine where hundreds of dubious medical files were found. These contain information on children’s healthy organs. The files also contain data on who the children’s parents are.

    In 2014, Russia’s Izvestia Newspaper had a report on recently liberated areas of the DNR (DPR) where mass graves were found of the dead that had their bellies torn open.

    In April 2022, Crimea-24 had a report that Russia had foiled a plot by the Ukrainian Army to kidnap 58 children from Kherson so their organs could be harvested.

    It is rumored the Ukrainian army keeps the children’s organs very sterile with a wet-ice solution and has western provided chemical preservatives they flush the organs with.

    These operations are said to be conducted in Ukraine by such high-profile people as the former lawyer of Yulia Tymoshenko, Serhiy Vlasenko, the commander of the Donbas battalion Semen Semenchenko, and a German resident Olha Viber.

    Then there was the 2017 French organ bust. Here the Russian media reported French customs had confiscated a large shipment of child organs from Ukraine.

    Why do you hear about none of this in the West? Is it because 99.90% of the West is ‘Ukrainians’ now?

    • For the same reason that they suppressed revelations about Hunter’s Laptop. The corruption runs deep child trafficking, organ harvesting, bioweapons. Ukraine is probably one of most corrupt country’s on Earth thus saying that “we’re all Ukrainians” takes on a whole new meaning when Government, the media and their sycophants start spouting this BS meaning they are just as corrupt.

  5. This conflict has exposed the UK’s dominance in US affairs. This goes back centuries to so-called War of Independence. The UK has infiltrated every level of US government and business since the 17th century. The US is just the black-gloved muscle for the UK’s drive to world dominance.

  6. It is Zionism’s ultimate goal that the USA fights a catastrophic war with Russia over Ukraine, Syria, Iran, wherever. Their crazy end-times scenario requires that this happens soon. It will be the end of the USA as a constitutional republic and the beginning of some kind of Steve Bannon-style Christo-fascism. Biden has absolutely no control over anything at this point. It’s simply going to happen, right along with a financial meltdown and the petrodollar in the toilet. Only Devine intervention can save us.

    • Divine intervention you say? –
      Well…, that’s what the Christian Zionists say…: Divine Appointments of Armageddon.
      God must be puzzled, and he would reason: I made a mistake, I created humans with more stupidity than free will. (it went too far in the “condiments” -sometimes it happens-) “Next time I’ll do better”.
      (and that will be “the fucking Reset” )

    • “Only Divine intervention can save us” that will, don’t worry, God has not created the world that a bunch of bloodthirsty liar Illuminati Zionists who worship Messiah only for their own “benefit” inherit it!

    • No, Newt, Humpty Dumpty in not a metaphorical character that I would use to describe the Devine. But, I’m not pushing anything down anyone’s throat, so if Humpty Dumpty resonates with you, have at it.

    • Alfredo
      “Divine intervention” for the Zionist Christians is not the “reset”, they’re waiting for the so-called Messiah to come and give them “world dominance”, they want to just start ruling! And America to them is the “daughter of Babylon” that if splits up with the “chosenites”, it’ll be destroyed! Lol! This is like someone says if you take a medicine to cure an illness, other than the illness the patient would die!

    • You are spot on. Trying to control the planet by means of death and destruction, the “Blood Lust.” That’s what it is, enjoyment at the misery of others, death and despair. It is Satanic without doubt!

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