JEA: I really love this. This is coming from Putin himself: “We hear today that they want us to be defeated on the battlefield. Well, what can I say? Let them try. We haven’t even really started anything yet.” In other words, let them try.

Russia hasn’t really started anything yet – Putin

By Russia Today

Russia is ready to engage in peace negotiations with Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday, warning that those who reject such prospects should realize that prolonging the ongoing conflict would only make such talks more difficult.

“We do not refuse to negotiate peace, but those who refuse should know that the longer they do, the more difficult it will be to negotiate,” Putin said, issuing a warning to those who might think Russia has already exhausted its capabilities amid the conflict.

“We hear today that they want us to be defeated on the battlefield. Well, what can I say? Let them try. We haven’t even really started anything yet.”

Putin also said that the West appears to actually be willing to “fight until the last Ukrainian,” which he said is a “tragedy” for the Ukrainian people.

The president blamed the ongoing conflict on the US-led NATO, stressing that Russia’s consistent efforts to create a fair international security system have been jeopardized.

“The initiatives to work together on missile defense have been rejected, warnings about the unacceptability of NATO expansion, especially at the expense of the former Soviet republics, have been ignored,” Putin said.

If the West’s goal was to provoke a conflict between Russia and Ukraine, it has evidently succeeded in that, Putin admitted. On the strategic level, however, the West already lost when Moscow launched its military operation in Ukraine, Putin stated.

“They should have realized that they had already lost from the very beginning of our special military operation, because its beginning also means the beginning of a complete breakdown of the American world order.”

The president added that the ongoing breakdown “cannot be stopped.”


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  1. I know cabals Khazar Mafia are real and that they are off to kill humanity off ! We have Mad men like Phedophile erdogan , Kissinger Bush Obama and Biden …What could america do with them ? Nothing war criminals are at home in white house !

  2. That’s the Macro but what of the Micro?
    The frontier of self, mapped, invaded, now occupied territory.

    “5G is more than a new generation of technologies; it denotes a new era in which connectivity will become increasingly fluid and flexible.
    5G Networks will adapt to applications and performance will be tailored precisely to the needs of the user.

    Working closely with the mobile operators pioneering 5G, the GSMA is engaging with governments, vertical industries including automotive, financial services, healthcare providers, transport operators, utilities and other industry sectors to develop business cases for 5G”.

    Fluid, flexible humans adapting to applications, tailoring performance to meet the needs of the user.

    • I am fascinated by this: Interesting use of the word: Needs. That once referred to a very few specific survival related things. I guess we need 5G for that now since we have lost most of that knowledge to the copyright.

  3. I honestly don’t believe any country ever Wins at war. ‘The people’ are always the victims and the true victors lay in the shadows. Im sure the dead and seriously wounded would say “we have seen enough”. Putin and the world know “we ain’t seen nothing yet”.

  4. NWO order has nothing else other than NATO to try to foolishly save Ukraine. Perhaps even NATO realizes this. Ukraine’s military was defeated when the Azovs were taken apart and they weren’t even Ukrainian. Ukraine never had an army, only militarized groups who propped up their dictators Poroshenko/Zelensky against the citizens. The Russians rightfully see NATO expansion the same as the US did during the Cuban missile crisis. If NATO doesn’t backpedal on this then Western Europe realizes they could be drawn in directly and also become a direct military target. Russia has implied this and the insane NWO still persists as they believe their deep under ground bunkers will save them.

  5. It´s true, it is already over and the wormongers know it and already are for another one. Be carefull with the development´s in the Pacific and how Taiwan will be supported for it´s independence.

  6. Peskov: Russia uses only part of its potential in Ukraine.
    Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov explained the phrase of Russian President Vladimir Putin that Russia has not yet “seriously started anything” in Ukraine . TASS writes about it .
    According to Peskov, the words of the head of state indicate that Russia’s potential is great, so only part of it is used during a special operation in Ukraine.
    “Putin thus simply reminded that the potentials are completely incommensurable. And Russia’s potential is so great in this regard that only a small part of it is now being used in the course of a special military operation,” the Kremlin spokesman said.
    Earlier, Vladimir Putin called the desire of the West to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian a tragedy for the Ukrainian people. At the same time, he stressed that the Russian Federation “by and large has not yet started anything seriously.”
    In Ukraine, two installations of Harpoon complexes were destroyed.
    The head of state also recalled that the current situation was caused by the fact that the West organized and supported in Ukraine “an anti-constitutional armed coup in 2014, encouraging and justifying genocide against people in Donbas.”

  7. Russia can no longer stop. You can’t stop or go back. You must go for everything. If – still surrendering – Ukraine remains with 10% of the territory, that will serve for the US to re-arm it and start another war. Ukraine must be demilitarized and forced into neutrality, without NATO. And also the cessation of combat must be agreed with the USA, EU, and NATO that they will not provide weapons to the rest that remains of Ukraine (if it remains). So … this war will not end until Russia occupies the whole of Ukraine, or holds a part of its territory under the conditions that Russia imposes, (which are the ones I mentioned above).

    • I agree. After securing the Donbass, Russia cannot stop there, the remaining 70% of the Ukraine will be used by the US led NATO. Hence, Russia must take it all, after which, fair elections held to determine how the remainder is governed. But where does one find fair elections? Democracy has ceased to exist. It was eaten whole by international corporations.

  8. The sanctions that were supposed to hurt Russia have only hurt Europe and the USA. This was by design. Netanyahu back in 1990 bragged that it would happen, that America was a golden calf that would be chopped up, sold off, etc. First, the Zionists gave us 9/11 and all the wars of this century. Now we’re being forced into a catastrophic war with Russia that only by Putin’s good sense have we any chance of avoiding. Wake up, America, you were fooled once by Israel. Don’t let yourself be fooled again!

  9. There can be no defeat in this Ukraine war for Russia.
    EVEN IF this did happen, due to NATO/USA counter attacks,and Russian troops bolt back to Russia, and Ukraine takes over Donbass and Crimea too (the NATO dream) then what follows that?
    This would be a Nuclear strike, or even conventional it could be by Russian long range missles on whatever USA/NATO targets they choose to destroy.
    Its like playing chess, sure you can take your opponents queen if you move there if you so choose, as it is chess you make the decisions what to do, but if the queen is moved there, you will be destroyed and checkmate is the next move. Think Russian Nuclear missle strikes like a checkmate. This “fork” move they call it in chess (move there and this surprise you didnt see will happen) is what Putin means by they lost the game in Ukraine as soon as their special military operation began…because the victory and winner of the game for Russia is exactly what it is they want victory and a “win” to be, while the eventually victory and winner of the game for USA/NATO is exactly what they do not want, as this would mean the complete destruction of both the EU and the USA.

    • Putin has a good point.
      It looks pretty clear, that Russia is going to continue its advancement until it meets its total objectives. And by that time, NATO will only be able to ask, how high do you want us to jump?
      The longer Ukraine refuses to capitulate, or even negotiate, the worse the outcome will be for Europe.
      Russia can defeat the bunch using only conventional weapons.
      If they had to, they could keep grinding all the way to the English Channel
      I guess “NATO” hasn’t yet acquired a taste for the pudding which Putin and Russia are serving them.
      Then there’s always the chance, the whole thing has been staged to sacrifice Ukraine to the “Great Reset.” Not much of a chance, but a “chance.”

    • No doubt. We know one little thing, that these western “powers” aren’t able to perceive with their fat brains. The Game now is going according Russian Rules. And to abort this Game is impossible 😉😎

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