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Conservative US author Ann Coulter has argued that the US and UK “have [their] own problems” and shouldn’t care about Ukraine, which she pointed out was historically under Russian influence. With British broadcaster Piers Morgan vehemently disagreeing, Coulter blamed the expansion of the NATO alliance for the current conflict.

Speaking to Morgan on Thursday, Coulter declared “on the NATO thing, I’m with Noam Chomsky, Pat Buchannan, George Kennan, once the Soviet Union fell there’s no point to NATO, and we keep encroaching, encroaching, encroaching,” referring to the alliance’s expansion into Eastern Europe since the fall of the USSR, something its leaders assured Russia it would not do.

Morgan, a staunch supporter of Ukraine who recently interviewed Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and his wife Elena, argued otherwise, claiming that Russia’s military operation in Ukraine proves “that’s what NATO’s there for.”

“I’m sorry, Ukraine was historically part of the Russian empire of influence,” Coulter countered. “I’m not defending Putin… but why should Americans care about this? We have our own problems. Why should the British care about this?”

Over Morgan accusing her of wanting “the Soviet Union back,” Coulter said that the UK should focus on reducing immigration, and while Morgan brought up American assistance to Britain during World War II, Coulter countered that Putin is “not attacking England.”

“You can’t compare everything to Hitler,” Coulter sneered.

Coulter is known for her anti-interventionism, and threw her support behind then-candidate Donald Trump in 2016 after he vowed to end America’s “endless wars.” Less than a week after Russian troops entered the country this February, she called on Republicans to “stop talking about Ukraine.” 

Claiming that support for Ukraine ultimately means more money for US defense contractors, she called on the party to do something about inflation, immigration, crime, and anti-white racism in schools.

“Republicans ought to be talking their heads off about the unprecedented crisis at our border, illegal aliens hauling meth and fentanyl into our country, rampant shoplifting, carjacking and assaults destroying neighborhoods in our country,” she wrote at the time.


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  1. She is absolutely correct.

    The previous investment by the American Taxpayers $5 billion and untold amounts by a letter agency resulted in a turn over in the Central Bank of Ukraine and all the gold that disappeared. The reconstruction and rebuilding loan of $42 billion dollars did not go to the coffers of the American TaxPayers. Monsanto and others mainly American multinational companies bough 17 million hectares of land which more than the farmland of the entire nation of Italy. Some might use the word “stolen” since the owners of the land were FORCED to sell for very very cheap, or go to jail or join the army. Great choices. And Minsk I and Minsk II accords/agreements were violated even though Ukraine signed the deal. Facebook allows anti-russian hate speak only in Ukraine for years!! Repeat years!! This is totally against their policy. Now Facebook says it is because of the war. Well what about before the war?

    The central bankers are getting the interest $$ from the loans, the multinationals now own the best and most fertile land, and the American taxpayers HAVE NOTHING. We do not even get a discount on the grain when it is produced (now mainly GMO).

    After the war, Ukraine take out more loans. And who gets the interest on these loans?

    • Good article – a proper Blog; other dispute relevance – but there is a dry field of talking heads on this subject
      in the “western World” – therefore a voice of a smart, known and attractive person should be hailed and
      appreciated as significant; not to forget it was a child exclaiming “the King is naked” ! Ey, forget the silly Piers opponent with childish “restoration of Soviet Union” idiocy.

  2. Ann Coulter is another sinking “journalistic” ship coming very late to the game. And, Piers Morgan is in the Zionist Stooge hall of fame. This tripe is a total waste of the 5 minutes time I gave it. VT is starting to take on water themselves.

  3. Reply to Tommy Apeiron
    i read the internet constantly to survey opinions and facts (where possible).
    VT is a site I visit regularly which normally offers in-depth analysis… heart, barrett, preston, duff etc…
    Lately the site has become “lighter’ in quality…snap analysis, insufficient detail, repetition, and sometimes even meanderings from pale, diluted fact to cricket scores, comments on the “female lions” that pathetically obliterates uk news at present.
    I expect any writer that wheels out his credentials ina wheelbarrow to demonstrate his/her reasoning/logic as to why I should be glued to the screen reading by way of the information presented.
    I can do what “jonas’ did…repost RT…
    Your clumsy statement about “This article was about Ann Coulter”…exhibits that you kinda missed the point.
    I am well aware of the zionists, sabbatteans, chabad lubavitchers, ashkenazis, khazarian mafia, donmeh, sephardi…and so-on….n your comment
    “all the US wars of this century were wars of aggression, including our proxy war with Russia over Ukraine”
    basically displays repetition that any clown can type and occupy screentime.
    Tommy when you can come up with serious facts that are fresh and very relevant I suggest you read what was written carefully and try to understand the logic behind the comment.
    Jonas offers himself as an expert in current thinking…but instead reposts …..essentially garbage.
    I didn’t insult jonas…I simply told him not to waste readers time.

    • You are correct that VT without Jim and Gordon is a different entity. Gordon is coming off of a horrific motorcycle accident and Jim is otherwise occupied so a lot of reposting is going on. You will have to look elsewhere for the truth about 9/11 which has been the pretext for all the wars of this century.

  4. Anne’s right. I’m no war hawk but Russia has caused NATO and the west in general to make one of the biggest strategic blunders in history. Having given Ukraine most of their stock piles of weapons for target practice for Russian Kinzals. They now have nothing to stop the Chinese train that is now leaving the station.

  5. ***
    F@ck Ukraine. Give us the Taiwan topic, Sir!

  6. The Greek Tragedy (that is NATO).
    ‘Elite’ business is US/UK business. Unfinished business.
    Tragedy, derived from the Greek “tragoidia”, meaning the “song of the male goat.”
    Freemasons “ride the goat”.
    The Queen of England has a Royal Masonic Goat.

    “From the ultimate deception of 911. The harbinger of change bringing the world to a darker place, serving the desires of the very dark beings on this planet. I repeat, Bush’s sitting with that classroom of children was Masonic symbolism and dark ritual at its most bizarre, in-your-face, in plain sight variety. The goat book, the innocent children, their chant. It all harks back to Janus!” Quote-Zen Gardner.

    Janus in Gematria equals 65. 6+5=11.
    In ancient Roman religion and myth, Janus is the god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways, passages, frames, and endings. Depicted as having two faces.
    Baroness Marie-Hélène de Rothschild wore a giant stags head and Baron Alexis de Redé a two-faced Janus mask at the Rothschild ‘Illuminati’ Party at the Château de Ferrières, 1972.
    The invitation was written in reverse. It required a mirror to be read. Inversion.

    • Scythian elites in the Eurasian steppe.
      The stag was of paramount importance to the Scythians and has even been found as tattoos on the so-called ‘ice princess’ in the Altai Mountains.
      In the Old Testament, the Hebrew word Ashkenaz occurs in Genesis 10:3; in its parallel, 1 Chronicles 1:6; and in Jeremiah 51:27. The word has been identified with the Akkadian (i.e., Babylonian)
      word Ishkuza for the Scythians.

      Baphomet, the Goat of Mendes.
      The Templars.
      Scythopolis- Beit She’an

      Tragedy was intimately connected with the cult of Dionysus.
      According to Pliny, Sythopolis was founded by Dionysus.
      Scythians created a deadly poison by mixing the decomposed bodies of venomous adders with human blood and dung and burying the mix in sealed vessels until it was putrefied. They would use it as a form of biological warfare by coating the tips of their arrows with it. It was named Scythicon.
      Latin directly borrowed toxicum from the Greek word toxikon (pharmakon) meaning “poison arrow.”

    • Scythians abd Sarmat tribes were in my region – Krasnodar region. South of Russia. Right above the Bkack Sea.

  7. Now another “funny” American story is happening with Nancy Pelosi and her visit to Taiwan. A lot of news from there. The whole region is buzzing like a beehive. Even from Okinawa, planes took to the air. And Pelosi’s plane has already been met and escorted by the Taiwanese Air Force. There were demonstrations in Taiwan itself against her visit to Taiwan. We will follow the news.

    • ***

  8. Jonas …
    why are you reposting garbage…
    it appears u are the assistant editor..
    well….if u mention Piers Morgan to anyone in the UK…
    u might as well post Desperate Housewives or Coronation Street.
    Obviously….thinking is not ur strongpoint…
    So why u got the fancy title eludes me.
    Wouldn’t be an ethnic balance amongst Vets today staff …cud it.

    • Insulting Jonas is not a good way to make your point, Kevin. This article was about Ann Coulter, not Piers Morgan. Sadly, both of them are having to do the little dance that 19 Arabs armed with boxcutters did 9/11, blah, blah, blah…. In fact, all the US wars of this century were wars of aggression, including our proxy war with Russia over Ukraine. Our Zionist masters are the ones who call the shots, not Biden or Trump. All of this is foreplay for the BIG ONE that 50 million US so-called Christian Zionists pray for each and every day. They have a collective hard-on for Armageddon and nothing short of WWIII will get them off.

    • Not garbage. Her position is spot in in my opinion and as relevant as anything on VT. Tommy you got it right too. Kevin57, first you change the subject and then attack the editor. Get lost troll or make your posts worth reading.

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