By Walt Zlotow

Today is day 159 in the Russo Ukraine war. It’s also day 159 that the US has funneled tens of billion s of weaponry into the war zone instead of pushing negotiations to end the war quickly.

Having provoked the war for 14 years since proposing NATO membership for Ukraine in 2008, the US has learned nothing from its perfidy, doubling down on its long mission to weaken and isolate Russia after breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991.

The result? Thousands of needless Ukrainian deaths simply to prolong the US proxy war that should never have been fought and could have quickly been ended.


But not satisfied with the human carnage, the US is now sending longer range artillery and rocket systems which can reach Russian territory. While Kiev has supposedly assured Washington they won’t use the new hardware to strike Russia, they have also said they would consider using them on Crimea which has been Russian for the past 8 years.

Just the thought of such strikes prompted Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov to announce “The longer the range of weapons you supply, the farther away the line from where Ukraine could threaten the Russian Federation will be pushed.”

Ukraine foolishly lost the Crimea to Russia in 2014 when they instigated civil war on the Russian speaking people in the Donbas, threatening Russia’s Sebastopol Naval Base in Crimea. They’ve essentially lost the Donbas in the current war when they reneged on their promise to grant it regional autonomy under the 2015 Minsk II Accords.

But accepting long range US weapons instead of negotiations will cost Ukraine more than the thousands needlessly dying in an unwinnable conflict. It will cost them thousands of additional square miles of territory for no other reason than to maintain their fantasy of victory and the US fantasy of winning the proxy war against Russia.

Even worse? Long range US weapons increase the prospect of US Russian nuclear confrontation.


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  1. Wait a minute…I honestly thought that I was part of the ‘silenced goyim’ waiting to die in the next Zionist false flag attack to acquire the ‘Greater Israel’. Now it’s Russian nukes? The USA has become so sadly un-dependable…

  2. Yawn. Wake me up when we move our mobile war machine and army of mercenaries to the next target of opportunity. BTW, is Biden going through Covid Rebound #3 or just sinking deeper into tight-lipped dementia. Say it isn’t so, Joe!

  3. Turns out the AFU doesn’t even know how to operate these long range weapons. It’s more likely they’ll end up hitting Kiev by error. The real story is what the Russians are finding and that is bioweapons labs funded by the DNC and may be the actual source of Covid 19.

  4. Argument to save human lives is counter productive to elite’s goal to keep their wealth and power intact
    Goal in fact os to increase their wealth and power through wars and induce more and more poverty into the masses.
    Anyone else but “themselves” are a threat to the rich and powerful.
    “Someone else” (besides their on selves) just might have audacity and courage or clever plan, to take their wealth and power from them, so EVERYONE ALIVE is a threat to the rich and powerful.

  5. “Even worse? Long range US weapons increase the prospect of US Russian nuclear confrontation.”

    Hasn’t anyone realized by now that pushing the USA into a catastrophic war with Russia is the Zionist wet dream? The same folks who brought us 9/11 and all the wars of this century are setting us up for the ultimate catastrophe. Neocons like Victoria Nuland and Antony Blinken have a visceral hatred for Russia that goes way back to 965 when Sviatoslav I destroyed the Khazar city of Sarkel and its capital at Atil. 50 million US so-called Christian Zionists have their Rapture suits all pressed and ready to go. Stupid Biden is giving these crazies everything they ever wanted!

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