Below, in this 2019 presentation, King Arthur’s Lost Kingdom is a must-see. The recent archeological discoveries presented here create a very different picture of Britain during the Arthurian era (400-600 AD).

It was referred to as the Dark Ages because of claims of constant wars following the departure of the Roman Empire. These archeologists found no evidence that there was a Dark Age in Britain during that time period. In fact, the attached map shows that Tintagel, the supposed birthplace of Arthur, was a trading hub. Tintagel contains many examples of 5th-century pottery from Anatolia.  

Follow from the red dot (Tintagel) in the south of Britain and then follow the redline of trade that leads to Anatolia in the east and beyond. An incredible example proving once again that official history is filled with propaganda. Much of it was written by monks who clearly wanted everyone to believe falsely that without Empire there is no civilization, only chaos! – Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould 

The second one proposes postulates like those in the above video King Arthurs Lost Kingdom the ignorant immediately start babbling about the carbon dating of manuscripts. Carbon dating, because of the damage it causes, is almost never used on old manuscripts and fragments. They are dated through paleography which is defined as the study of ancient writing systems and the deciphering and dating of historical manuscripts.

Paleography is just one more academic pseudoscience and was scandalously invented by a Benedictine monk; Bernard de Montfaucon who lived from 1655 to 1741.

In 1708 he published the bible of paleography; Palæographia græca, sive de ortu et progressu litterarum græcarum (“Greek palaeography, or the origin and progress of Greek literature”).

De Montfaucon’s publication was scandalous not only because it provided standardized directions on how to forge an ancient manuscript, a cottage industry in monasteries at the time of its publication, but because de Montfaucon had to have been well aware that his contemporary and the most brilliant scholar of his day; Jesuit librarian Jean Hardouin had just accused the Benedictine Order, which he called the black monks, of fabricating the entire history of Greek and Roman civilization…

Hardouin was also the premier numismatics expert of his times and he said they had forged it all; coins, inscriptions, and manuscripts. He said the only authentic classical works were Homer, Herodotus, Cicero, the Natural History of Pliny, the Georgics of Virgil, the Satires and Epistles of Horace, and the New Testament which was originally written in Latin.

The Royal Frankish AnnalsAnnales BertinianiAnnales FuldensesAnnales Xantenses, and to a lesser extent the Annals of Quedlinburg, used as the primary sources of western history, have obviously all been pasted together long after the facts by Christian monks whitewashing the churches past. What really went on in England or for that matter all of western Europe before the Ottonian Dynasty of the Saxons is a jigsaw puzzle with the pieces scattered all over academia.

Sourced in Old English, the Anglo Saxon Chronicles, although much tampered with, have greater credibility than anything sourced in Latin. In the very first lines, it’s stated that England was originally settled by Armenians who became the Britons. Then later the Picts came from Scythia and were given land to settle. This is inconvenient to their narrative and academics squeal in unison that the Saxon author copied it wrong from Bede’s Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum, or An Ecclesiastical History of the English People, pointing out that Bede said Armorica.

There are three problems with this explanation. Bede, supposedly writing a couple of centuries before the Anglo Saxon Chronicles were begun, was a Benedictine monk. The Saxons were well aware of who the Armenians were. They had settlements with them on the Black Sea, as the language of Crimean Gothic attests to. The author knew just what he was saying. And, finally, no one has accounted for the Armenian’s fellow Russians, the Scythians, being treated like comrades and not invaders.

There is an account in Old English by a man named Wulfstan who took a ship from England sailing up the coast of Northern Europe to a place called Truso now in Poland. Back then Truso was in Estland, the land beyond Denmark. Wulfstan describes Estland as being “very large, and there are very many walled towns, and each walled town has a king.”

He gives a vivid description of Estland funerary rites where the dead are left uncremated, sometimes for months depending on their stature in the community, while their friends gambled and drank away their possessions in the company of the corpse. He explains that they are able to do this because they are able to freeze the body, even in the summer. He writes “If one puts down two vessels full of ale or water, it happens there that both become frozen over, whether it be summer or winter.”

So much for the “Dark Ages.” Back at Malmesbury Abbey in England, from high atop their dark citadel the black monks were teaching themselves to fly. Writing in Latin in the Gesta regum Anglorum William of Malmesbury commemorates man’s first actual attempt at flight made by a monk named Æthelmær (Elmer) a thousand years before the Wright Brothers were born:

“He had by some means, I scarcely know what fastened wings to his hands and feet so that, mistaking fable for truth, he might fly like Daedalus, and, collecting the breeze upon the summit of a tower, flew for more than a furlong [201 meters]. But agitated by the violence of the wind and the swirling of air, as well as by the awareness of his rash attempt, he fell, broke both his legs, and was lame ever after. He used to relate as the cause of his failure, his forgetting to provide himself a tail.”

The alternative to paleography, Carbon dating is in itself notoriously inaccurate, particularly with objects less than a few thousand years old. Creationists recite with glee how the fossilized remains of an Allosaurus were dated to be sixteen thousand years old.  Radiocarbon dating labs almost invariably will only accept samples with an age estimate suggested by the submitting historians or archaeologists. This alone is damming evidence of fraud, it’s akin to a psychic requesting a biography before they do your Tarot cards…

The great Anatoly Fomenko has a lot of fun with living mollusks that have been carbon-dated to be twenty-three hundred years old and seven-hundred-year-old castles dated to be seven thousand years old. He sums up the practice of carbon dating objects from recorded history by citing German authors Christian Blöss and Hans-Ulrich Niemitz 1997 book C-14 Crash.

“They have collected a great body of modern material demonstrating rather convincingly the fact that the radiocarbon method in its current form cannot serve as a valid reason for absolute dating of historical artifacts.”

Common sense should tell you if you do not know where you came from you cannot know where you are going. To proceed in a linear fashion you must have a beginning to get to the end. Collectively western man pointlessly stumbles forward like a Hollywood zombie in a malevolent quest for the brains he does not have. He did not get this way by accident.

In order to make a zombie, the bokor (voodoo priest) or caplata (voodoo priestess) must administer a poison virulent enough to make their victim appear dead to the medical profession. The unfortunate victim is then buried and allowed to resuscitate in their subterranean tomb. The subsequent trauma and horror experienced by the victim is enough to wipe out all memory of who and what they were that the drug itself did not wipe out.

Before they really die the victim is then dug up and the Shaman mutters some mumbo jumbo like a mantra into a mind that has been traumatized to its maximum pliability. From the time they emerge from their tomb, over and over again, the shaman tells the zombie all hope of transcending their now miserable existence, salvation from the pain that the shaman themselves have inflicted, lay only through the shaman…

This has been excerpted and edited from:

Fitzgerald and Gould have recently published a book that we are strongly recommending:

What do you get when you mix a thousand-year-old hereditary feud, bloodlines, Oliver Stone, the holographic paradigm, and Christian mysticism?

You get The Valediction Resurrection! Seldom am I impressed with a professional writer’s knowledge of the occult but move over Umberto Eco, Gould and Fitzgerald will teach you how to play this HAARP.

I was astounded by the depth of Mr. Fitzgerald’s understanding of the hidden currents that carry this world to an as-of-yet unknown destiny.

By the time he got to the Tuatha Dé, entities of which I am intimately acquainted but I call Djinn, and the importance of quartz for time travel I had to slow down to reading only thirty or forty pages a day.

Because that’s the way I read when I am taking mental notes. This book belongs in any good occult library, and I have already begun recommending it to my Christian readers who are troubled associating the very real unseen world with the artificial dogma they’ve been inculcated with for generations. The Valediction Resurrection is a must-read for every Christian with a three-digit IQ. I may just read it again myself. – Jack Heart

Shop –The Valediction: Resurrection

About Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould a husband and wife team, acquired the first visas to enter Afghanistan granted to an American TV crew in 1981. Following their news story for CBS, they produced a PBS documentary and returned to Kabul for ABC Nightline in 1983. Starting in 1992 through 1995 they worked on the film version of their experience under contract to Oliver Stone.

Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould, a husband and wife team

In 1998 they started collaborating with Afghan human rights expert Sima Wali. In 2002 they filmed and produced a documentary about Wali’s first return to Kabul since her exile in 1978.  Invisible History: Afghanistan’s Untold Story (2009 – Amazon – City Lights) and Crossing Zero: The AfPak War at the Turning Point of American Empire (2011 – Amazon – City Lights) were published by City Lights.  The Voice, an esoteric adventure story, was published in 2001.


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  1. “There must have been one hell of a flood as is recorded in the Epic of Gilgamesh…”

    The Great Flood according to accounts/legends/oral tradition from various ancient civilizations, including the Genesis 6-8, appears to have occurred about 2800 B.C.
    This excellent but little known presentation from 1970 gives persuasive evidence for a (as the title says) “Cataclysm from Space; 2800 B.C: The Cause of the Biblical Flood”: youtube. com/watch?v=oor7Cl0rN7I&t=3s Hint: rain didn’t cause the flood, it was concurrent with the flood. It also debunks the 14 billion year Uniformitarian geological theory and presents solid evidence for a relatively young earth. Definitely worth checking out. Many readers will recognize G. Edward Griffin who introduces the presentation.

  2. Reply to jack,s comment…

    “No offense to your son Kevin but academic history is the mother of all lies…”

    Thanks Jack…..your comment is absolutely correct…it’s a continuous conflict issue I have had with my son….
    Basically part of his learning is deliberately false and useless info…
    however to get the title he has to tick boxes, conform and then reteach the bullshit.
    It’s the jewish system.
    They run all of the “prestigious academia”…oxford, cambridge, harvard…etc
    They issue “degrees”…medical licenses, barristers, judges..etc and strictly enforce it….and quickly remove them if you don’t comply….with financial penalties and career destruction.
    Sadly the whole system has to be destroyed and rebuilt…..with no (((filth))).

    • You’re doing better than me Kevin; I don’t even talk to my college educated daughter anymore. She’s married to Schlomo and has a master’s in economics. The only thing she learned with that was to marry Schlomo…

  3. @Jack Heart

    Yes, your assumptions could be. Your critics against academic history are too radical. Maybe you are able to gain rather more attention with than without it. But every researcher stands for himself to collect evidence for his research work. You have no proove that the new testament was written in latin originally. The new testament was written in Greek. Jesus himself could whether speak Latin nor Greek. With Theodosius the empire became an antique communist stoneage state. Knowledge, the ability to read and write was centralised in convents, where Latin was spoken and written. Because knowledge is power. The merchant-families, mainly in northern Italy started the counter-revolution late in the 15th century.

    • Maybe you should try reading the source material before you stick your foot in your mouth Edward, I have nothing but proof, and I even know how to spell it
      “Essentially what Hardouin, at the time the greatest living scholar, said is the only authentic classical works were Homer, Herodotus, Cicero, the Natural History of Pliny, the Georgics of Virgil, the Satires and Epistles of Horace and the New Testament which was originally written in Latin.”
      You may have heard of guy named Anatoly Fomenko I suggest you read him before making any more comments on essays I now see are way over your head…

    • And as far as gaining attention I take immense umbrage with that; the truth has gotten me banned from social media, thrown off of Patreon where half my income came from, and made me a pariah with the NYC Jewish literati who were once my mentors. Yea attention, thank your lucky stars you have never received the kind of attention you accuse me of courting

    • Edward is correct that the New Testament was originally written in Greek, although Matthew wrote his gospel first in Hebrew (now lost but mentioned by various Church Fathers) and then in Greek.

      “….monks who clearly wanted everyone to believe falsely that without Empire there is no civilization, only chaos!”

      The Empire did provide relative peace and stability for the Catholic Church and for its inhabitants. It was the various barbarian invasions that brought chaos. A couple good books are Christopher Dawson, The Making of Europe and the more popular and less scholarly Europe and the Faith by Hilaire Belloc.

    • “Born in 1646 Jean Hardouin, a Breton, became a Jesuit in 1666. He was imbued with a love of books developed from a childhood spent working in his father’s bookstore. He was professor of belles-lettres and rhetoric at the Collège de Clermont until 1683, the year after the Jesuit College came under the direct patronage of Louis XIV and accordingly changed its name to Lycée Louis-le-Grand. In that year he would succeed Pere Garnier whom he was familiar enough with to publish a biography about the following year. From then on he would be the librarian and professor of positive theology at the Jesuit College for the next fifteen years.

      Positive theology or Cataphatic theology is the method by which the Godhead is defined by what it is, as opposed to Negative theology or Apophatic theology where the Godhead is explained by what it isn’t. For instance to say God is love would be positive theology, to say God is not hate is negative theology. Most mysticism, particularly eastern mysticism, shuns positive theology as an attempt to lock what is all encompassing into particular traits that are merely transiently desirable to the postulant.

    • In 1685 Hardouin published Pliny secundi Historae Naturalis libri XXXVII an edition of Natural History by the Roman author Pliny where he first broached the subject. In it Hardouin mentioned without elaborating that excluding his current work most Roman and Greek texts were forged. It was in his Chronologia Veteris Testamenti published in Paris in 1697 where he first openly “questioned the authenticity of nearly all the works attributed to the classical writers.” The Parliament of Paris “interdicted the sale of the works” but they would be reprinted in Strasburg that same year. (19)
      19 – ” Jean Hardouin.” Catholic Online Catholic Encyclopedia Encyclopedia Volume. Web.

      Essentially what Hardouin, at the time the greatest living scholar, said is the only authentic classical works were Homer, Herodotus, Cicero, the Natural History of Pliny, the Georgics of Virgil, the Satires and Epistles of Horace and the New Testament which was originally written in Latin. He questioned the authenticity of much of the early Christian literature, particularly Alexandrian and Hebrew contributions, Old and New Testament, which he outright denied. Hardouin also denied the genuineness of most ancient works of art, inscriptions and particularly coins.

    • As Europe’s leading expert on numismatics or the study of currency at the time, Hardouin published Nummi antiqui populorum et urbium illustrati in 1684, Antirrheticus de nummis antiquis coloniarum et municipiorum in 1689 and Chronologia Veteris Testamenti ad vulgatam versionem exacta et nummis illustrata in 1696, it is criminally insane that academia white washed his work until it was taken up in the late nineteenth century by Edwin Johnson Professor of Classical Literature in New College, South Hampshire.
      Hardouin’s magnum opus, to which all canonical literature is still based on today, is Conciliorum collectio regis maxima, or Acta conciliorum, et epistolae decretales ac constitutiones summorum pontificum. The twelve volume compilation of texts from the church councils going back to the New Testament was first printed in Paris in 1715. But because he had laced it with “maxims opposed to the claims of the Gallican Church” distribution of the work to the public was delayed till 1726. “He received a pension from the French clergy for this work, and it was printed at the expense of the King of France…” 20
      20 – Ibid.

    • So I guess you and “Edward” know better than the guy who translated them. Do not comment again, either one of you, I don’t have time to answer morons

  4. King Williams’s Light Age.

    Queen Elizabeth Lights the Platinum Jubilee Beacon

    The Fourth Revolution

    “The role of the solar angels and their sacrifice on behalf of humanity is discussed at length in The Secret Doctrine by H.P. Blavatsky. In fact, in 1887 the magazine of the Theosophical Society took “Lucifer” as its name in an effort to bring clarity to what it regarded as an unfairly maligned sacrificing angel.

    The name “Lucifer” comes from the Latin words, Lux or Lucis (light) and ferre (to bring); thus Lucifer literally means “light-bearer””.

    Esoterically, the role of Guardian Angel was made possible by the sacrifice of the solar angels in their preservation of the principle of mind or, occultly, fire, through persistent repeated incarnations in form until animal man became thinking man and, finally, began to awaken to his true spiritual heritage: human/divine man. Thus the solar angel creates the form for the incarnating soul principle—the causal body—and it also withdraws that body at the fourth initiation, when the link between form and spirit has been permanently fused and the causal body is shattered”.
    Quotes from
    Descent and Sacrifice
    Reprinted from The Beacon, September-October 1989
    by Sarah McKechnie

    • The Lighting of The Beacons

      “Tree of Trees” a spiralling brown “trunk” of hefty steel tubes rising to support big steel “branches”, carrying dozens of little windswept trees in *aluminium* pots.
      “…a massively over-engineered structure that recalls a hastily disguised mobile phone mast”.

      The growing need of compact and portable antennas.
      We are walking, oscillating antennas.
      5G Beacon beam-forming techniques, i.e. analog, digital, hybrid, switched, and adaptive etc. and its types, working algorithms, design of compact antennas.

      There is a pineal enhancing technique called the Beams of Light.

      In occultism the pineal gland is regarded as a link between the subjective and objective states of consciousness or in exoteric terminology the visible and invisible worlds of Nature.

    • My man! When I tried to explain the true identity of Lucifer in Lucifer in the Temple of the Dog right here on VT back in 2016, the resident Christians nearly died of apoplexy. You would have loved those comment sections Well, I could have used you too. A great wrong has been done to Lucifer by the Catholic Church and nobody says it better than Otto Rahn in Lucifers Court. Lucifer is no fallen angel but the only other God with big enough balls to take on the tyrant of the old testament. May I recommend the writings of Miguel Serrano to you if you have not already read them?

    • Jack, it may be a slight palliative to your conscience to think/hope that Lucifer isn’t a fallen angel, but he is, and his name was changed because on account of his pride (he lacked the humility to accept God’s plan, including the Incarnation and the exalting of a mere human woman as Queen of Heaven above him), and since his fall from grace at the beginning of time his name is Satan. Many lies have been told about the Catholic Church, but the pre-1958 takeover traditional Church is the one true church founded by Christ, teaching truth unmixed with error. John XXIII thru Francis are all anti-popes.

    • Is that what you believe darrell? I feel sorry for you, not…
      Those of you who want to learn should read Lucifer in the Temple of the Dog, its right here on VT.

  5. I believe you used to buy seahorse’s from the back of comic books: and their origins came from The Great Salt Lake

  6. Jack, I have only recently developed an interest in King Arthur. British history, with its endless wars, always made my eyes glaze over, and King Arthur was too much fairytale for me. But that changed when I tried to research my last name, which is French. I traced its origin to Tours, France, the city of kings which was a magnet for many peoples. It was a dead end for me, until a Celtic tablet was found in 1984. My name’s origin is Celtic! – and it probably came from the Kingdom of Bernicia, which I think was contemporaneous with King Arthur’s Camelot. The earliest reference to Arthur is in a poem dating from around AD 594.

  7. Interesting sentence in the article: “What really went on in England or for that matter all of western Europe before the Ottonian Dynasty of the Saxons is a jigsaw puzzle with the pieces scattered all over academia.” True. Charlemagne and the Carolingian Empire are important, as is one of its provinces, Septimania, on the coast of the Med. And before that, we had the Ptolemaic Kingdom, also on the Med. Quote: “Roman Egypt became one of Rome’s richest provinces and a center of Macedonian culture, with Greek remaining the main language of government until the Muslim conquest in 641 AD. Alexandria remained one of the leading cities of the Mediterranean well into the late Middle Ages.” The Roman Empire actually lasted longer than it appears, as inertia and a common language kept it going pretty much until the Holy Roman Empire. But the rulers of the Holy Roman Empire were land-based in Aachen. They depended on the seafarers for trade. So, in addition to Latin and Greek, the languages of the Punics (western Phoenicians) and Arabs were important too. The “Dark Ages” are not as dark as they seem. Records exist in multiple languages, although they might be suppressed.

    • The Roman Empire whatever it was JS is certainly not what we have been told it was, same for the Carolingian Dynasty, the unification of the Goths under the three Otto’s marks the beginning of our own epoch and all the lies the Catholic Church has told starting with Bruno “the Great” and the Old Testament. Until we separate ourselves from Schlomo we will continue to tread water in a sea of confusion where Schlomo has been a shark since the days of the Radhanites. And yes, it’s all been purged by the pope but you can still learn much from the Islamic accounts that were beyond the power mad grasp of Rome, Cologne and the Byzantium’s…

  8. (2)

    The gallo-roman intellectuals never forgave the german rule over France, beside the fact, that France wears a german name. La France means the Franconia. The documentation producers hire more pretty maids to present archaeology. Sex sells. The King Arthus video is nice, but without any new facts. The Anglo-Saxons made no invasion, they were seeping in. I think this King Arthur story is more related to the norman invasion, but shifted for centuries. Whether the Anglo-Saxons nor the Welsh were able to get organised to repulse a few Normans. It sounds like Asterix, a good story to heal wounded souls.

    • She is cute, no Edward? I think Arthurian lore in all likelihood was carried into Europe by the Saxon Minnesanger’s and was put down on paper and hammered into doctrine by Chretien de Troyes. It is from another time and another place called Scandza, dear to the heart of all Goths whether they be Viking, Saxon, Frisian or Anglo.

  9. Armenians are the eldest christian community existing. I do not see any evidence for them to change the location. Islamic conquer was later. The EDDA is telling us about the Vanir, let’s say the indigene celts and the AEsir, Scytho-Sarmats, means the Germanics who were seeping in from the east. The EDDA tells us, no one could gain superiority, so they melted together in so called Germanic tribes, eastwards the river Rhine. In contrary to the Celts they established no strongholds. Around 500 the Franconian nobles took over Gallia from the Romans, the takeover remained till Napoleon III. Clovis I enforced his nobles to adapt catholicism, they had to give up peaganism or ariansm, to get accepted by the gallo-roman masses. This hereditary enmity between Germany and France was a direct result of this, comparable to the unbeloved Normans in Britian, who still rule the House of Lords beside some jews.

    • Thank you for the sixth-grade history lesson Jethro, can we do ciphers next? I told you read the source material! I’ve already wasted enough of my valuable time answering you and the other student of papal bullshit. You are just lucky I’m waiting for my laundry to dry, or I would just delete this graffiti. There is a whole new history emerging in the emerging first world countries, Russia and China, not surprisingly you stubbornly don’t want to hear it, which is exactly why they are currently beating down the West seven ways to Sunday and you will be warming yourself by the campfire this winter…

    • Popes have been both great saints and great sinners (even Peter denied knowing Christ), but they’ve never failed to hand on the teaching of the apostles or become servile Jewish assets until the Judeo-Masonic takeover of the papacy in 1958, evidence pointing to a nuclear threat against the Vatican if the validly elected Cardinal Giuseppe Siri didn’t abdicate (invalidly, since under threat). That’s why the Church (actually a newly created counter-church) underwent an unprecedented revolution from the 1960s. Little known info on that can be seen at
      catholicapedia. net/Documents/Chiesa_viva/Chiesa_viva_486_en-_FINAL.pdf (Siri Elected Three Times)
      1958 Nuclear Threat: whitesmoke1958. com/2021/05/27/grave-reasons-of-state

  10. Another book I’ve got to add to my rather extensive reading list Jack. Currently I was writing a book on 911 which is why I became a frequent visitor to VT but felt compelled to expand it due to more recent events. I gave up on releasing it just prior to the 20th anniversary which seemed to pass unnoticed anyway due Covid. ‘ Nuff said. Personally I’m more of a researcher of more recent history since I can bypass the Winston Smiths in the media with FOIA requests or by examining declased docs to get the real story or at least a better picture. Interesting that your article indicates that they’ve been rewriting or revising history since the beginning. Again I’m as shocked as Captain Renault in Casablanca.🤣

    • I read your debate with VT’s resident Hasbara trolls the other day Adair, outstanding work. It’s commenters like you that still keep VT’s head above water. Don’t give up the calvary may yet arrive. This, together with Global Research and Zero Hedge used to be the number one site on the internet, they ruined it. Kaminski is the one who made a believer out of me about 9/11, I think his book may still be available. We’re gonna start offering a catalogue of worthwhile reads, we were just discussing it and will discuss it further tomorrow with Germany.

    • Yes I’m familiar with some of John Kaminski’s work😎👍 Also VT’s own Gordon Duff was the one who confirmed what I suspected way back in early ’02 when I saw the Cherenkov Effect that they tried to claim were “memorial lights” after they cleared the rubble from GZ. Everybody else thought I was crazy when I mentioned it in some “Truther” discussion group🤪 But hey call me crazy🤣 Also there’s a vet named Derek Johnson now confirming what I personally knew about the Presidential election *https:*//*3779187.html which was one of the key reasons I had to go back for a rewrite on my book. That and the recent Biological attack which some are calling Covid 911.There’s so much to write about Jack. 911 is just a piece in a much larger puzzle. Enjoy your articles and look forward to the changes brother. Best AB

    • Gordon Duff is my mentor Adair, without Gordon Duff Jack Heart might of been writing for the New York Times and dammed his own eternal soul. My feelings toward Mr. Duff are like a father and believe me I can get dam mad at my father. Just heard from him the other day his left arm is still useless, but he expects better in a month. You can catch him on “the Intel Drop is now”

    • NYT! I can’t imagine a worse fate😱 Journalistic purgatory. Yeah you might of noticed Duff and I would duke it out sometimes🤣 Hey but that’s the “problem” with free and open debate. Something I learned one was never allowed to have on twatter. Rumor is @jack ass Dorsey is already in hell. Along with Zuckerberg. I’m glad Gordon is recovering from his motorcycle accident and I hope he’s back in the wind again. Me I rode for quite a while too but gave it up though I did ride in the last Love Ride. Plan to get back on two wheels some time in the near future.😎👍

  11. interesting..almost mesmerizing in questions…
    my son is a Phd in english lives in Almeria…teaches/examines for cambridge.
    I have asked him the simple question…how are languages born and disseminated…
    can you string me a line …which wud indicate history…
    So i ask…how do armenians speak to anglo-saxons.

    • My guess would be that they all spoke Latin or Greek Kevin, the language of the Byzantium’s when the island was settled. Not the invented Latin and Greek of the Scaliger’s and Saxo Grammaticus, but the language the original New Testament was written in, only the Jesuits would know for sure. Later the language was mingled with Old Norse and became Crimean Gothic. In the human someone dropped a very interesting Wikipedia link about Qabala on the coast of the Caspian Sea. I don’t believe for one second the academic dribble about the Caspian Sea being a salt water inland lake either, if so, how did seals get in it? Same thing with Lake Bikail, the Black Sea and Lake Titicaca too where there are sea horses two miles up in the mountains. There must have been one hell of a flood as is recorded in the Epic of Gilgamesh…

      No offense to your son Kevin but academic history is the mother of all lies…

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