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Somebody wake this guy up, his degree of insanity is harmful to the Ukrainian population. 


Theater of Military Operations (TMO) Day 208, 19/09/2022 (excerpt) 

Translated by Georg Stein

Zoya Kosmodemiánskaya. Soviet partisan, teenager, woman. These three conditions, added to the fact that her execution was, like so many others, the object of a public act of chastisement by the Nazis, led Stalin to erect her as a symbol of the role of women in the so-called “great patriotic war” of defense of the USSR against the German invasion in World War II. “Comrades, why are you so sad? I am not afraid to die, I am happy to die for my people […] You are going to hang me, but I am not the only one. There are more than 200 million of us, you can’t hang us all. My comrades will avenge my death. Germans, surrender before it is too late. Victory is ours.

Malaysia’s economy grew by 8.9% in the second quarter, Vietnam by 7.7% and the Philippines by 7.4%. All cronies of whom? Russia and China. Meanwhile in Europe. The price of bread in the EU rose by 18% over the year – Eurostat.

Zelenski, convinced that more cities will be liberated, including those in Crimea. In a video speech, Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelenski has assured that he expects more Ukrainian cities, including those in Crimea, to be liberated after a successful counter-offensive by the Ukrainian army in the Kharkov region. “Izium, Balakliia, Kupiansk – these words are ringing everywhere,” Zelenski said. “Mariupol, Melitopol and Kherson will also sound, and even more often and louder when we liberate them.”

Somebody wake this guy up, his degree of insanity is harmful to the Ukrainian population.

The Lugansk Public Chamber proposes an urgent referendum on joining Russia. The Public Chamber of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) in eastern Ukraine has called on the republic’s leader Leonid Pasechnik to “urgently” organize a referendum on joining Russia.

“The Public Chamber of the Lugansk People’s Republic calls for an immediate holding of a referendum on the recognition of the LPR as a subject of the Russian Federation,” reads the text of the document, quoted by TASS news agency. According to the document, entry into Russia will ensure the security of the territory amid a Ukrainian counteroffensive in the east of the country and “open new possibilities” for its reconstruction.

“We are convinced that the initiative will be fully supported by the inhabitants of Lugansk, and the entry into the Russian Federation will not only be a triumph of historical justice, but will also ensure the security of the republic,” the petition states.

Russia has begun targeted destruction of Ukrainian artillery, including Western supplies. Iran Express continues to work actively. “Strange” kamikaze drones named “Geran” caused a real panic in Ukrainian, Western and pseudo-Russian information segments. Everyone from Meduza to the Wall Street Journal reported the beginning of massive attacks on Ukrainian artillery and rocket launchers. There are confirmations of the destruction of M777 artillery systems, Akatsiya self-propelled guns and other types of artillery.

Earlier, we wrote that drones, which are clearly repainted Iranian UAV Shahed-136, will be able to change the course of events on the front. The same thesis is now supported by weapons expert Scott Crino, who said that Iranian drones in Russia could be an important counterweight to modern enemy systems, such as HIMARS, which the United States sent to Ukraine.

We dare to assume that in the near future we will not see new videos with funny walks of HIMARS during the day on Ukrainian routes. Now such movements are not entirely safe. In addition, Il-76 and Boeing 747 transport vehicles continue to arrive at Moscow airports from Iran. We hope that everyone will understand what they are carrying without additional explanations.

‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.’ This is Ursula’s anger turned against Orban’s refusal to join her Russophobic mania. A turning point in the chronicle of the EU hurtling towards petulance, disorder, fragmentation and ultimately disintegration…, the blonde dictator has decided to punish Hungary, she is in for a surprise, sister Ursulina von der Fockin.

Restrictions on the entry of Russians into Poland and the Baltics come into force. … … It must be traumatic for the Russians not to be able to visit Poland and the Baltic countries. If it weren’t for them, no one would, well, now let them visit each other. And about one of them, Latvia: It could not collectively finance a TB2 drone for Ukraine. They needed 5 million € and raised only 862,693 €. …

Borrell has nothing more to say and keeps talking bullshit all on his own. This guy is one of the most detested characters in the European Union, and rightly so, detested by the Europeans themselves. The energetic Borrell says: “We have to engage much more with the rest of the world …. The world is asking for more Europe. There is a demand that we Europeans commit ourselves more, but not only in words but also in deeds”… . According to Borrell, among the countries of the so-called “global south” there is fear that the war in Ukraine will distract Europe from the rest of the international agenda and that all resources will be concentrated on this conflict at a particularly difficult time for many regions. …

Nowhere in the world are they calling for more Europe, not even in …, Europe.

On the ground:

Russian military conducts massive shelling against positions of Ukrainian militants: RF Armed Forces conducted 6 missile strikes and 28 air strikes, carrying out more than 90 shellings from the MLRS against Ukrainian military targets.

It became known that on August 23, Russian troops liquidated another foreign mercenary in the Kharkiv direction – Israeli citizen Andrey Glembotsky.

Part of the Ukrainian troops found themselves in a tactical encirclement near the borders of the Kherson region near the Ingulets River, the deputy head of the regional administration in an interview with RIA Novosti.

On September 18, in the direction of Kharkiv, Russian troops killed another commander of the Artillery Battery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Major Yuriy Gulik. A native of the Lviv region. He was apparently sent to Bandera by an Iranian kamikaze drone.

A tattooed Nazi of the 72nd Specialized Brigade of the “Black Cossacks” was taken prisoner by the “musicians”. He already regrets the tattoos: he was young and stupid. Who said there is no Nazism in Ukraine? The Wagner Orchestra keeps on playing.

Russian troops are in the eastern part of Kupyansk.

Photo: Today for the first time there was something I did not like at all, that they managed to cross the river below on the left, and that they have reached Bilohorika (below right).

Russia does not start wars, it ends them.Today is Russia closer to Kiev, or Ukraine to Moscow, if you have the answer, then we are clear.


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  1. We could end this bloody war-Conflict ASAP, by doing to the Ukraine what was done to Yugoslavia! What/WHO are the ones, holding up. discarding that Justified Process-outcome, that would bring Peace to Europe and End the Bloodshed!? I understand; “War is a Racket.” Money$$s to be made and the expense of, Human Corpses, Men, Women and Children on the way to what? Where is this going to lead??

  2. nobody mentions jews here…Dnipro is the screechcentre for chabadlubavitchers…Poland is 50% jewish…this whole area is the pale of settlement…holomodur etc….prague isa jew graveyard centre…yeah everyone wants to rename the ashkenazi jews now as khazarian jews…yeah right getta life…..a jew isa fckn jew…they are notta race they are parasites…..the war is setup to restructure europe, (kindly remember germany is still under occupation, the 2nd reich still exists and the brd isa lifeless distraction and now filled with Turks)… who putsa ballerina in charge ofa war-zone….Moscow war-gamed this years ago(except the ballerina)…the whole enterprise is an active test-bed for weaponry…dump the old novice recruits…slowly introduce “modern” armaments and test battlefield results…and introduce unmanned “fly-weaponry”…which is ultimately the future battlefield with ground robots…..kindly bear in mind…future attacks will be miniature swamp drones…..dropped from unknown flying sources…rather like the induction of earthquakes or weather. nobody can prove who did it. The invisible enemy.

    • I agree with a lot of what you say but when you say “nobody can prove who did it. The invisible enemy” that’s not exactly true. There are two main manufacturers of drones these days Israel and Iran and they feed both ends of the game. The blame game will be easy.

  3. I don’t know enough of the topography to know the score or the success or failure of this counterattack. As events unfold I can only depend on the sources I hope I can trust like,
    Scott Ritter.@ youtube… I do not have cablecable, but it seems to me that, all the really on the scene commentators are on the net.

    • Hi Offshore
      From youtube, there is guy from Singapore named Defense Politics Asia who does a good job most everyday figuring out just where the two armies are now situated, where the front lines are, what is probably BS and what is confirmed, and who occupies or controls just what cities and villages.
      Also there is guy who always dresses well with tie and nice shirt and does very level headed assesment of war and what is going on named the New Atlas on YouTube as well.
      The site Jim and Gordon are active on now is and has lots of good stuff everyday there to know what is really going on too.
      I am living in Belarus right now with wife and her family for awhile (the only American here I swear) and have great concern should the front lines shift to the north and Ukrainians (US and NATO actually) begin shelling the beautiful city of Minsk, where both Napolean and the WW2 nazis set up their military headquarters and logistic centers upon invasion of Russia.
      Belarus has not sent its troops tanks or missles into Ukraine, Belarus remains a country that intentionally could work as peace negotiator as it was before in 2015 (the Minsk Accords)

    • I don’t know about anything on Youtube Konehead, they have proven that they will censor whatever they feel like censoring. Yes, I use all the sources you’ve named, and I’ll even throw in Lira, but unless I get confirmation from those who have boots on the ground, I take them all with a grain of salt, especially now that Ukraine has proven they have offensive capabilities, leaving them all looking pretty stupid and me for listening to them. I’m not a journalist, but since I have taken that job on as a serious one, I must move on and find new sources, such as our mystery Cuban…

  4. I’ve read rumors that Zelenski is actually working for the Russians. The way he’s almost single handedly with the help of the Russians of course destroyed the AFU and now destroying NATO with the people now against their Governments. Amazing what a few cold showers and an even colder winter will do. Not mention spiraling inflation not seen since the Weimar Republic will do. Stay tuned. My take is that China has already launched its attack against Taiwan causing the earthquake and tsunami that now requires their “humanitarian” assistance.

    Drones? Well the Yemenis showed the Saudis how unstoppable they were. Now the Ukrainians are going to get a demonstration.

  5. It seems that Putin was/is totally ignorant of how for YEARS Ukraine with with the “help” of the USA & its NATO allies was preparing for a war with the USSR & now we have the result !!!!

    • I disagree. Putin waited and watched. Built up his nuclear capabilities, spent rubles on advanced weapons, slowly disengaged from any reliance on the west by making his nation more self reliant and then struck while the iron was hot in Ukraine. All brilliant chess moves.

    • Hi Zigi and Adair
      I am in middle on this, I think Putin was “hoping for the best” such as NordStream2 going through, not such ridiculous Russiaphobic attitudes and sanctions develop,
      but all the while preparing (and expecting) for the worst situation, so he was not ignoring anything.
      He was hoping the US would see foolhardiness of taking on Russia with military force or the NATO bluster.

      A good chess move during ethnic cleansijng of Russians from Ukraine in 2015 was to vote Crimea into Federation, this the only real militarily strategic place in Ukraine which was a must-have for both sides .

      But chess is played with rules and if your opponent just decides to ignore or cheat or make up their own, (I read this somewhere I think Saker or Escobar) perhaps better analogy is of a crowded poker game, and a slobbering drunk cowboy (USA) with loaded six shooter in holster is better, and a very sober saloon owner with a couple 12GA shotguns at the ready under bar watching over the game (Russia)
      I think reason Russia has let Zelensky go about his theatrics for so long is that the Russians still wants to play by the rules, and Zelensky, if he actually negotiates a peace, will mean the peace may become recognized as “legitimate’
      Imagine if Zelensky orders the Ukraine army to “stand doown’ (not likely but imagine) this would be the demilitarization goal of Russia.

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