Part I: The COVID-19 Power Grab as “Organized Crime”. A Multi-faceted Deception

Part 2:  Follow The Money

by Tony Hall

COVID-19 can be understood as the basis for a power grab implemented by a global financial syndicate whose activities include elaborate and novel forms of criminal manipulation. I base this conclusion on many sources of evidence and interpretation which I introduced and discussed in Part I of this essay.

One of the keys to my analysis presented in this three-part series is drawn from Dr. Michael Yeadon, a former Pfizer VP with a long history as a successful developer of commercial drugs.

In Part 1 I examined Dr. Yeadon’s succinct explanation of “The COVID Lies” and the objectives he attributes to those behind this weave of purposeful deceptions.

Dr. Yeadon has continued along this road of calling attention to the urgent need for concerted resistance to the juggernaut of “terrifyingly horrible” assaults that continue to be pointed our way. He writes,

“OUR GOVERNMENT IS ACTIVELY WORKING TO HARM US, TO DISMANTLE MODERN SOCIETY & ENSLAVE ALL PEOPLE IN A DIGITALLY CONTROLLED TOTALITARIAN WORLD… I am certain it’s true… I am certain because this all started with a scientific fraud relating to a virus, augmented it with a relentless campaign of fear, imposed measures known to be useless, which wrecked the economy and smashed civil society, then coerced most to accept useless, unnecessary, ineffective and deliberately dangerous injections. Obviously, this is an odious crime. Nothing like it has ever happened.”

Dr. Michael Yeadon: The Most Important Single Message I’ve Ever Written

Some of the key platforms where “odious crimes” and “scientific fraud” have been hosted include;

  • the World Health Organization (WHO),
  • the Bill Gates “philanthropies,”
  • the World Economic Forum (WEF),
  • Most of the world’s biggest media cartels,
  • The international pharmaceutical industry, part of the medical profession as well as scholars and academics,
  • The Pentagon,
  • Western intelligence agencies,
  • Hollywood,
  • The Wellcome Trust,
  • The Vatican
  • The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund,
  • The private proprietors of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York,
  • The City of London, and the Federal Reserve’s proxy, BlackRock Inc.
  • Formal and informal agents of the Chinese government are sprinkled throughout many of these agencies.
  • Tens of thousands of government officials (Worldwide) have participated in the activities of the COVID “crime syndicate” whose apex of command and control is situated in the upper echelons of global high finance.

Some of the very few government leaders who did not go along with implementing the COVID narrative have suspiciously died while in office. This fate was visited upon, for instance, the presidents of Haiti, Burundi, and Tanzania. See this and this.

In the spring of 2020 Tanzania’s former president, the late John Pombe Mugufuli (Ph.D., Industrial Chemistry), set a pioneering example of non-compliance with the agenda of COVID Officialdom. His skeptical resolve encouraged millions to follow his example. One of Dr. Mugufuli’s acts of resistance to the incursions of the COVID cartel involved his satirical account of the laughable inaccuracies of the WHO’s PCR test.


Dr. Mugufuli explained to his own people that the COVID syndicate then colonizing the Tanzanian health care system was extremely untrustworthy. He explained that the syndicate operated on the basis of fraud disguised as science.

Dr. Mugulfuli attracted international attention with his forensic approach to testing the reliability of the COVID test. When he discovered that the WHO’s diagnostic system found that a goat and a papaya fruit both tested positive for COVID, Dr. Mugufuli did not hold back from announcing his discovery with satirical verve.

The implication of the revelation was that the worldwide COVID care infrastructure was then being speedily constructed on the basis of foundational fraud.

Reiner Fuellmich took into the realm of jurisprudence the findings of Dr. Mugufuli and other early critics of the PCR system of testing for COVID-19 infection. One of these early critics was Dr. Mike Yeadon.

Fuellmich is one of the leaders in the worldwide coalition of lawyers and scientists who share the intention of proving in court the guilt of prominent members of the COVID crime syndicate. This very accomplished lawyer envisages the culmination of this quest for justice in an event he sometimes pictures as Nuremberg 2.0.

Fuellmich has widely stated his contention, “It’s not a Corona Pandemic. It’s a PCR Test Pandemic.”

“And Do Not Tell Me You Didn’t Know. Because Anyone Could Have Known”

Christine Anderson continued along the path of resistance pioneered by Dr. Mugufuli and the Doctors 4 COVID Ethics. An outspoken member of the EU Parliament, Anderson went beyond Dr. Yeadon’s unmasking of the criminal intent behind the COVID power grab.

Anderson first captured international attention in the Spring of 2022 when this EU parliamentarian condemned Justin Trudeau to his face as a “disgrace to any democracy.”

Anderson continued her reflections on the requirements of democracy after predicting that the COVID injection campaign “will become known as the biggest crime ever committed in history on humanity.”

Anderson presented this startling prediction while chairing an EU-related event highlighting the chaos imposed by injection mandates on the aviation industry and especially on pilots. In introducing this subject, Anderson surprised the delegates by shifting focus to collectively address “each and every elected representative of the people in every Western democracy.” She asked, “What have you done”? Anderson then rhetorically answered her own question, asserting,

“You didn’t do your job. And do not tell me you didn’t know. Because anyone could have known. And if you had bothered enough to care about your own people, if you had bothered enough to do your job you should have known. And moreover, it is your damn job to know. It is your job to protect the people that you were elected by and that your job is to represent. What have you done?”

Anderson’s criticism is apt and well deserved. Very few elected officials have acted proactively to protect their constituents from injection harm. Why might this be? How much bribery, kickbacks, blackmail, and other forms of political skulduggery have been applied by the COVID syndicate in order to bring about such devastating failures of representation when and where it was needed the most?

What other categories of civil servants, public service workers, and professional groups have been pressed into subjugation by similar forms of temptation, intimidation, and degradation? What was done to flip possible resistors so that they would join, rather than resist, the COVID power grab?

Why was it left to Christine Anderson to point out the widespread failures of our elected officials in Parliaments, legislatures, and other embodiments of national sovereignty?

Most parliamentarians held back from even asking questions about the possibility that bodily and psychological harm was being inflicted on their own local voters at the behest of distant unaccountable globalists.

What have they done? What have we done? Does anything like democracy even exist anymore after the PCR test fraud opened the way to the mass injections, the essential elements of the COVID-19 power grab?

Has the precedent been now set that all human beings can be transformed without their informed consent into subjects for dangerous medical experiments?

Has the eugenic culling of the human population been adopted as an acceptable feature of twenty-first-century medical practice and health care?

The Significance of the Nuremberg Code: The Universal Right of Informed Consent to Medical Interventions

Some would say that the role of the officers in charge of interlocking media, intelligence, military, and search engine cartels has been more instrumental than politicians in expanding the frontiers of the COVID-19 organized crime spree. After all, politicians who seek to be elected or re-elected have little choice but to dance to the tunes created by the owners and operators of the big media cartels.

This censorship of information vital to our individual health and collective wellbeing is helping to snuff out the last gasps of democratic life in the selection and operations of our governments. Elections have no legitimacy if citizens are defrauded of the information that we require to formulate reasonably and informed electoral decisions.

Relegated to obsolescence is the crucial principle that government actions need the backing of the informed consent of the governed. Increasingly almost everything important is decided in secret while citizens get fraudulent cover stories to disguise many of the most important underlying realities. The central dramas of what is actually taking place in our times is veiled by fabricated media legends created in the name of serving the cause of “national security” and anti-terrorism.

Increasing Enfeeblement, Impoverishment, and the Drive Towards Submission

The usual practice in investigating and litigating criminal activities, but especially highly organized criminal activities, is to follow the money trail. Much depends on developing the forensic means of tracing the worldwide flows of money through mainstream and tributary networks in order to finance the myriad aspects of the COVID-19 power grab.

These financial transactions, many of them criminal in nature, have already radically transformed the very form of the global economy and the global community. These transformations are not random and accidental but rather premeditated and purposeful. Indeed, the drive to crash existing systems in order to further centralize control over the structuring of economic interaction is the core agenda of the Great Reset.

The drive to crash many intertwined aspects of the existing system is to force on humanity many extreme forms of disastrous dislocation.

We are being pushed towards submission as, one by one, our systems of survival are being assaulted to augment mortality and increase enfeeblement, impoverishment, and dependency to the point of enslavement.

Starting with doctors and their professional associations, the scale of the financial incentives to break and compromise a long list of professional people beggars the imagination. How much is it costing to buy control of thousands of media outlets as well as the newsreaders and journalists that have been rewarded for leaving behind their professional ethics? Stephen Colbert has made himself a fitting personification of the disgrace adhering to media hucksters who push the lethal COVID lies.

As the genuine investigative journalism of Whitney Webb and others have demonstrated, the field of mass communications is presently plagued by ruthless content regulation run by “private sector” corporatists. The military-intelligence-AI complex continues to animate the Black ops and psychological warfare that runs through the operations of Facebook, Google, and the other Big Tech companies.

Accordingly, a major theatre of activity where COVID lies and crimes have been doing their damage is in the mental battlefield of human perception. The invasive brutality of the assault on consciousness has been rapidly accelerating ever since Madison Avenue began to transfer its Edward Bernaysian tradition of exercising control over thought and behavior to the denizens of Silicon Valley.

Professional Sell-Outs

During the Covid crisis, there have been many reports of the large amounts of money directed by Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates at a large cadre of professors on the take. An iconic personification of the payola professors is Neil Ferguson of the Imperial College in London, England.

The Dubious COVID Models, The Tests and Now the Consequences

Ferguson serves as an example of the bought-and-paid-for status of many thousands of compromised academics. Some have been engaged in, for instance, expertly helping to cripple the public’s mentality through media generation of panic. Or they have profited from discrediting safe, effective, and cheap COVID remedies like Ivermectin. Other academic bottom feeders have been engaged in outlawed gain-of-function research activities including genetic engineering of organisms to multiply their pathogenic infectiousness and lethality.

Such activities have taken place in hundreds of settings including the interlocked labs at the Wuhan Virology Institute, Ralph Baric’s gain-of-function operations at the University of North Carolina, and suspicious activities that take place in secret at the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg Manitoba. See this.

Peter Daszak, one of Fauci’s bagman and disinformation agents, made himself rich by serving an industry where military, intelligence, and medical experts often collaborate. They frequently work together on the development of bioweapons and vaccines meant to counteract the effects of the bioweapons.

With all the well-documented publicity surrounding his role in the COVID lies and cover-ups, why has Daszak, prominent on the list of “COVID’s Most Wanted,” not yet been charged and required to give testimony under oath? See this.

After the 9/11 false flag, one of its main inside operatives, US Vice-President Dick Cheney, elevated Anthony Fauci to oversee the political interactions between the civil and military sides of the new structures of so-called “biodefense” against “bioterrorism.” This veiled aspect of Fauci’s career formed a major element of the power and wealth he derived as the pharmaceutical industry’s main mob boss inside the federal government. See this.

How Dick Cheney Created Anthony Fauci

Tony Fauci’s decision to step aside from his federal job as one of the world’s main distributors of funding for “medical research” is indicative of similar decisions being made by many public officials. They are jumping the ships of the now-disgraced regulatory agencies. As el Gato malo observes,

“When an entire public health edifice suddenly wants to retire (possibly to spend more time exploring non-extradition countries) it certainly raises some questions.

Seeing the chefs who cooked it all flee the restaurant before the meal they made finishes arriving at the table should make patrons VERY nervous about what they have been served.”

What’s waiting in store for the cooks of the poisonous injection soup? How much further will the professional disgrace extend concerning “COVID origin, vaccine origin, trial fraud, wilful misrepresentation of data, and the utter and complete lack of scientific backing or efficacy for these policies.”

Facing the Power of “A Federated Mega-Monopoly”

The intertwined leadership of a conglomeration of monopolies has joined forces to create a new kind of federated mega monopoly to plan and implement the COVID-19 power grab. This attempt to cull, alter and subjugate most of humanity draws on many trajectories of history including those describing the building of empires and the genesis warfare.

The Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890 is a landmark in the history of US government initiatives aimed, often half-heartedly, at breaking up monopolies. Between 1998 and 2002 Bill Gates and Microsoft put up a concerted legal defense against the charge that he and his controversial company had violated the Sherman Act. Google is currently facing a similar charge.

Probably the scenario we are currently living through would not have come to pass if Bill Gates had failed to withstand the anti-trust lawsuit aimed at dividing his company into smaller units. Gates kept Microsoft intact and he retained the basis of his enormous wealth.

This outcome put Gates in a strong position to build on his role as a software business mogul as well as a builder and defender of a notorious monopoly. This trajectory brought Gates to his current role as a primary public face in the project to impose through stealth a worldwide bio-digital operating system on a diminished and transhumanized population of homo sapiens.

The criminal character of the COVID-19 power grab presently underway makes the Watergate scandal look puny by comparison. Similarly, the personal fortune of Bill Gates said to be counted in the $hundreds of billions, is small compared to the amount of money changing hands throughout the entire network of participants in the COVID-19 power grab.

This amount is being kept well hidden from public view. It probably involves many $tens of trillions at the very least. Only forensic accountants armed with subpoena powers will be in a position to determine the precise numbers in a follow-the-money investigation of this cutting-edge operation of organized crime.

At the core of the financial aspect of the crime is the engineered financial depression presently engulfing much of humanity. This depression was maliciously set in motion to accelerate the creation of new money by the world’s primary central banks.

The aims include the elimination of people and small businesses as well the imposition of new forms of financial dependence on the survivors. Dependence on government counters freedom and independence. The ducks to be shot continue to be set up in a row. Life support systems are being crashed by our own treasonous governments in the prelude to some kind of “reset.”

As Prof. Michel Chossudovsky outlines in Chapter 4 of his new book, The Worldwide Corona Crisis, global lockdowns were a key device in causing the economic depression sought by the global financial establishment. Their real purpose was not to stop the spread of a coronavirus infection but to engineer irreversible economic ruin meant to accompany the destruction of civil society.

Paying Off the Worldwide Network of Collaborators in the COVID-19 Power Grab

In August of 2019 many of the macroeconomic dimensions of the COVID-19 power grab were put on the table to be discussed by representatives of the central banks in the G7 countries. The host of the meeting at Jackson’s Hole Wyoming was the BlackRock Investment Institute.

BlackRock was elevated to a quasi-official government entity during the financial fiasco of 2008-2010 when $29 trillion of bailout money from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York was distributed. It went largely to Wall Street financial entities deemed “too big to fail.” These firms were largely the culprits responsible for creating the financial debacle with their excessive speculation in various kinds of financial derivatives.

The Jackson’s Hole assembly together with the “Going Direct” document issued at the meeting were part of the preparatory work anticipating the upcoming plandemic. On the financial side, the “Going Direct” meeting served a similar introductory function to Event 201. Event 201 took place in October of 2019. It was organized by the WEF, the Bill Gates “philanthropies,” and the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

The Jackson’s Hole assembly emphasized the need to integrate monetary policy and fiscal policy in preparation for an anticipated financial emergency that in fact was already gathering momentum.

Generally speaking, monetary policy is the domain of central bankers. Since 1913 in the USA and earlier in Europe, central bankers conduct monetary policy by setting interest rates and using their powers to create new money which they lend at compound rates of interest. Fiscal policy is generally the domain of governments that decides the amounts and the nature of public spending. See this;

The banking establishment represented by the BlackRock megacorp pointed out that the bankers’ latitude for the further stimulation of economic growth was largely tapped out. The Federal Reserve had already been setting interest rates close to zero.

The proposed solution was to deal the bankers into the process of fiscal stimulation, the formal jurisdictional domain of elected governments. The concept of Going Direct was for the central banks to stimulate fiscal expansion by creating and circulating so-called “helicopter money.” Playing on the imagery of manna from heaven, helicopter money is sometimes described as being “money-based, not debt-financed based.”

The authors of BlackRock’s proposal to the central bankers explain, “Helicopter money puts central bank-created money directly in the hands of spenders – whether households, businesses or the government – rather than relying on indirect injections or incentives, such as lower interest rates.” This approach of going direct with payments to households, businesses, and government seems to demote the government to just another supplicant dependent on the powers of private central bankers.

What checks are there to prevent central banks from seizing some of the helicopter money for their own purposes, like, for instance, secretly financing a big portion of the enormous cost of paying off the worldwide network of collaborators in the COVID-19 power grab?

The authors of the Go Direct document propose ways of using fiscal policy to increase the level of inflation that they believed in August of 2019 was far too low. They proposed the creation of something they describe as a “standing emergency fiscal facility (SEFF).” They write, “The central bank would calibrate the size of the SEFF based on what is needed to achieve its inflation target.”

The bankers also proposed the creation of “central-bank created electronic money (not cryptocurrencies).” In the course of the COVID debacle, the understanding grew that the COVID culprits could promote total dependence on cashless money systems in enforcing punishments on those deemed “non-compliant” dissidents in social credit scoring.

By March of 2020 BlackRock was reinstated to a rough approximation of its role in the bailouts of 2008-10 as the US governments marched to the tune created by the central bankers. BlackRock was also hired by the central banks of Canada and Sweden to perform similar functions.

Looking at the system, Canadian journalist Peter Ewart concluded that “classical capitalism” is no more. Instead, the system that has emerged is “state monopoly capitalism, where giant enterprises are regularly backstopped with public funds and the boundaries between the state and the financial oligarchy are virtually non-existent.”

BlackRock Authored the Bailout Plan Before There Was a Crisis – Now It’s Been Hired by three Central Banks to Implement the Plan

I would add that the boundaries may be porous but the “financial oligarchies” represented in, say, BlackRock, the WEF, or the pharmaceutical industry have long been gaining the upper hand over governments and the people that vote for the hollowed-out systems of defunct national sovereignties.

Once Jackson’s Hole meeting was done, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York turned on the money spigot. In the final four months of 2019, the money-generating NY Fed injected $6 trillion of new “liquidity” into Repo Market. The Repo Market is Wall Street’s primary venue for short-term lending and borrowing of large amounts. The trillions in new money were created months before the WHO pronounced that the supposedly new COVID-19 coronavirus formed the basis of a global pandemic.

Fed Repos Have Plowed $6.6 Trillion to Wall Street in Four Months; That’s 34% of Its Feeding Tube During Epic Financial Crash

Since then, governments and even central banks have cited the existence of COVID-19 to justify all manner of bloops and ad hoc arrangements. Much of the kleptocracy and chicanery takes place outside the boundaries of the law.

The media are often involved as advocates and promoters of illegal actions, large and small. Very large neglect of their legal obligations involves their across-the-board contempt for the Nuremberg Code. The media mafia has been denying their audiences the information they need to safeguard the lives and well-being of both themselves and their dependent families. The censorious and crime-ridden media has been purposely denying people access to the information they need to give “informed consent” to participate in the biggest medical experiment in world history.

To reiterate, much of the ongoing extrajudicial activity is taking place not to fight a viral illness but to advance a grab for the power of unprecedented magnitude. Thoroughgoing criminal investigations are required if humanity is to avoid being pulled yet more deeply into further quagmires of depravity on the basis of unfounded claims that emergency measures of unknown merit always require unquestioning compliance.


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  1. This is Part 2. I missed the first part, and I am sorry about that.
    It talks about non-existent Covid. How can one disagree?
    To the list of culprits for “Nuremberg” the first name is WHO.
    Every fact “has a name.” If a fact does not have a name its name is “what?”
    Covid was never stated, and can it be worth that it was stated in briefings of which the only thing known is the date but not the place and participants—11-march-2020? Does it have a name or is its name not “what?”
    WHO who invented “what?” also knows that the fact “has a name” and proves it for the Swine Plague where the “epidemic” was declared with the select committee with date and place and not in briefing.
    All the rulers of the World in cited list for Nuremberg executed and imposed the “what?” and not the “name.” All except Magafuli (whom I have reported since 2020) and others dead like Him and Russia who created “Sputnik” a traditional and not RMNA-based vaccine.

    • Not a minor fact is that the Virus in addition to never being declared never ever has been isolated. I can’t find the link but I say it with trillion% confidence that a German tycoon offered 250,000 € to anyone who brought proof of virus isolation. No one, I repeat NO ONE, ever showed up to collect the prize. Then there are Italian scientists who confidently claim it (and certainly are in the U.S. and around the world).
      Everyone on the list will be taken to Nuremberg for execution (or hanging).
      In Italy, and Italy is like the World, I have publicly and officially denounced that Covid is synonymous with SLAUGHTER and civil war on one’s own people (as also said by the great Italian philosopher Giorgio Agambden).
      Instead on VT there is an Italian author making subliminal propaganda pro Gates, Soros, Rockefeller, Fauci, Draghi and Mattarella … and UKR, and someone, who is also here, should be ashamed for then being the first to comment on subliminal propaganda.
      Nothing is new under the sky.

  2. Military Tribunals under the UCMJ will stop this as more and more people see who the traitors, terrorists and war criminals really are making Nuremberg II the sequel even better than the original.

  3. The Big Club. We’re not in it. Never have been and never will be. It survives violent revolutions and pandemics, all of which it plans far in advance. A high student could do enough research and critical thinking to discover that Fauci was dirty for years. Oh well.

  4. I have read somewhere that this 6 trillion was used to shore up low liquidity of the primary banks and that the close down of the economy was done to to keep businesses from borrowing instead of fighting a practically non existing disease so that banks could fill up their emptying coffers. But I wonder. Remember, a CIA director many years ago stated that the CIA would know they had done their job when everything the US population believed was a lie.

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