by Mike Kay

The modern world is absolutely lost. Modern belief and thought are based upon manipulated emotions and evident falsehoods. The greatest advisors of the modern world today do nothing more than lobby for genocide and totalitarian devastation.

The modern mind, led by intentional campaigns to drive it insane, can no longer achieve the comprehension of concepts such as race in terms of destiny. The modern soul, blasted as it has been by untold centuries of spiritual ruin, cannot allow for a religion that supports and explains this destiny.

Yet this inability, this cognitive and spiritual blindness that can only be made worse by today’s best thinkers and leaders must not become the measure by which other cultures, and other peoples who have developed their unique responses to life, are judged. If it becomes so, then the mental illness of certain constructs, such as the current sacred victim complex, so powerful in the modern world, becomes a poisonous pathology that actively supports a warped perspective and an erroneous measure of those unique responses.

Any evaluation of a people’s strategy to address the reality of their existence must be seen only within the context of that struggle itself. So it is with the unique destiny of the Aryan people.

National Socialism continues to be everyone’s favorite whipping boy, generations after it has passed. The modern mind made stupid and lazy, has settled on the derogatory term Nazi as the blanket one size fits all moral grandstanding indicator.

NAZI March for National Socialism

In the modern world’s efforts to create their perfect object of derision and hate, certain assumptions had to be made, and certain attempts at distancing have been required. In no case is any of this activity an example of measuring the Aryan experience from the perspective of the Aryans.

Thus we are now told that National Socialism was a socio-political phenomenon and that most of the people in the Reich were not National Socialists, but Christians, like everyone else in Europe, thereby manipulating cookie cutter religiosity into a wedge issue, one that pays constant homage to the modern, moral grandstanding point of view, whilst fanning the flames the of institutionalized projected hate.

If this condition suits you, dear reader, and your delight and relish in the current condition, from the claims of evil that lack all evidence to the support of Christianity as the state religion of National Socialism, please preserve your delicate sensibilities and stop reading now. I will not suffer the shrieks of protest, as your objects of hatred are given flesh and humanity. If, on the other hand, you are intrigued by an exploration into race and destiny, read on.

It began in earnest long ago with a vanished people, the Goths. Some say the Goths were the Geats of legend, great warriors and monster slayers who strode across the pages of history in shining armor with the boar crest upon their helms. The verdant south was their siren song. They left their steel grey waves and rocky cliffs for the rolling steppes and the warmth of the southern sea. The intense sun of the southern reaches and the Abrahamic god that rode upon them infected their thoughts.

The Goths willingly forsook their lineage and their destiny. Of course, they knew of the reckless fate these acts had unleashed upon all of the Aryan peoples, but like madness-tinged minds everywhere, they invented their own escape clause. They sent away their Norns, the wise women who read the web of Wyrd and pronounced destiny upon the birth of every child. For as long as anyone could remember, the Norns were chosen from those women most gifted, to read the weavings of the great power, and to allow the Goths to prepare for future conditions. This worked magnificently well, for the Goths were at that time the greatest of all the people.

Yet the Kings of the Goths found themselves ill-disposed toward the wisdom of the Norns. Their hearts saw the new shining god as the blinding sun, and in their blindness, they banished their wise women to the East. Further, unforgivably, they corrupted their own very language, and in that moment the songs of the Goths were doomed to be forgotten, and an unholy hybrid of devastation and crippling loss was born.

Natural language is both a library of people’s history and a force for continual creation, an ever-present beginning. Quantum biology, as studied by Russian scientists from the Soviet Union times, follows closely the holographic, geometric, and fractal qualities inherent in natural language. Natural language develops with people. It is formative both cognitively and experientially. The forced alteration of a natural language, through acts that change its integrity, interfere with and destroy the patterns, or paths of that ever-present moment of creation that define a people, biologically, cognitively, and spiritually.

The Goths not only destroyed their society in a mad attempt to show allegiance to the southern god, they also forever corrupted their template from higher planes, the Runes. This act of suicide was instrumental in the fall of the Roman Empire, the expansion of the southern god complex, and the complete extinction of the Gothic people. There was then a new hybridized alphabet cobbled out of the geometric characters. Few were left unaltered, forever attacking the original stencils, the inherent frequencies, by chaining them to the expression of radically different people. We can observe how similar acts, such as the curse of the Templars, created an equally destructive disturbance in the living field we call planet Earth.

Runes, according to modern scholars, translate best as counsel. It should be apparent, the remarkable harmony such a system has with the advice of the Norns. But the Runes are much more. They are units of meaning, or as moderns like to say-information. The term information sounds very impressive to modern ears, without any messy ethical considerations to muddy the waters. Information is the basis of a quantum understanding of our genetic code. Information populates the universe and makes manifestation possible. When the Goths willingly corrupted the Runes, they set forth abnormalities that far and away prove Darwin wrong. They mutated the divine code, forever illustrating that mutations are not adaptations; rather they are spurious dalliances that carry with them the power of dynamite, aberrations of Emanation Science, like the Archontic itself, a cosmic abortion.

The Goths set into motion a force that has yet to be diffused, mollified. We see in the dumb insanity of today the continuation of the corruption, and the resultant karmic condition it manifested, now universalized. Far from this force waning in influence, it is more powerful than ever, and if mankind is going to survive, this force and its pathology will have to be honestly and courageously addressed.

We have seen the final dissolution of the curse of the Templars. Yet far from putting to rest the forces that have allied with this curse, this event set them off to inflame new venues of devastation. It is in fact the continuing hybridization of the divine code and the transgressions across the cosmic path to manifestation that hurls these forces into the life of modern man.

The Lady of Light has made it abundantly clear, with the rise of the Dark Goddess, that there will be no divine get out of jail free card for mankind. In terms of the Aryan race, it was the Goths who set forth this condition, which was depressingly clarified in the suicidal redemption philosophy of Mainlander, the desperation of Kafka, and the seething hatred of Kalergi.

These forces worked to bring down National Socialism and usher in a world of incalculable insanity, one where anti-fascists are totalitarian soldiers against biology. But we are getting ahead of ourselves, for in National Socialism we find the first coherent attempt to address the acts of the Goths against their own people, the first effort to mount a response to incoherent hybridization, and the first attempt to restore the divine template of the Runes.

National Socialism rose from the basement of what was left of the Aryan legacy. National Socialists knew the world from the viewpoint of the expendables, and like all who are left for dead, it is the spirit, not the flesh, which called them to arise.

Christianity could not and cannot address the hybridization that corrupted the divine template. It should be easily understandable that it was Christianity that benefitted from the Gothic suicide. The Goths provided Christianity with the tools it needed to expand its conquest into Aryan lands. Obviously, it is impossible for Christianity to become a force to reverse the conquests it still celebrates.

It is the southern god who stole the sun from the Aryan heart, whose theft of the moon sought to inject into the endless transformation of life, a love of object alone, and a mindless terror of mystery, which it defined as evil, and in its own darkest imaginings, sought to annihilate with its invention of the Malleus Maleficarum.

During his White House Term as U.S. President, phony Christian Donald Trump is surrounded by American, self-proclaimed Christian leaders who call him The Son of Man anointing him to a deity, a prophet who actually profits off their fealty.

Yet Christianity had already overrun the land by the time the National Socialists stirred from their death. Aryans are not genocidal by nature, no matter what their sworn enemies claim. So this, the first attempt to return to the sanity of people, the sanity of destiny, and divine order saw National Socialists declare their intent to work with Christianity in its most benign aspect. This clearly was a strategy that operated on many levels, from choosing one’s battles to opening the door to those who were trapped in Abrahamic guise, but longed to follow the calling of their blood.

The confusion caused in the Aryan mind, by Christ of the Christians cannot be diffused. Christ is the hanged God, not for knowledge and Divine source, but for the meaningless condition of redemption. Christ has no access to arcane wisdom attained by the recently dead, even as he dies himself, to be reborn akin to Osiris. Rather, he is a strange amalgam, a master of animals, a dying God whose only contribution is to diffuse the horror of the High God, the loving God who created all evil.

Thus, the image of the Christian Christ as a redeemer of farm animals had nothing to offer the Aryan spirit. But the miracle of Adolf Hitler, as the man who took a dead nation from the memory of existence, and revealed to the people the dream of themselves, certainly did. This is, of course, a great source of terror to the demented minions who advance their values, the desecration of life. They know, even in their addled minds, that the Aryan people rose from death itself. Thus in their darkness and corruption, even the cosmic abortion understands that what happened once can, and will happen again.

If the National Socialists were Christian, there would have been no use for the Runes, no purpose for the rituals of fire, no need to invent the symbol of the Black Sun, and no place for the mystical women of the Vril Society. The Abrahamic religiosity loathes all things Gnostic and Aryan, and thus today, the descendants of a National Socialist past are tortured continuously, remanded with lies, rebuked for their own existence, and reduced to sources of blood and treasure to fuel the demented nightmare of an Abrahamic world.

While everyone from Wall Street to the global banking clan funded the murder and incarceration machine of Bolshevism, no one of any note funded the National Socialists. One might think if they were a Christian movement, that some such sources of funding and support would offer their aid to fellow Christians.

The truth is that the National Socialists didn’t need such assistance. They healed their own society, through the correct application of their own genius, and through the strength of spirit. It wasn’t Christianity that led them to this achievement, it was their own effort to realign to the ancient ways, and reconnect with the divine frequencies and forms that are unique to the Aryan people.

That such potential exists, even to this day, terrifies and obsesses the forces that are determined to turn mankind into stupid robots. The guiding philosophy is to saddle mankind with the burden of a slave race, genetically engineered by “superior intellects”. This is the toxic stuff such forces have gleefully been feeding mankind as if they can achieve their dystopia through wishful thinking and lies.

National Socialism embraced the spirituality of the Germanic back to the land movement of the late 19th century. The first hippies were Germans whose deep relationship with the soil taught them the reality of the natural flow of the forces of the world. This was not a mindless tradition seeking exercise.

It was an event that established the basis for a revitalized interpretation of the Aryan tradition, and the ever-creating waveforms that emanate from it. Thus, the Runes were not used in the manner of the Goths, of the Icelanders, they were organized into a new system consistent with historic and racial sensibilities, yet offering an expression of that truth to those from whom it had been forcibly removed.

The Runes were employed to forge a symbol that was unique to National Socialism, the Black Sun. This, more than anything else, points to a kind of syncretic, conscious spirituality, one where the old Gods and Goddesses could forge a path to act and weave within the oppressive fabric of an Abrahamic world. Certainly, the National Socialists ran afoul of those entrenched Abrahamic influences both within and without their society.

Yet it would be incredibly stupid to ignore the sophistication and the creativity behind the formation of the Black Sun, and its direct correspondence both symbolically and energetically to the societies and organizations that flourished under the banner of National Socialism. In modern parlance, the Black Sun is a work of art from a pre-Christian return. It is a direct bridge to both a forgotten past, as was explored in the Tibetan expedition and an active present.

This then, if any summation is possible at all, is the essence of the spirituality of National Socialism. It continues to confound and confuse those who examine it, for they do not, cannot understand the Aryan direction, nor can they overcome the rancid prejudices of the gift of their cheap readymade morally superior position.

The current, self-gratifying narrative of Christian expansion across Europe and the Aryan lands is a lie. The fact that millions, if not billions of people around the world pay homage to it on a daily basis does not change the fact that it is a lie. No matter how popular a lie might become, it is still what it is, a lie. Christianity, like globalism today, is a top-down strategy of hammering humanity into easily reduced units. The spread of Christianity occurred with successive waves of violence, genocide, and misanthropy.

Christianity is no religion of peace, as we can so clearly discover through current events. It is a structure designed to homogenize and devour race and destiny, enforcing a stultifying disempowerment upon the people that brings out their instinct for self-destruction.

Obviously, National Socialism, dedicated as it was to restoring intelligence and purpose in its people, would be utterly at odds with the globalist directives of Christianity. While acolytes today cluck over the warm and fuzzy ideas of a colorblind world, and dream of a totalitarian opposition to biological reality, all easily conforming to an Abrahamic dream, National Socialism was focused upon unearthing an intentionally, violently suppressed past. They correctly surmised that the mythic structure of ancient thought contributed to the current experience of the inheritors of this thought, and they understood, as the discoverers of the quantum, what those implications were to people and destiny.

It is practically impossible for the modern mind to conceive of what the implications of a divine template are, much less if there even is such a reality. Modern thinking is devoid of purpose, such that it is inconceivable there even could be such a thing as destiny, or that something called race actually exists as something else besides the root word of an insult.

Yet it goes to follow, that as the ancient texts reveal, the Aryan race originated off the planet, arriving here by way of the Arctic and the Rainbow Bridge. So it is written that their way was a tough one, overlaid with geas and great effort, to build the road back to the stars from whence they came. This journey is one that has direct echoes in the unfolding of consciousness and Emanation Science. This theme features prominently in the work of the great novelists. This effort occupied the Vril Society. It has everything to do with participating in a cosmic, rather than mere planetary existence, and it features discovery and exploration, rather than modern imprisonment and desolation.

When AmeriKKKA was proudly racist. They have returned again for KKK 2.0

These are but some of the realizations from the Aryan root, yet they are enough to clearly demonstrate why National Socialism became hated, demonized, the targeted. Modern minds decide that the reason for their foaming at the mouth demonization lies in something outside of them that is horrible and wrong. They imagine that they champion the cause of their oppressors, like some type of loyal dog that will earn scraps from the table by defending the masters that beat them. They offer up their children and inject themselves with abandon, all the while focusing their instinctual hatred upon what they are instructed to hate, the possibility of their own illumination.

If you have read this far, you now know that National Socialism was no Christian movement. Further, you understand that the current globalist effort to strip you of your humanity and potential was the one and the same that opened full hostilities against the National Socialists. You can now understand enough, to recognize that National Socialism never intended to go to war with the Abrahamic, but to regain Aryan status amongst them, and perhaps most importantly of all, you can understand that destiny, language, and identity is synonymous with a racial root. This fact alone explains why globalism wants this part of you to die.


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  1. The runes won by the Allfather cannot be the runes known to mankind, because man is a finite being.
    The universe is infinite and it is its own simplest description. To comprehend the entirety of the runes is as vain a hope as to comprehend the universe.
    The Goths had to change the runes because life is a process of adaption, and only the gods have immortal perfection.

  2. The questions on the floor so far revolve around a Christian and a materialistic axis.
    This is not suprizing, considering the cognitive condition of the times, but neither are going to be any help in understanding the truth of this piece.
    Repeatedly demanding for me to complete your thought, or to fulfill your expectations from a Christian and/or a materialist framework aren’t going to be rewarded. I will not apologize for presenting writing that is not allegorical, nor easily placed within such pre-set categories. The explanation for the writing is in the writing.
    For those of you who cannot imagine an explanation beyond things that are easily recognized by the modern point of view, you have my condolences, but not my sympathy.

  3. To Mike kay
    Not for polemic but for dialectic, and I am sure you know what Friend of Voltaire dialectic is.
    I read, with true delay, your response. In this article half of the comments are yours. Everyone can reason why. What I think is that you are truncated in your thinking and/or thought for that reason you always respond to everyone.
    But what you respond to me I have already responded to you and it is “here” and it was always on the esotericism of Nazism and your responses were the same as here.
    Since the last word is yours and, I assume you are updated from time to time if you add a comment, the question I ask is from a trillion:
    the answer to “here” was never contradicted because the story is not esotericism and/or because you had no arguments. Do you want to answer it now? Doesn’t that seem tardy?

    • Since I’ve answered your question BP, but you don’t seem to like the answer, I will ask you a simple question in return; Do you know if there is any meaningful difference in human life between the apprehension of the mystery of existence, and the droll, crass plodding along of modern society?

    • How can you respond to me if my comment is dated August 1 and responds to yours dated July 29, 2022?
      And is it not accurate to say that my comment of August 1 was never contradicted etc.?

  4. BP,
    I hope you understand that this piece is concerned with destiny and the struggle of a people. It is historic in that it traces the root of the condition National Socialism arose to challenge. I don’t concern myself with categories, but for readers whose entire identity is wrapped up in money and political events, it is quite apparently beyond them, which some might define as esoteric.

  5. Like any modern perspective on human religions you have ignored the guiding evil of the compounding of interest.
    If a group makes money from money they lead the religions and the social structures.
    I believe We need all humans to own one share of “Thee One Bank”. Only one share.

    • Nope, haven’t ignored anything here. You obviously understand nothing about matters that do not relate directly to the small world of politics, money, and status. Sad, that you declare this is all there is.

  6. That is, if Evelyn Beatrice Hall of VT’s “Friend Voltaire” would like to accept.
    What are you talking about?
    If you go to Egypt there are the Pyramids and before that the saqquara and there were, with ups and downs, the Egyptians.
    If you go to Athens there is the Parthenon and there were Greeks there. The same if you go all over Greece.
    If you go to Rome you find the “Eternal City” and there were the Romans.
    You tell us where we have to go to find vestiges of the Goths?
    History or esotericism?

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